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It's been a while since I wrote a DE song, but here tu go :)

I’ve got nowhere to go
Will tu reach out your hand
I already know
They won’t understand
They’ll try to break us down
Tear us apart
But they can say all they want
Nothing’s gonna change our hearts

‘Cause I will wait forever for your love
I will keep my patience
And never push tu away
And I’ll keep faith the best is yet to come
Doesn’t matter where we are now
‘Cause someday you’ll be mine

Don’t wanna leave this place
And leave tu behind
When I’m with tu every moment
I wish I could rewind
Don’t wanna feel so weak
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favorito! Movie: Maleficent
Favorite Movie Actor: Channing Tatum
Favorite Movie Actress: Emma Stone
Favorite Movie Duo: Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort in The Fault in Our Stars
Favorite Action Movie: The Amazing Spiderman 2
Favorite Action Movie Actor: Liam Neeson
Favorite Action Movie Actress: Jennifer Lawrence
Favorite Comedic Movie: Let’s be Cops
Favorite Comedic Movie Actor: Zac Efron
Favorite Comedic Movie Actress: Drew Barrymore
Favorite Dramatic Movie: The Fault in Our Stars
Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor: Robert Downey jr.
Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress: Shailene Woodley
Favorite Family Movie:...
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the fray
hips don't lie
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Elena:We met outside the male restroom and at the graveyard
I dicho hi, tu dicho hi and tu had stolen my heart
But now I know we were nothing but a high school romance
‘Cause how can one fall in amor with just a word and a glance
How can one build on trust when the foundation is a lie
How can tu be Prince Charming when all tu do is hide
So I suggest we throw this thing in the garbage
‘Cause there’s no way we get out of here undamaged

And I’m not saying I’ve found love
I’m not saying I won’t hurt
But I can’t be worse than where I’ve been
I’m not saying I won’t screw up
But on...
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I don’t want to talk right now
I just want to run and crash into a wall
And I don’t want to hit the ground
So, will tu be there to catch me when I fall

Will tu be there in good times and in bad
Will tu console me whenever I feel sad

I’m trying to get over it
I’m forcing myself to forget
But it’s just no use
You’ve got me under your spell
I clear my mind in an attempt
To get tu out of my head
But it’s just no use
You’ve got me under your spell

I don’t want need tu like
I’ve never needed someone the way I do now
And I don’t want to share my life
With someone who can’t push me up when...
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When tu read this
I’ll be gone
Though I never dicho I amor you
I wrote it in many amor songs
All I ever wanted was to be with you
But I guess it was asked too much
Now all I want to do is run away
‘Cause I’ve had enough

I wanna let go
But my hands are tied on you
I wanna walk away
But my feet refuse to move
I’m amor struck, tu got me completely
And now we’ll never know what might have been

Don’t feel sorry
I’m the one to blame
I shouldn’t have been so damn gutless
And told tu straight away
But I guess it’s not very convenient
When you’re living miles apart
Though I know physical distance
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I give this movie a three out of five stars. I thought a lot of scenes were dull and long-winded, and whenever there was some action, it didn’t last long. Add on that certain aspects of the plot were quite predictable. I did amor Jennifer Lawrence’s acting, though. I had only seen her in The Hunger Games and unlike many others I wasn’t blown away with her performance, so this was a pleasant surprise. Michael Sheen’s actuación didn’t differ much from his role in Twilight, so it begs the pregunta if he played so stiff, because he was playing a robot, o because he’s just… stiff. Any Michael Sheen fans lectura this, feel free to point me to a movie where this actor really shines. This was also the first time I experienced Chris Pratt’s acting, which was very good, very natural.
So, if you’re looking for an action-packed thrill, this probably isn’t for you.
If you’re looking for something romantic, you’re covered.
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I try to keep it together
Don’t want anyone to know
I manage not to cry
But I’m in full perra mode
I’m surrounded por people
But I feel all alone
I wish I could forget you
But you’re carved in my soul

And they don’t understand
No, they will never understand

I can hear Death calling my name
And I keep on waiting for tu in vein
But if you’ll never come back
Color all my days black
And I’ll welcome Death when he comes my way
Color all my nights grey

I try to mover along
But I carry the pain around
I wish tu would’ve just left
That tu were somewhere seguro and sound
But Death had to knock on your door...
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