harry potter vs crepúsculo 1000 Reasons Why Harry Potter Is Better Than Twilight

lauracullen66 posted on Aug 27, 2009 at 01:29PM
just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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hace más de un año LoveDraco123 said…
^^ Oh cool! So what part of UK do you live in? And I LOVE football! What's your favorite club (if you have one)? And you have a horse? That's badass. :O
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
yah well we don't live near beaches either ::D well, I do, but hey, it's 1O C outside in August. so yeah.
hace más de un año harrypotterbest said…
You have a horse? Lucky. Always wanted one. I'm a beginner rider, took lessons that ended. @BB
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hace más de un año LoveDraco123 said…
Gah, I don't like beaches- unless they have white sand. x) I love the winters- especially the London winters. <3 The snow. Oh I love the snow. :)
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
I don't like beaches, unless they're in Barbados.

and Draco - want snow? come to Finland.
hace más de un año LoveDraco123 said…
Aw I wish I could, Malloy. :( I'm stuck here in Pakistan- and I'm hating it. I hate this country- well, not really. I hate what people are doing to it, otherwise it's amazing. :( I want to get out of here and go to one of my dream places:
1. Paris
2. Venice
3. New York X)
London isn't on the list because I've lived there for like 5 years, so yeah... but I'd love to go back.
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
My dream places:
1) Barbados <3
2) London/Surrey
3) Australia
hace más de un año harrypotterbest said…
I've always wanted to live in the UK...
hace más de un año LoveDraco123 said…
OMG. I LOVE THE RAIN! <3 I actually love UK's weather- it's really unpredictable and is mostly rainy and cold, but I love the cold. (A)
hace más de un año LoveDraco123 said…
Actually BB, we've been talking about random stuff for ages. :)
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
Best - me too (kinda: UK and Australia). Although I did live in Surrey for two years... Not Little Whinging though :( my sister managed to get born in London (or Kingston-Upon-Thames, whatever) and because of that I will be forever jealous. Although it is kinda cool to say I'm Finnish - I have a love/hate relationship with my country.
hace más de un año harrypotterbest said…
i love the UK... it's so cool and unpredictable. And everything cool happens there or the US. -_-
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
And yeah Draco I love cold too :) well not cold like -25 C but cold like +-5 C. I hate summer clothes, too... Jeans and sweaters all the way!
hace más de un año harrypotterbest said…
who here hates dressing up all fancy? curious.
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
ME! and I had to, yesterday -_-
hace más de un año harrypotterbest said…
so did i! Why can't we just wear robes or something? Muggle fashions are soooooooooooooo weird.
hace más de un año harrypotterbest said…
i h8 straightening my hair too. SO annoying.
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
I know - robes all the way.
And I never wear makeup. Or do anything to my hair except wash and brush it. If I had it my way, I'd live out my life in jeans and sweaters. And tennis shoes - no heels.
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
Sure :D

how about... um. Drawing a blank here...
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
Have I whined about how stupid the Twishite titles are in Swedish yet? Because seriously:
Twilight: Om Jag Kunde Drömma (If I could dream)
New Moon: När Jag Hör Din Röst (When I hear your voice)
Eclipse: Ljudet Av Ditt Hjärta (The sound of your heart)
Breaking Dawn: Så Länge Vi Båda Andas (As long as we both breathe)

I mean, WTF?
hace más de un año LoveDraco123 said…
^^ I just felt like I needed to fill out some fashion details too. Sorry. Forgive me, BB. (A) I love jeans, hoodies (those really big ones that go half-way down to your thighs. LOL), trainers, boots and T-shirts. :) Oh and I like my hair straight but I don't do it much- that's like... hair-suicide. :|

Now, you can change the topic. :P
Who loves music?!
hace más de un año LoveDraco123 said…
Yes. :| WTF
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
hace más de un año LoveDraco123 said…
COOL! :D What sorta music do you listen to, Malloy? Sorry, I'm obsessed with music. It's my life.
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
MoM, Muse, Paramore, Coldplay, Kaiser Chiefs, Green Day, AC/DC, Nightwish, Apulanta, Happoradio, AVPM soundtrack, DCFC. Assorted other songs.
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
But hey dudes I'ma go to bed now... Night, all! Love you :)
hace más de un año harrypotterbest said…
night mslloy!
hace más de un año LoveDraco123 said…
Night Malloy! :) Ily too! :D

I listen to... lots of stuff.
Linkin Park
Brand New
The Fray
30 Seconds to Mars
Green Day
Avril Lavigne
Disturbed :D
Eminem <3
DJ Tiesto
Armin Van Buuren
And still lots more. :P
hace más de un año LoveDraco123 said…
Meh. The artist always matters to me. :)
hace más de un año mooimafish17 said…
To the people who missed me - love you to :D
To the people who where talking about Mormons, there is a great book called the 19th wife about it, but its doesn’t show them in a great light, sorry.
Love123, shit girl, im sorry, if there anything we can do for you or you epic-sounding boyfriend let us know J Also, I think I am the oldest as I am going to be 18 on the 10th
Random point - my father is a lawyer
No HotTopic in London but so much cool stuff so what can you do J
Got the same results as Andie in that quiz on page 288, im a Crazy Outspoken Psycho
Ven im sorry. Siblings can be tough, but you gotta remember why you love ‘em, and that you wont stop lovin ‘em, even if they are drivin you mad!
I have a fob-watch - it hangs on a piece of velvet around my neck and the most gorgeous bloke I have ever seen in my life once stopped me and told me it was cool :D
Andie - I LOVE CC!! TROCK FTW!!!!!!
Lemon that was epicly funny - Twforever was jks :D
Talking about crushes, im in love with my drama teacher - I still have his jumper hehe
To who ever has not a had a boyfriend - im bi and, trust me on this……….get a girl ;)
Best - the third ff
Love123 - OMG THAT’S SOOO COOL I LIVE IN LONDON AND IT IS THE BEST CITY ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry for the caps rape)
bb - I live in LDN, as you may guess and it is so cool. You should defo vist J
You are right, it has taken about four hours to catch up on all the pages!! :@
hace más de un año justinbieber318 said…
twlight is way more cooler the harry p
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
So I have a confession to make... I didn't actually go to sleep. I finished reading my book :D

moo - really? You went through all God-knows-how-many-pages? Props to you, my friend. Props to you.

justinbieber318 - go die in a hole. Now.

I'm gonna go to bed for reals this time :D night :)
hace más de un año harrypotterbest said…
really for real? And moo, I grow ever more impatient. Where is Cassandra?!?
hace más de un año harrypotterbest said…
where is everyone?
hace más de un año boolander25 said…
Heyy peoples. Back again after a ton of homework. bleh.
hace más de un año lemony44 said…
Halo Boo! Best, tell me you are not offended...
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
BB - Second Glance (Jodi Picoult)
hace más de un año mooimafish17 said…
Cassandra is coming, after some radically rearrangement of the plot :) :) i still need to unpack, then go pick up my cat, then go down to the school to check i still have one to go back to.
I dunno how much time i will have to write once i go back. (Im in the 2nd year of my A-Levels, which are the exams that decide what uni you go to....so kind stressed.)

This is the one i want to go to, but we must not forget the wisdom of
Hector (The History Boys by Alan Bennant, a great play):
"I was confusing learning with the smell of cold stone."
god this is hard!
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 Cassandra is coming, after some radically rearrangement of the plot :) :) i still need to unpack, the
hace más de un año FredWRules said…
big smile
who else is pumped for Hogwarts tomorrow??? :D
hace más de un año FredWRules said…
random fact about me:
I only realized today that I find sitting on chairs uncomfortable.
I have no idea why I didn't know that before today.
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
I missed out on 4 pages (thanks guys T.T), so I'll answer the important bits:

(you still haven't told me what part of australia you're from!)

I TOLD YOU, the shitty part where there's hardly any potatos.

(And when Ron comes back to Harry and Hermione, the silvery illusion of Harry and Hermione is topless- making out topless. Omg. D:)

That's HAWT.(

(who here hates dressing up all fancy? curious.)

Me!!! In fact, the only time I ever dressed up fancy was for a dance thingy.

(hehe anyway can we start a new topic instead of fashion lmao!)

I love skinny jeans and cargo pants and band tees!! And also my fav pair of Converse. ;D

(Who loves music?!)


Also, to justinbeiberfan: I hate to say this, but you have shitty taste in both books and music. :/

And to all the people who want to move to Australia and hug a kangaroo: BRING POTATOES.
hace más de un año FredWRules said…
yesh, I know you're in the shitty part with no potatoes, but WHERE IS THE SHITTY PART WITH NO POTATOES!?!?!?!
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
You should know, you live in Australia. :P
hace más de un año mooimafish17 said…
Ive been to Sidney, Melbourne and Brisbane
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
I've only been to Australia prenatally... I think Sydney.
hace más de un año mooimafish17 said…
hello all - how was my two weeks off, what happened? and did you miss me?
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
Really? I've been to London prenatally.
hace más de un año FredWRules said…
big smile
we missed you tonnes moo, and I reached another level of wrong :)

good to have ya back :D
hace más de un año lucius_malloy said…
Yes, moo, we did :) didn't you read the pages? ;)
hace más de un año GemonkDruid said…
I missed you too. :) And I got the OMWF soundtrack! Time for Spike singing!