glee Episodes 1-13: favorito! Guest Star?

Pick one:
John Lloyd Young - Henri (Acafellas)
Victor Garber - Will's Dad (Acafellas)
Debra Monk - Will's Mum (Acafellas)
Josh Groban (Acafellas)
Kristen Chenoweth - April Rhodes (The Rhodes Not Taken)
Sarah Dew - Suzy Pepper (Ballad)
Mike O'Malley - Kurt's Dad (Preggers, Wheels)
Michael Hitchcroft - Dalton Rumba (Hairogrpahy, Sectionals)
Eve - Grace Hitchens (Hairogrpahy, Sectionals)
Romy Rosemound - Carole Hudson (Pilot, Showmance, Ballad)
Charoltee Ross - Judy Fabray (Ballad)
Gary Henry - Russell Fabray (Ballad)
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 x-missmckena-x posted hace más de un año
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