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ranstell2703 posted on Aug 10, 2010 at 06:39AM
Saw this in Chenny's spot

What the heck is this ?
Is a club that only girls are allow to join. It's like a "Hello" and introduce stuff

Question of the week
Each week We'll have a question that we will answer.
And than it is voting time, to vote for the best answer of the week. That person will ask a question for the next week.

I figure because it is like a Script writing stuff so we can't use a pick. We would have to pick the winner here !!

Club's Members Board - Sign in Due : Forever
ranstell2703 - Stella
radvile - Radvile
mdigs73 - Megan

This week Question
- Week 1 : Imagine you're in the street where you meet Chuck Bass( not Ed Westwick) What will you be talking about ? ( write a short conversation )
If you don't summit an answer, you could vote.
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hace más de un año Radvile said…
I'm in.
hace más de un año ranstell2703 said…
Hi Radvile what is your real name :D just your first name. Thanks
hace más de un año Radvile said…
My real name is Radvile.
hace más de un año mdigs73 said…
Hi i'm Megan
hace más de un año Kodisocute said…
Hello im kodi