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posted by HaleyDewit
Three sisters in one house
That’s how this story starts
One lectura a simple spell
Making them Forever Charmed
Once normal people
Now witches for all time
No evil creature
Will ever end the Halliwell-line

Night falls and it’s starting to get a little freaky
But they can’t avoid their destiny
When all hope is gone they only have one thing to rely on
And that is the Power of Three

Watch the clock thicking
It’s the moment of truth
Whatever magical mess you’re in
The hechiceras Ones will be saving you
Once they have your back
You’ll never get harmed
They’re the protectors of innocence
And that’s what...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Let me start por saying that I can easily develop a strong connection with fictional characters. I’m not sure why that is, but I suppose that’s what makes me a good writer. Because I can put myself in their shoes, see things from their point of view. So, when something happens to one of those characters I can be quite upset about it. I know it’s not real, but it feels real.

I’ve liked Debra Parker from the get go. I know a lot of people suspected her to be one of Joe’s followers, but I never doubted her innocence. Why did so many people think she was a follower? Because she gave Joe...
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Tom Felton, de kleine blonde schurk uit de Harry Potter-saga, zal niet zo snel voor het altaar terechtkomen, en ook kinderen ziet hij niet onmiddellijk zitten.

Hij speelt nochtans aan het einde camioneta, van de 'Harry Potter en de Relieken camioneta, van de Dood - Deel 2' met de 24-jarige Jade Gordon, ook in het echte leven zijn vriendin, een stel. "Het was erg leuk om voor enkele dagen man en vrouw te spelen, en een kind te hebben. Maar na drie dagen is het dan ook wel genoeg geweest," zo zegt hij aan het Amerikaanse blad People. Felton ontmoette zijn vriendin tijdens opnames, waar ze werkte als assistent camioneta, van de stuntcoördinator. Sindsdien zijn ze al drie jaar samen. In de Potterfilms gaat hij door het leven als Draco Malfoy, kleine schurk en tegenstander camioneta, van Harry Potter. (Belga / OSN)
posted by HaleyDewit
I'll always remember the día we first met
I was living life in paradise
Now I can assure tu that I truly regret
Every time tu were on my mind

I was too blind to see the truth
But now I can see right through

'Cause my eyes have been opened
Now I can see who tu really are
And I'm not gonna sit and wait here
'Til I can reach your heart
I still believe there's a soul underneath your skin
But I just can't wait for it

I'll never forget the día tu screwed it up
You insulted me in a painful way
Next morning it was my time of luck
He was like the answer to my prayers

I was too blind to see the truth
But now I can...
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posted by HaleyDewit
tu look upon me with all of your arrogance
And I never know what to say
But I just can't help but always giving tu another chance
'Cause when tu smile I just melt away

I can hear the música playing
I don't get a word from what they're saying
After all their talking I still can't turn my back on you
I know it's less right than wrong
But without tu I just can't go on
And if I have to I'll prefer the lie beyond the truth

Still I know that you're door
Will always be locked for me
I know we're not meant to be
But tu know that I won't let go
I'll never walk away
'Cause I'm still hoping I'll be your girl someday...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Meet me like a stranger
Meet me like an unknown
Meet me like a weirdo
Treat me like someone tu don't know
But don't say tu are my friend
'Cause I know exactly how it ends

And baby,you will never really know me from the inside
You never expected I'd keep it all in my mind
These feelings of hate are about to explode
Just treat my like someone tu don't know
You'll never get another chance to ruin my life
You will never make me sacrifice
Everything that I live for
Just treat me like someone tu don't know

See me as a class mate
See me as a silly girl
See me as a zero
Treat me like someone tu don't know
But don't...
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posted by HaleyDewit
I'm funny,I'm cheerful,I can make tu smile
I'd do anything for you,I'd walk a thousand miles
But tu killed the sparkle in my eyes
When tu started to tell all your lies
So grab your stuff and leave my life
I won't be the one to sacrifice

Turn around and take a very close look
'Cause you'll never see me again
You can give it your very best shot
But I'll never let tu in
So walk away and leave my life
I won't be the one to sacrifice

I'm broken,I'm sad,I wanna make tu cry
I'm a mess,I confess,I want tu to tell me why
I wanna push tu through hell like tu did with
I wanna cause tu pain,so bad tu couldn't...
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Source: ronandhermione.net

It seems that Hermione has replaced Ginny as the most hated female in the Harry Potter series.

Since returning to the online world after lectura HBP, I have encountered complaint after complaint after complaint from too many people to count about Hermione's character in HBP. Many claim to not even recognize her, and for some reason feel that they can no longer amor her as they once did.

First of all, she hasn't changed. She's still the same Hermione. There's just one change in her character, and it was one that many R/Hr shippers, including me, knew would happen. That...
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posted by HaleyDewit
What’s wrong with me
I no longer seem to find a reason to be happy
Trying to hold back the tears searching their way to my cheeks
Swallowing the scream that’s trying to escape my throat
What wrong with me
Trying to walk away from the darkness that’s surrounding me
Hoping there’ll be a día where I can see things clear
Hoping one día I’ll find my way back home

You better run, run, run, rus as fast as tu can
Before I drag tu down

I’m a pile of misery
I’m a tormented soul
I’m a prisoner of loss
Captured between my walls
I beg tu nice from my knees
Take away this agony
I’m a wreck
‘Cause since...
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posted by HaleyDewit
I keep running to places I should stay away from
I keep committing actions I can’t make undone
I keep spilling words that should remain in my head
‘Cause I don’t want to spoil something this perfect

I keep changing the rules of this self invented game
I keep changing everything that should stay the same
I’m verbalizing words I wish I could take back
‘Cause I don’t want to ruin something this perfect

I want tu to whisper my name
And make it sound like a scream
I want tu to take me to places
I’ve never been
But I know if I’d listen to my corazón I’d regret
‘Cause I don’t want to ruin...
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posted by HaleyDewit
I give this movie a three out of five stars. I thought a lot of scenes were dull and long-winded, and whenever there was some action, it didn’t last long. Add on that certain aspects of the plot were quite predictable. I did amor Jennifer Lawrence’s acting, though. I had only seen her in The Hunger Games and unlike many others I wasn’t blown away with her performance, so this was a pleasant surprise. Michael Sheen’s actuación didn’t differ much from his role in Twilight, so it begs the pregunta if he played so stiff, because he was playing a robot, o because he’s just… stiff. Any Michael Sheen fans lectura this, feel free to point me to a movie where this actor really shines. This was also the first time I experienced Chris Pratt’s acting, which was very good, very natural.
So, if you’re looking for an action-packed thrill, this probably isn’t for you.
If you’re looking for something romantic, you’re covered.
posted by HaleyDewit
Take my eyes from their sockets
And squeeze them till there’s no tear left to cry
Take my tongue from my mouth
‘Cause there’s nothing left for me to speak about
Take the skin from my bones
Till all is left is a bloody mess
And then take my corazón from my chest

Take my heart
Rip it out
Shatter it to pieces
And crush it in the ground
‘Cause all the reasons
I had left to stay
Are one por one
Taken away

Take the spine from my back
‘Cause now there’s no place left for me to go
Take my hands from my arms
‘Cause I have nothing left worth fighting for
Take the skin from my bones
Till all is left is my bare...
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posted by HaleyDewit
My first thought when I wake up goes to you
Just another día I have to get through
And I know I’m overreacting
And I know there are worse things
But right now I feel like I’ve lost the only thing I knew

It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before
And though I want it to stop, I keep asking for more
Guess I rather wallow in hurt, instead of moving on
‘Cause I know the pain, the drama, the tragedy
The tears and the misery
Was worth it all

My last thought before I go to cama is one of despair
‘Cause I can’t figure out how to be when you’re not there
You’re all see, hear, all I can breathe
You haunt...
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posted by HaleyDewit
They say we should stick together
Create a chain and never let go
But I’m not gonna act like a hypocrite
‘Cause I’m fed up with your over-dramatic show
Your criticism doesn’t make any sense
It’s nothing but a bunch of crap
And I doubt I’m on my own in this one
I think a lot of people will confirmar that

You wanna start a fight?
Let’s not hesitate
But I’m not the one to underestimate
You wanna start a war?
Let’s have it started
But I won’t be the one left broken hearted

You must be so frustrated
You must be filled with hatred
Living with only a brain cell o two
Knowing you’ll never fit...
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I hate your Stephen Lynch shirts
and your Jurassic Park merchandise
I hate that I can’t talk to you
Without sounding like an imbecile (i know that doesn't rhyme)

I hate that you’re on my mind
Every segundo of everyday
I hate that I have to remind myself
I’d better stay away

I hate that when I go on Twitter
your tweets are the first ones that I see
I hate that when I talk to you
you never ever talk back to me

I hate that we have so much in common
but tu will never want to know
I hate that I don’t exist to you
and that I have to go through this alone

I hate that I have to restrain myself
From reaching...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Frustration is causing me to pull my hair out
Desperation is causing me to cry my corazón out
Imagination has caused my head into the clouds
But realization has caused me to tumble down

Of all the guys I got to know you’re the one I will remember
And I won’t shed a tear, but inside I’ll cry a river

I’m falling back down to earth
My feet steady on the ground
If anything I’ve learned from love
It’s tu get lost but never found
Broken down from these emotions
I realize how unfair life is
Still I can’t stop believing
There’s gotta be más than this

Acting like a perra I abreact on my friends
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posted by HaleyDewit
It's been a while since I wrote a DE song, but here tu go :)

I’ve got nowhere to go
Will tu reach out your hand
I already know
They won’t understand
They’ll try to break us down
Tear us apart
But they can say all they want
Nothing’s gonna change our hearts

‘Cause I will wait forever for your love
I will keep my patience
And never push tu away
And I’ll keep faith the best is yet to come
Doesn’t matter where we are now
‘Cause someday you’ll be mine

Don’t wanna leave this place
And leave tu behind
When I’m with tu every moment
I wish I could rewind
Don’t wanna feel so weak
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favorito! Movie: Maleficent
Favorite Movie Actor: Channing Tatum
Favorite Movie Actress: Emma Stone
Favorite Movie Duo: Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort in The Fault in Our Stars
Favorite Action Movie: The Amazing Spiderman 2
Favorite Action Movie Actor: Liam Neeson
Favorite Action Movie Actress: Jennifer Lawrence
Favorite Comedic Movie: Let’s be Cops
Favorite Comedic Movie Actor: Zac Efron
Favorite Comedic Movie Actress: Drew Barrymore
Favorite Dramatic Movie: The Fault in Our Stars
Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor: Robert Downey jr.
Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress: Shailene Woodley
Favorite Family Movie:...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Elena:We met outside the male restroom and at the graveyard
I dicho hi, tu dicho hi and tu had stolen my heart
But now I know we were nothing but a high school romance
‘Cause how can one fall in amor with just a word and a glance
How can one build on trust when the foundation is a lie
How can tu be Prince Charming when all tu do is hide
So I suggest we throw this thing in the garbage
‘Cause there’s no way we get out of here undamaged

And I’m not saying I’ve found love
I’m not saying I won’t hurt
But I can’t be worse than where I’ve been
I’m not saying I won’t screw up
But on...
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posted by HaleyDewit
I don’t want to talk right now
I just want to run and crash into a wall
And I don’t want to hit the ground
So, will tu be there to catch me when I fall

Will tu be there in good times and in bad
Will tu console me whenever I feel sad

I’m trying to get over it
I’m forcing myself to forget
But it’s just no use
You’ve got me under your spell
I clear my mind in an attempt
To get tu out of my head
But it’s just no use
You’ve got me under your spell

I don’t want need tu like
I’ve never needed someone the way I do now
And I don’t want to share my life
With someone who can’t push me up when...
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