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NocKairu posted on Feb 26, 2012 at 08:45PM
I saw some competitions like that, but they're not active anymore. I thought I can do one on my own.
1) Every round has its central topic (about one character, episode, etc).
2) You can add one quote for each round.
3) Duplicates are not allowed, if you post the same quote as another user, I won’t add it to the competition fan pick.
4) You're quote can't have more than 81 letters (if you add longer one please let me know which part should be shown in the pick, full quote will be posted under the pick in comments).
5) Add quotes from the show, not books.
6) IMPORTANT: Give the number of the episode from which you chose your quote (if the round is eg. about a character not episode).
7) Prizes:
1st place - 5 props
2nd place - 3 props
3rd place - 1 prop
Enjoy ;)

Round 1: link
Winner: MysteriousWitch
And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell ... You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

Round 2: link
Winner: MysteriousWitch
Just because Louis is the father of your baby does not mean you should be with him, you should be with me.

Round 3: link
Winner: 2Chewy
A woman has to earn the right to create her own rules.

Round 4: link ----> link
Winner: 2Chewy
Is the pedal to the metal? Because I swear if I shove my feet through the floor I could run faster.

Round 5: link
Winner: laurik2007
You have some strange force field effect on each other. Physicists should study it.

Round 6: link
Winner: Kackahaluzova
I de-friend Mr. Chuck in Facebook and in life.

Round 7: link
Winner: 2Chewy
What, 'cause you kill people now? You gonna strangle him with your scarf?

Round 8: link
Winner: laurik2007
Well, you can tell Jesus that the bitch is back!

Round 9: link
Winner: laurik2007
I would say get a room, but yours is right above mine. Please try to remember that.

Round 10: link
Winner: Kackahaluzova
We're talking about Georgina Sparks. Her hair lies!

Round 11: link

Round 12: Chuck Bass [season 4]

Round 13:

Round 14:

Round 15:
 I saw some competitions like that, but they're not active anymore. I thought I can do one on my own.
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