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lauracullen66 posted on Aug 27, 2009 at 01:29PM
just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…

and I know, that's exactly the problem.
though... maybe... a cleverly placed confundus charm? :O
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…

Or maybe you kill the wrong squid? I dunno
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
how many giant squid do you think there are in Britain?
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
more like 5 or less :D cos according to my theory, the squid is a Kraken, and there are 5 registered Kraken in the world :P
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
5? Last time I checked, there was 6. :P

hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
wait, what? I've read most of them... but not the new one, CBA.
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
Ohhh... *refrains from saying spoilers*
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
nah go ahead, I'm not gonna read it anyway...

I just realised that in the eight months or so I've been here, we've added 1160 pages. :O
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
Ohkay then...

Arty got a mental disorder.

He nearly kissed Holly. O___O

And Foaly died. D':
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
interesting :D but only nearly? whyyyy?
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
Dude, I was lying. ;D

Except for the first bit.

Or am I lying about that too? :D
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
I don't know, and I actually find myself not particularly caring.

check link out :D and I swear I'm not trying to eat your brains with it :D
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
m,gjklgjklgjklgjklgjklgjklgjklgjklgjklgjkl­gjk­lgj­klg­jkl­gjk­lgj­kl&­lt;­r äv
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
Yeah, I know you suck.

hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
I was just getting on to that akshully :D so here's the list:
30 Seconds to Mars: A Beautiful Lie -R
The Academy Is...: Santi -R
All-American Rejects: Move Along -R
Amber Pacific: Virtues -N
Avril Lavigne: The Best Damn Thing -R
Bowling For Soup: A Hangover You Don't Deserve -N. Rock On Honourable Ones/Sorry For Partyin'.
Boys Like Girls: Boys Like Girls -N
Cobra Starship: Hot Mess -R
Cute Is What We Aim For: Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch -N. Rotation.
Escape The Fate: This War Is Ours -R
Evanescence: Fallen -R
Fall Out Boy: From Under The Cork Tree -R
Forever The Sickest Kids: Underdog Alma Mater -N
Good Charlotte: Young and The Hopeless -R
Hellogoodbye: Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! -R
Hey Monday: Hold On Tight -N
The Maine: Can't Stop, Won't Stop -N
Mayday Parade: Anywhere But Here -N. A Lesson in Romantics.
My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade -On shelf
Owl City: Ocean Eyes -R
P!nk: So What -N
Panic! At the Disco: Pretty. Odd. -On shelf
Plain White T's: All That We Needed -N. Big Bad World.
Rooney: Calling The World -R
Simple Plan: Still Not Getting Any -R
The Used: Lies For The Liars -R
Yellowcard: Ocean Avenue -N. Paper Walls/Lights and Sounds.
You Me At Six: Hold Me Down -N

R means I've reserved it, on shelf means I need to go get it and N means they don't have it (some artists they had other albums, I need you to tell me if I should get them).
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…

I told you half of the artists wouldn't be on there :D
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
okai I will :D
hace más de un año Gred_and_Forge said…
Good night guys!
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
Good night!

I'm going soon too. :/
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
Good night!
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
lol night :D we just had a very enlightening studia generalia :D
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
link CBA rant it all out again :D
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
NEW PAGE :D lol anyone here?
hace más de un año Quaila said…
I am here, Malloy. ^^
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
lol so I just uploaded a ton of stuff on link... ;) thought y'all might like to know.
although it is a ton of old stuff, and therefore kinda crap stuff.
hace más de un año Ms_Mea said…
Hey Auntie :)

hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
erm, morning... even if it does happen to be 5PM :D
hace más de un año MissKnowItAll said…

Be still my shipper heart:
 Hi! Be still my shipper heart:
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
lol :D
eheheheehheee editing old stories is too funny :D but I might have one done soon, then I'll start on the one that's like 70 pages long :P
hace más de un año MissKnowItAll said…
big smile
O.O That's quite a task.

I LOVE nutella. I'm sitting here, messing around on the computer, tumblogging and fanpopping, eating toast.

Life does not get better than this.
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
I would have to disagree -- it'd be even better if the Nutella were straight out of the jar.
hace más de un año MissKnowItAll said…
I have a friend who can eat a jar in 15 minutes.

But my mum won't let me try it to. I keep trying to...
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
dude, don't you know what to do?
step one: go to store
step two: buy nutella
step three: steal spoon
step four: sneak to room
step five: eat nutella.
ta da!
hace más de un año MissKnowItAll said…
Tried...failed on too many occasions.

I could, however, eat it on the way home from school...just buy it at Morrisons with some plastic sppons and eat it then...

It's a plan!
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
right, first story done, except I still need to write a love poem (the old one was crap). d'you wanna read it? (it's like 2,5k words)
hace más de un año MissKnowItAll said…
Yeah, sure. :)
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
how'd you manage to fail? :DD and yeah, that works if you have small jars... the ones here are 400g, there's no way I could eat that on the way home.
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
okay... (if it's crap, keep in mind most of it was written a year ago)
Love Poems

I looked back at the ferry that was chugging away, heading back to mainland Scotland. Leaving me here, stuck on the Isle of Skye with my ‘hey-look-at-me-I’m-young’ mother. Maybe she is younger than my friends’ mums, but she should at least try to dress her age. Don’t believe me? Look at her now: faded purple skinnies, which are all the rage among young people nowadays, a magenta tank top over a white t-shirt, and lime green Converse trainers. I didn’t mind the shoes, and the shirt would be okay were it not combined with those fateful jeans – but it was, and the combination was bordering on extremely obnoxious.
“Mu-um, why did we have to move here? I know you and Dad got divorced, but why couldn’t we stay in London? Why didn’t dad have to move away?” I was well aware of the fact that I was sounding a lot like a spoiled little kid, but I felt I was entitled. Here I was, a girl of fifteen, suddenly being uprooted from the midst of her happy, friend-filled life in London and then dumped quite literally in the middle of nowhere, an tiny island that was actually quite close to mainland, but might as well have been miles and miles away based on how often ferries came by.
“Look, Lee, I know you’re probably really mad at me, but just give it a chance, hey? I’m sure you’ll find friends when your school starts tomorrow.”
“Jeez, thanks for reminding me!” I scowled, but let the matter drop. We were drawing enough attention already.

After unloading all the cardboard boxes, I finally decided on an outfit for tomorrow. Black skinnies, grey top, black sweater, black Converse. And purple scarf.
“Lee, are you nervous about starting school tomorrow? I know I should have given you more time to adjust, but…” I pushed my blonde hair out of my eyes, and looked directly at mum, leaning around my door frame.
“No, mum, why should I be nervous? Oh, right, now I remember: It just happens to be the beginning of the spring term; you know, half-way through the school year. Everybody has already grouped up into tight little cliques, and I’m probably going to be labelled Goth, emo, and/or freak because of my preference for black clothing. Oh, I could go on and on, but I won’t bore you now.” Mum just sighed, like she always does at these 'temper tantrums' of mine.
“Dinner’s in ten minutes, I hope you’ll come down.” Then she went back to preparing whatever it was that we were eating for dinner.

“Oh, sorry. Let me get those for you.” I looked up at the as of yet anonymous person who had bumped into me and made me drop the books I had been carrying. It was lunch break on back to my locker. No teacher was, thankfully, cruel enough to give us homework the first day after Christmas. And of course, most teachers spent the whole first week of term going over last term’s stuff because holidays result in empty brains. I was grateful that Mum had at least had that much discretion: I wasn’t thrown into a completely random school smack in the middle of term.
“Thanks, but it’s okay.” I smiled at the boy, and made to gather the books scattered on the floor of the hall, but he was faster. I glanced at him, bewildered, but he didn’t look at me. We both rose from our awkward half-crouches. He handed me the books.
“I said, let me get those for you.” His tone was trying desperately to be, I don’t know, chivalrous? but I saw the grin on his face as I took the books. He turned to leave, but I blurted out: “I’m Leanne Smith, but my friends in London called me Lee.” He turned back to face me, and away from the embarrassment of bumping into someone I noticed he was actually quite good-looking, a fact I stored somewhere in the depths of my mind for later.
“Hey, Lee. I’m Kieran, but my friends here call me Leprechaun.” He rolled his eyes. “It’s a long story.”
“I take it you don’t like the name?”
“No, I most certainly do not!” I laughed, making Kieran smile even wider. He continued: “Well, I guess the story isn’t that long after all. Funny how people see even the shortest stories as long, because then they have an excuse not to tell it, eh? Anyhow, we were fooling around on the hill near the village last summer, and suddenly I saw a little green man.” My eyes widened in disbelief. “Just kidding! Okay, so I – no, we – saw this really short fat man who was dressed in green. We really freaked, specially when the guy came closer and told me: “you have the blood of the leprechauns!” in this really freaky, squeaky tone. We ran away, of course, and told people; but no one actually believes us, obviously. The human race is greatly sceptical, but hey, seeing is believing!” I listened to Kieran’s narrative with interest. It seemed highly unlikely, but then anything could happen here. Or so I thought, being a superstitious Londoner to whom the Scottish archipelago was still a place of myths and legends. I probably wouldn’t even be surprised to see a dragon here...
“Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it... I believe you. After all, I’m a superstitious Londoner whom to the Scottish isles are stuff of myths”, I teased. Kieran grinned. “So, have you eaten yet?”
“No, I was taking these books to my locker, but I can’t remember where it is…” I trailed off, embarrassed. His expression brightened.
“Which number is it? I mean, I could show you…”
“Um… 303.”
“Oh, that’s totally on the other side of school. Come on!” He set off at an easy pace, and I followed. Some people stared curiously at the new girl who looked like a Goth, but I found I didn’t care.

My next class was French. Finally, a class that I was actually good at! There was only one seat left, next to a girl with bright orange hair. I took it, smiling at the girl tentatively.
“Hi, I’m Leanne.”
“Aylin.” She looked bored.
“Bonjour à tous, et bienvenue, Leanne!” The teacher had stood up and was addressing the class.
“Bonjour, Madame Moulin”, the class chorused in return.
“Now, today’s lesson is on conjugating verbs in the passé composé. Can anyone tell me how to say ‘you eat’? Ella?” she nodded at a girl about three seats to my right.
“Tu manges.”
“Yes, correct; and can someone tell me what that is in the past tense?” I raised my hand; passé composé was something we'd just learned in my school back in London. “Oui, Leanne?”
“Tu as mange.”
“Oui, oui. Now, if you were paying attention, you will have noticed that in the past tense, a verb needs a ‘helping hand’ to say what it wants. Can anybody tell me what that is?” A few more hands were raised.
“Oui, Aylin?”
“Avoir, madame. Conjugated to suit the subject.” Madame beamed at her, and I saw Aylin go red at the attention.
The rest of the lesson passed quickly, and I was grateful when the bell rang. I gathered my books, and walked out of the class. I was going to go straight to History, my last class of the day, but was waylaid by Aylin.
“Hey, Leanne - you moved from London, right?”
“Yeah… why?”
“No, it’s just that I know somebody there… but London’s a huge place, so… you probably don’t know her…”
“Oh, really? Who did you know? Oh, and you can call me Lee. I despise Leanne.” Aylin smiled.
“My best friend, Monica Berkeley, moved to London the year before last. Actually, she was my only friend… and now I don’t even have her.”
“Oh. Well, I’m sorry…”
“Nah, it’s okay. I do well on my own. My grades have gone up, and… but you’re not interested, are you?”
“No, no, it’s fine.”
“Hey, um, do you have History next?”
“Yeah, but I have no idea where.”
“Okay, well, come on then! The bell’s about to go anyhow.”

At home I booted up my computer, not really expecting any emails or anything. My friends back in London had sent a survival package that had been waiting for me here, so I wasn’t expecting anything from them. But still I had one email. It was from Facebook: Kieran McAllister had added me as a friend. I logged on to my Facebook page and could help but grin at his profile picture. It had him pulling a crazy face, wild orange curls all over the place.

Weeks passed. I had a good friend in Kieran, who often ditched his mates to hang with me and an even better one in Aylin, who turned out to be Kieran’s cousin. We talked about everything under the sun, did 'Scottish things' I had never even dreamed about, and I was truly happy. I didn’t even miss my friends in London, who had stopped writing me after I kept forgetting to write back.
One day, we were called into assembly before first period, an unusual yet not unheard-of event. The principal was waiting on the stage.
“As you may or may not know, I am retiring after this year. So the teachers have had a brilliant idea: I am now announcing a poetry competition, open for all who want to enter. The deadline is a month from now, on April 1st.”
Poetry competition... my brain started working almost overtime as a plan began to fall into place, a plan that I'd been trying to concoct for at least two weeks – ever since I began to realise that my feelings for Kieran might turn out to be more than just friendship, not that I could discuss it with Aylin, her being his cousin and all. I didn't want my secret spilled, not when I had only just realised it myself.
“Awesome,” I whispered to Aylin. She didn’t look too impressed, but she’d come around when she heard my awesome plan.

As soon as the final bell ran, I dragged Aylin out of the classroom and to the side. “Ay! I need to tell you some stuff.” It was obviously time to spread the word, as there was no way the plan that had just fallen into my head would work alone. “Can you come to mine now?”
“What, now?”
“Yes, now. Today. March 1st, 2010. Right now.”
“Um, yeah, I think... what's up? You okay, Lee?”
“Yeah, yeah. Fine. C'mon, I'll tell you on the way.” And I continued dragging her, first to our lockers to get our coats and then halfway to my house until she finally shook me off with a “I can walk, you know, Lee” and a laugh.
Time flies when you're having fun – or, it seems, itching to tell your best friend that you maybe, possibly, kinda, sorta have a crush on her cousin – as the walk to my house took less than half the time it usually did (even if, admittedly, it usually took at least three times as long as it should owing to idling along with Aylin and Kieran and occasionally getting sidetracked by the odd swing set or convenience store).
As soon as I had Aylin and some snacks in my room behind a protectively shut door – never mind the fact that mum was safely at work – I blurted it out. “Aylin, I think I like Kieran.” Wow, talk about straight to the point. Jeez, me. Where's my usual eloquence?
A sly grin spreads over Aylin's face. “You think, eh?”
“You're gonna make me say it?”
“Fine! I like Kieran, okay?”
“And finally, she admits it.”
“Oh, come on. It's been glaringly obvious for weeks.”
“It has?” I asked with something closely resembling a wail.
“Yeah. To me, at least.”
“And to – to him?”
“Between you and me? I'd say he has other things to worry about – or should I say impress? And by things I mean, of course, skinny blonde girls who like to wear black.”
“You what?”
“Yeah. That's another one of those glaringly obvious things. I've been laughing at you guys all week.”
“Yeah, laughing and wondering whether either of you are gonna do something about it.”
“See, that's just the thing: I am. Oh, yes. I have a plan. The mother of all plans, in fact. It's awesome.”
“Really, now?”
“Yep,” I said, grinning. “I'm going to... wait for it, wait for it... write a poem.”
“A poem? Wow. That was... slightly anti-climactic.”
“Anti-climactic?” I repeated in disbelief.
“Yeah. I mean, I was waiting for this huge plan and then you come up with 'write a poem'. I just don't see what it's gonna help.”
“Oh, well, then, let me clear it up for you: I am going to write an awesome poem. Then I'm going to enter it in the poetry contest. Then I'm going to win it, and then Mrs. Cook is going to read it out loud... the lady doth understand now?”
“Mais oui, the lady doth understand very well. Devious, my friend, devious.”
“Isn't it just? Now, I really need to get started on that poem. It needs to be stupendous. Magnificent. Fantabulous. You get the point.”

That month seemed to pass even faster than those preceding the announcement, but in no time at all we were back in the auditorium, waiting for the principal, Mrs. Cook to unveil the winner. Aylin was beside me, sitting on her hands. I was freaking out , because the plan needed me to win for it to work. Never mind the £200 cash prize, but I needed to win.
“And the winner is… Leanne Smith, year ten!” Mrs. Cook announced. Aylin let go of her hands and started clapping furiously. Other people joined in immediately. When the din had died down, Mrs. Cook continued. “I will now read Leanne’s entry, a surprising and refreshing take on the classic love poems:

The crowd was silent, whether awestruck, dumbstruck or merely bored I don't know.

The assembly was soon over, and I walked out among others in my class, being offered congratulations anywhere I turned. However, when everyone else had disappeared, there was one person left. Kieran leaned against the wall, in the place we had originally met.
“So… I was thinking… do you wanna maybe catch a movie sometime?”
“Um, sure,” I said, grinning like a madwoman, but going around and around my head was a single word: success.
hace más de un año MissKnowItAll said…
I have no idea. I swear, my mum can smell anxiety or something. Plus, I'm not sneaky. At all.
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
big smile
but it's going on FP when I get the poem done
hace más de un año Italktosnakes said…
Malloy, try 'You Me At Six-Take Off your Colours'. That's SO much better!
And I'm going to a rock concert on Thursday, and there's loads of Greenday Band things :) x
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
okay... if they have it... I'll check.
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
yeah no they don't have any YMAS
hace más de un año MissKnowItAll said…
That story...

is awesome. Siriusly! If that's your crap, old writing I'd love to see your current stuff.
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
thanks :D most of it is edited old crap, but the scene after the first assembly is today...
and I still need the freaking poem. Jesus.
last edited hace más de un año
hace más de un año Italktosnakes said…
big smile
Download it at We7 :) x
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
maybe later :D
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
so I currently have 20 albums and one book reserved :D I'm glad minors don't have to pay the 50c reservation fine any more...