harry potter vs crepúsculo 1000 Reasons Why Harry Potter Is Better Than Twilight

lauracullen66 posted on Aug 27, 2009 at 01:29PM
just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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hace más de un año Italktosnakes said…
I know right.
Last year of high school= LIVING HELL! :L x
hace más de un año AllyAM said…
Really? Where I am Junior year is supposed to be the worst (idk yet, I'm only a sophomore)
hace más de un año Italktosnakes said…
I have no idea what either of those are :L x
hace más de un año AllyAM said…
Junior=11th grade (3rd year of high school out of 4)
Sophomore=10th grade (2nd year of high school out of 4)
hace más de un año Italktosnakes said…
So are you 15/16 then? x
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hace más de un año AllyAM said…
been 16 since late october =]
got my permit in december! :D
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hace más de un año Italktosnakes said…
Ohh...apparently I'm a sophomore :L
But we do are GCSE's in this year-we do it the same times as Hogwarts do their OWL's. Tres difficile :/ x
hace más de un año alexthedog said…
I'm back from the Chinese Buffet!!! I had to go to bathroom, but the problem is thath my worst fear is pedos! I had a spazz attack and my friend's dad had to go in with me.
hace más de un año AllyAM said…
I take my SATs next year.
Wait, so you're 16 and in your last year of high school?

...I never have that problem with bathrooms :/
Are you a boy or girl? (to lazy to see if your profile says) If you're a boy is that why I don't relate to this?
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hace más de un año Italktosnakes said…
I get really paranoid in public toilets after what happened to that girl :L
And I love Chinese buffets. At mine, it's all you can eat, but you have to eat everything you have on your plate. If you leave some, you have to pay extra for the entire buffet :L x
hace más de un año alexthedog said…

Plus before that, my friend made up a story to scare his 5-year-old sister while we were hanging out in his basement. It was so scary!!! I plugged my ears for parts. He screamed as part of the story halfway through and I almost fainted! So anyway, he gave me the rights to type it into story form on Microsoft Word. It's 75% his work and 25% mine. We're going to write a bunch more stories together!
hace más de un año Italktosnakes said…
We have;
seven years in primary school
five years in high school
then upper sixth
then lower sixth
then uni and shizzle :) x
hace más de un año alexthedog said…
I'm a boy. I watched a documentary about the Yosemite Park killer and haven't been the same since.
hace más de un año Italktosnakes said…
I'm off :)
Do you want me to tell you the story about how the Bungalows were invented?
Well, when these builders were making a house, they ran out of bricks. The first builder said 'Can't do nowt now' and the second builder said 'Nahh mate, it's sound. Just bung a low roof on it!'

Sorry about le tres Anglaise language, but I've just written how they'd speak :L x
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hace más de un año alexthedog said…
hace más de un año AllyAM said…
so is primary school like kindergarten-6th grade (5 years old to 12 yrs old) or like 1st-7th? (6-13 yrs) or does it also include pre-school (when you're younger that 5)? Or am I totally wrong and should probably just Google this?
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
Mine is:
Preschool is non-existant (I just stayed home and terrorized my goldfish)
Primary 1-6th grade
High School 7-12th grade
then Uni

hace más de un año MrsPadfoot said…
I'm American so it's
-kindergarten(5) which is optional in some states.
-elementary- grades 1-5
-middle-grades 6-8
-high- 9-12
Then college/ university and maybe some post-grad.
hace más de un año alexthedog said…
This is mine.
I went to pre-school and then...
Primary K-5th grade.
Secondary 6-12th grade.
and College.
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…


hace más de un año ginnyfreak said…
55.I know a third grader who has read the whole Harry Potter series and she will not be reading the twilight books.
56. Harry potter has a theme and basically twilights series is you can fall in love with a person of another kind and do whatever you want and lie. Where is that allowed
57.twilight copied harry potter when became a movie and it has horrible graffics.
58.you dont become addicted when reading twilight
59. You wouldn't want to read the twilight series again and again
60.boys and girls will read Harry potter but really you think a guy would read twilight
61.a mom wouldn't want there kid reading geology but would be proud to have their kid reading Harry potter
hace más de un año alexthedog said…
I'm sorry, we don't do reasons here anymore. It's the 1333rd page. If you're new, welcome to Fanpop! You'll be addicted in no time!
@GD, that really was bad.
hace más de un año AllyAM said…
I love Glee, but I'm just not a MCR fan. I mean, they're alright, I just don't particularly like them...

I live in America so yeah:
Elementary School: Kindergarten-4th
Middle School: 5th-8th
High School: 9th-12th
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
It's the other way for me. I'm a Killjoy, but I'm anti-Glee. It's a dumb show that should be cancelled.

And now they shittily covered MCR.

Before they shittily covered AAR.

hace más de un año alexthedog said…
The All-American Rejects?
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…

So anyway, Gives You Hell was an overrated song to begin with, but then dumb Rachel Berry had to ruin it with her girly piercing voice.

But Sing was good. Extremely good. Too good for the likes of Preppyloserton, aka. New Directions. I don't fucking care if they cover Bruno Mars, or Taylor Swift. They cannot touch my genre.
hace más de un año AllyAM said…
Meh, to each their own.
Glee's been ticking me off because I'm a theater nerd and it SHOULD be a show for theater nerds. Seeing all this pop and punk on there bugs me. In moderation, it's alright, but it's legit 99% of the music on there now!!!
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
Adding to your theater nerd point...

Everyone in Glee is pretty. That is not how talent works. Talent is talent, talent is not beauty.
hace más de un año AllyAM said…
Meh, Lea Michelle is not that pretty in my opinion. :P
Although she IS mega talented (she used to be on Broadway!)
Not to mention, Glee has Darren Criss now! :( Call me selfish, but however happy for him I am, I hate sharing him with a different group of fans... (I take PotterHeads over Gleeks anyday!)
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
Lea Michelle annoys me.

And I meant to the general audience.

I have never watched AVPM, so Darren Criss means nothing to me.
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hace más de un año AllyAM said…
The show hasn't been as plot driven as I'd like, it seems to now just be about fitting in popular songs to sell at outrageous prices on iTunes.

AVPM is actually pretty (totally) awesome, if you've never seen any of it, I suggest giving it a chance. Even my friend who dislikes just about anything non-punk likes it.
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
Exactly. The basic plot is: They sing a song. They dance. Something scandalous happens. Rachel whines. Then they sing another song.


I don't have time to watch AVPM. >.< In fact, I'm kinda sick of musicals right now.
hace más de un año TempBest said…
I've never seen Glee :P

And ironically, I'm listening to AVPM right now.
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…

hace más de un año AllyAM said…
I'm sorry, but ALL my friends LOOVEEEE MCR and I just don't :/ I'm very ambivalent towards them. Can't really think of anything I particularly like of dislike...but I have nothing against people who are obsessed or big fans. Just as long as they don't go ranting about how Gerard Way is like the greatest person ever, because, in the nicest possible way, I really don't care.
hace más de un año Gred_and_Forge said…
@Best: I haven't watched a full episode of Glee either x]
hace más de un año AllyAM said…
I really liked the first season (except for most of the them episodes)
the second season....has been getting better I guess
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
Your friends have got it all wrong :D

Gerard is nice, but not the best person ever.

hace más de un año AllyAM said…
lol, you should meet my friend, Sam. She's the biggest Green Day fan I've EVER met! Sam's even seen American Idiot on Broadway.
I agree, Billie Joe is pretty cool. I used to love Green Day, when I was in middle school, I'd listen to them all the time. What's your favorite song/album? Personally I like Warning (Album) and "Minority" for song.
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
Tell her to get a Fanpop account! :D

Lol, I'm not the greatest fan of Green Day, since they don't sell much stuff in Australia, and they don't show American Idiot here, but I do the best I can. :P

Green Day was one of the 3 "self-actualization" bands I listened to in primary school.

You're gonna hate me for this, but my favorite album is American Idiot, and "Castaway" is my current favorite.
hace más de un año AllyAM said…
Not o be rude or anything, but Imo, that album is really overrated. Sure, it has some good songs, but its not at omffantisticlol as so many people say it is.
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
It's not overrated. The singles are overrated. The album as a whole is amazing. <33333333

Why? Coz:

-It's the album that finally got them out of the shadow of Dookie, their second most successful opera.

-It's a concept album/rock opera. You could really feel Jesus' love for Whatsername in She's A Rebel/Extraordinary Girl, and Whatsername's frustration in Letterbomb. And plus, Billie's sadness in Wake Me Up When September Ends.

-Anti-Bush! :D

-Whatsername is my OTP theme song. <33333

-September is my birthday month.

-2 9-minute long songs without any choruses. I'd just love to see any other artist today accomplish that feat.

It truly is a omgfantastic album that will remain as one of the most phenomenal rock albums ever written.
hace más de un año AllyAM said…
No, I can see why people like it, I think its good enough. It's just not my thing, you know? Maybe one day I'll listen to it again and love it, bits and pieces of my personality change frequently. Sometimes its almost like I'm a different person two days in a row O_O. (Growing up is annoying :P)
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
I don't care if AI is overrated or if it was the most hated album in the world, it's just pure and breathtaking. :P

Though you could barely hear Mike in AI, so Nimrod is a close second fav (Platypus I Hate You <333). But whenever they play Hitchin' A Ride live, Billie always... you know.
hace más de un año AllyAM said…
Well, good for you for liking something so much =]
I've never been one of those "Music=Life" people, i'm much more bookish and theater...ish(?) (Dramatic...?) But yeah, unless it was some showtune, I've never really been effected by music all that much (unless it is feelings of nausea or pure hatred)
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
I used to not care about music and be obsessed about books and TV, but it all changed in 6th grade. +_+
hace más de un año AllyAM said…
I'm really a seeing/doing kind of person, that's why I get so much more meaning out of books and acting/theater. I don't usually try to find deep meaning in movies or tv shows though. :P
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
Really? I'm a "see everything as BS until it proved to be alright" person. I get it from my dad. ^_^
hace más de un año AllyAM said…
Lol, I have ADD so my mind is totally out the window unless stimulated and listening to music doesn't do that for me. I'm also extremely gullible (my friends and boyfriend think it's hilarious xP) and a clingy/affectionate person, the second part stems from the stimulation thing :P it's a pain.
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
I have mild ADHD. Ha, I have an extra letter! Suck it! (even though it doesn't matter. Shut up, brain. No, you shut up).

But punk music is a good motivational tool for me.