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piperlovegood posted on Mar 27, 2015 at 09:31AM
Awhile back there was a slew of picture posted here of confessions I'm sure we all have some I know I do so here we can post them. I would like everyone to keep two rules: Respect others opinions and have some class (ie. I don't like Blaine is ok but Finn is a f-ing asshole isn't) This doesn't need to be a debate but I personally don't mind expaining my reasons others might.
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hace más de un año piperlovegood said…
Here are three of mine

1- I ship Pezberry more than Klaine
2- I haven't liked Finn and though his untimely death was sad I still don't like him
3- I really liked the newbies in S4 more so than the ones in S6
hace más de un año jasamfan23 said…
1. I love S6 newbies than S4 newbies
2. I like Blaine without hairgel than with it, like it was in Dreams Come True
3. I like S6 more than S5
hace más de un año Nicky23 said…
Cool idea :) I'll do three to start with

1. I preferred the Brittana scenes in Season 6 more than Klaine's.
2. I still sort of wish Fabrevans was Endgame.
3. Season 2 Blaine was the best and the hair!
hace más de un año piperlovegood said…
4- Season 4 is my least favorite season mostly because of Bram
5- I didn't start shipping Faberry until overdosing on Fanfiction during the summer hiatus before S3
6- I'm still sad that they only did one Sweeney Todd number (despite not knowing how to fit another in)
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hace más de un año jasamfan23 said…
4. I like Jake more than Ryder
5. I love Finn/Quinn/Puck love triangle than Jake/Marley/Ryder love triangle
6. I preferred the Klaine scenes in Season 6 more than St. Berry's
hace más de un año Nicky23 said…
4. I ship Quinn with a lot of people, probably too many.
5. I found they ruined Tina and Blaine in Season 4 they become dislikeable and thier friendship is my least favourite.
6. I loved the Break Up Episode the music and acting was Amazing! but then my 3 favourite couples ended so I hated it in a way if that makes sense?.

hace más de un año piperlovegood said…
7. Glee is the main reason why I'm no longer in the closet
8. Sue should have been arrested at LEAST three times
9. My favorite fan theory is 'Sugar from the Future'
hace más de un año jasamfan23 said…
7. I start watching Glee back in high school.
8. I wish Cooper was in the wedding episode :(
9. Brody is my least favorite character of the entire series.
hace más de un año piperlovegood said…
10: My most recent confession. Don't do glee related stuff after being up for over 24 hours or drunk (cause I feel it). Seriously don't do it....I start shipping Hummelberry as a romance and it just gets stranger. This has happen as recently as April 2015. If I say/said something weird or just not me and it's not 4/1 please note it might be one of those nights.

11: In my Car. I heard something out of a five year old's (Leo) mouth that almost had me turning to lightly scold him I thought he said "I don't like Glee" when a Rachel song came up. But the little guy really said "I hit a tree" because he was playing Temple Run on my Kindle. This made his Mama laugh cause she heard it too.

12: My ex-boyfriend introduced me to Glee and hated by the point I was obsessed. It wasn't what killed us but we probably would have stayed close or together longer if he didn't abandon the show mid S2.

(Please note that 10 is very current...I'm trying to make it till sundown before sleeping 30+ hours awake as of now....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
hace más de un año crazygal27 said…
1. I have an unhealthy obsession with The Warblers (the original ones)
2. I really liked Brody
3. I've never really been a big fan of Artie
hace más de un año bright_angel said…
1.I have never really understand why people used to ship so hard Puck/Rachel
2.I still wish Tina and Mike was endgame
3.When I am sad and I need something to cheer me up I am watching the first seasons of Glee