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Jason Spisak (voice actor for Razor) reads the Blue Lantern oath.
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Still going on! Not going to stop me. Muhahaha!!!

Author's note: 1. Aya's got real emotions, not half.

2. Story's past, thoughts are present.

Where am I? Did he mover me again? Why does my head hurt so much? He did mover me, did he?


"Aya, my dear, are tu okay?"

"Not because of you."

"I know, you're alone all day. But don't worry, I'll going to get tu a friend."

I didn't trust him. "Who?"

"You already know him, so that's great isn't it? The only problem is his location, he's crossing the universe por now."

I widened my eyes. "N... N... No! tu can't, tu don't, you..."

"Oh, don't worry, he won't...
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Whether y'guys like this story o not, I'm goin' to continue (muhahaha). So, voila!

Allright, I am not going to say what happened with the stuff I had to say. It was like: The greatest Green Lantern in history and I said: The dumbest Green Lantern in history. Oops, I have read it wrong....
But now that is done. I can finally focus. My goal is to find my brother (and his wife). When I was in trouble, my brother always helped me out.


Stupid. Just stupid. I mean, I knew they were much stronger than me, so why didn't I run away? Now I am stuck in this cell. Could it be worse? Suddenly, I...
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So, I say, let's get some life into this club! First article, hope ya guys like it :)!

"No way, I'm not going to say that!" I said. What is he thinking? She's already captured, now he wants me to torture her? No way!
"Hey, I am your superiour!"
I rolled my eyes. "I don't listen to any superiours."
"Like your brother..."
"My brother has nothing to do with it! Leave him out of this!"
"I will, if you're going to say that."
Oh, if looks could kill, he would be sooo dead por now. I grabbed that dumb piece of paper out of his hand. "Fine, I will do it...."
"1-0 for the Gardner-master!!"
"If the Gardner-master isn't going to watch his words, he'll be dead within a couple of seconds!"
"Yeah, yeah, just do it."
I really need to kill him some time. But I will need him to find my brother and his wife. Where did they go?

Soooo, first spark of live here! Hope y'all like it :)! See ya in the siguiente spark!
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