grim tales Dreaming a bad dream chapter 3

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Dreaming a bad dream Chapter 3
Junior had been listening to every word that had left his sisters lips.
He was starring at her but seemed to be lost in thought. Until he noticed the  drops of sorrow fall upon her small, delicate, trembling hand.
He got a hold of reality again.
He reached for her hand pulled her body closer to his. He put his hands on her waist and said," Minnie, it was only a bad dream. I'm here by your side; here by you."
Even still her body didn't stop trembling. She started hugging Junior and her cute voice started to crack up.
"I know that, brother dearest. I just simply cannot shake this horrid feeling . Mine senses whisper to me; with grave warnings it whispers in mine ear,'Wake from slumber, little girl. Realize was is real from dreams. Open those eyes and you will find truth.' ...(sob)...Brother, I fear mine dream greatly more than any foul creature in father's kingdom, the entire Underworld, nay, all of the 8 Gates of Hell.....b-brother! I Love You!!", she reluctantly started to speak in a normal fashion. She gave up from trying to put up a fight.
Junior had heard enough.
He pulled away from the long hug and got in Minnie's bed.
Minnie just watched as Junior invited himself to sleep with her for the remaining time of night fall.
She rubbed her eyes and dried the tears away. She gladly accepted his offer and laid her face close to his.
Their bodies were now point blank range away from each other and their legs were intertwined .
Their breathes were mixing.
Her breasts were pressing against his chest. 
They were starring at each other passionately for what seemed like forever. 
Minnie's cheeks were blushing heavily; Junior's cheeks were the shade of crimson now. 
He placed his hands on her slender waist; she placed her's on his sturdy shoulders.Even though Junior was still getting used to feeling things with his skin; he love the soft sensation of Minnie's silk skin.
Minnie was about to go back to sleep until Junior bluntly, but passionately said," I love you too , Minnie."
Her eyes widened and her cheeks turned into a shade of scarlet red , as Junior leaned in to kiss her.
He was a gently pressed his lips against hers.
He pulled away and kissed her 9 more times.
"10 k-kisses."Their eyes were meeting again.
"What? You don't like them?" He said with a devious smile across his face.
"I  do, it's just th-", she was cut of by Junior.
"Good", again he kissed he. Only this time it wasn't as gentle.his tongue was now pressing into her mouth. Minnie went along with the tongue play.
Their breathes, saliva, and tongues were now mixing with each other's.
They kissed for what seemed like forever to them.
The pulled a part from each other to catch their breathes and kissed one more time.
After that last passionate kiss, they decided to sleep.
He kissed her "good night"  on her forehead. She soon drifted into sleep.
However, Junior laid there awake for a while. Lost in deep thought. He was concerned of  certain future plans. Taking in consideration of his sisters feelings of what is yet to come, the 19-year old return to sleep.

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