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Is ***** Really Dead?! Gossip Girl Bosses Tell All About Shocking Finale



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He's not gonna die. They really want to mess with us !
posted hace más de un año.
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glad that it was him that got shot. He's my fave character and even though i feel bad for him because his whole life has been full of bad things happening to him, i feel that this shooting might be what gives blair a reality check. Afterall he always forgives her for everything, she dated other guys to purposely hurt him but then she cant forgive him for having meaningless one night stands which he does only to make himself feel better or 'forget'.
Blair is just a hypocrite and fails to see how hard he has tried to make things work ever since he fell for her. The only times he has messed up was when his daddy issues got in the way and you cant really blame him for that, he's still a teen, of course he's going to make mistakes, he's never been in love or been loved before so Blair should get that he wont be perfect....!
Rant over! Blair better be sympathetic towards him after the shooting and i hope chuck doesnt revert back to his self destructive persona...its their opportunity to finally grow up and be mature.
posted hace más de un año.