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I’m not a huge fan of Harry Potter.



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I am not the type that will scream at someone just because they don't like what I like.
my problem is when:
1. complaining about a book you don't read (obviously I am not talking about this link/article, just others)
2. and when he said something along the line "Draco should not have been anything more than a mild irritant" ahem, that's what we called character development. ever heard about it?
3. I don't really like harry either but it's doesn't stop me from enjoying the book. hell, the fact that harry is not a perfect little hero is what make it real/likeable. the story is what's important.
4. while I agree the actor doing a great job. I wonder why she said that "in the book it's just a caricature' when thousands other fans can see them as real personality.... --_--
5. HP is not perfect but it's damn well a good quality read. just because it's doesn't suit one person's taste doesn't make it bad. ask stephen king.
6. nothing wrong with liking it just because you are 40 years old, just ask ladynottingham.
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When a person says #4 about Twilight, they get the response "Popularity means nothing. It's quality over quantity".
Just because a bunch of people see something one way, that doesn't mean everyone has to.
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