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I know I'm a mess
And tu know it's because of you
I wish I could cause
You the pain tu put me through
It's like I burn out
I should stop playin this game
I could shout it out
'Cause it will never be the same

'Cause behind all the tears in your eyes
I can still read all your lies
I can still feel the pain tu caused into me
And behind all the sorries tu say
I can still hear the betray
I can still feel the desire to make tu bleed

I hope tu are down
And if you're not I'll make it true
It takes so long to forget
And it's all because of you
It's like I burn out
I should stop playing this game
I could shout it...
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the veronicas
música video
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Tom Felton, de kleine blonde schurk uit de Harry Potter-saga, zal niet zo snel voor het altaar terechtkomen, en ook kinderen ziet hij niet onmiddellijk zitten.

Hij speelt nochtans aan het einde camioneta, van de 'Harry Potter en de Relieken camioneta, van de Dood - Deel 2' met de 24-jarige Jade Gordon, ook in het echte leven zijn vriendin, een stel. "Het was erg leuk om voor enkele dagen man en vrouw te spelen, en een kind te hebben. Maar na drie dagen is het dan ook wel genoeg geweest," zo zegt hij aan het Amerikaanse blad People. Felton ontmoette zijn vriendin tijdens opnames, waar ze werkte als assistent camioneta, van de stuntcoördinator. Sindsdien zijn ze al drie jaar samen. In de Potterfilms gaat hij door het leven als Draco Malfoy, kleine schurk en tegenstander camioneta, van Harry Potter. (Belga / OSN)
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lindas mentirosas
favorito! series
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Elena:We met outside the male restroom and at the graveyard
I dicho hi, tu dicho hi and tu had stolen my heart
But now I know we were nothing but a high school romance
‘Cause how can one fall in amor with just a word and a glance
How can one build on trust when the foundation is a lie
How can tu be Prince Charming when all tu do is hide
So I suggest we throw this thing in the garbage
‘Cause there’s no way we get out of here undamaged

And I’m not saying I’ve found love
I’m not saying I won’t hurt
But I can’t be worse than where I’ve been
I’m not saying I won’t screw up
But on...
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posted by HaleyDewit
When tu read this
I’ll be gone
Though I never dicho I amor you
I wrote it in many amor songs
All I ever wanted was to be with you
But I guess it was asked too much
Now all I want to do is run away
‘Cause I’ve had enough

I wanna let go
But my hands are tied on you
I wanna walk away
But my feet refuse to move
I’m amor struck, tu got me completely
And now we’ll never know what might have been

Don’t feel sorry
I’m the one to blame
I shouldn’t have been so damn gutless
And told tu straight away
But I guess it’s not very convenient
When you’re living miles apart
Though I know physical distance
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Meet me like a stranger
Meet me like an unknown
Meet me like a weirdo
Treat me like someone tu don't know
But don't say tu are my friend
'Cause I know exactly how it ends

And baby,you will never really know me from the inside
You never expected I'd keep it all in my mind
These feelings of hate are about to explode
Just treat my like someone tu don't know
You'll never get another chance to ruin my life
You will never make me sacrifice
Everything that I live for
Just treat me like someone tu don't know

See me as a class mate
See me as a silly girl
See me as a zero
Treat me like someone tu don't know
But don't...
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