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loonylovegood7 posted on Dec 23, 2013 at 12:50PM
I'm not sure it's been done before here but it's been done already on google images.
So, here's how it works:
you choose 3 glee club members you love and one who hate,
3 couples you love and 3 you hate,
3 teachers you love and 3 you hate
3 guest stars you love as well as well as 3 you hate.
It's fairly simple

Have fun!
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hace más de un año sugar332 said…
Glee club members:
love: Artie, Sam and Kitty
hate: Blaine and Unique only

love: Kartie, Brittana and and Fabrevans
hate: Finchel, Klaine and Jarley

love: Sue, Emma? and Beiste
hate: no one really i guess Will sometimes or Ken

guest stars:
love: Grant Gustin, Jonathan Groft and Kate Hudson
and i dont have one i hate or dislike
sugar332 commented…
oh also i forgot i hate Marley too :p hace más de un año
stopalto commented…
We hate/dislike the same couples xD hace más de un año
hace más de un año Nicky23 said…
3 Glee Club members I love (I'm guessing current ND's): Blaine, Artie, Sam Hate Tina or Unique :/
Couples: Klaine, Fabrevans, Finchel Hate: Rachel&Jesse, Adam&Kurt, Terri&Will
Teachers: Sue, Emma, Will Hate/Dislike: Roz, Ken Tanaka, Sandy (Season 1)
Guest Stars: Demi Lovato, Dean Geyer, Adam Lambert Hate/Dislike: Lindsay Lohan, Perez Hilton
hace más de un año sheerika said…
Glee club members:
Love: Artie, Sam and Tina.
Hate: Marley and Unique.

Love: Tike, Brittana and Samcedes.
Hate: Jarley, Peeny/Sam and Kadam.

Love: Sue, Beiste and Will.
Hate: Ken and Sandy

Guest stars:
Love: Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff and Kristin Chenoweth
Hate: Olivia Newton John

hace más de un año Nicolas97 said…
Glee Club Members
Love: Santana, Kurt, Quinn <33
Hate: Ryder, Artie, Finn.

Love: Brittana, Klaine, Fabrevans <33
Hate: Puckleberry, Bartie, St. Berry (also Ryley!!)

Love: Sue (S2-5), Beiste, Emma <33
Hate: Sandy, Ken, Will.

Guest Stars
Love: Neil Patrick Harris, Sarah Jessica Parker, Britney Spears <33
Hate: Lindsey Lohan, Adam Lambert, Jeff Goldblum.

loonylovegood7 commented…
tu hate Finn? And Artie? Well I hate Quinn sorry. But I won't judge tu on this stuff Itr's just I really like Finn and Artie my favorito! glee club guy hace más de un año
hace más de un año jasamfan23 said…
Glee Club Members
Love: Kurt, Blaine, Rachel <3
Hate: Ryder, Marley, Unique.

Love: Klaine, Finchel, Quick <3
Hate: Kadam, Fuinn, Ryley

Love: Will, Sue, Beiste
Hate: Sandy, Ken, Roz.

Guest Stars
Love: Neil Patrick Harris, Sarah Jessica Parker, Grant Gustin <3
Hate: Lindsey Lohan, Olivia Newton John.
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hace más de un año jake_rose_4ever said…
big smile
Glee Club Members
Love: Kurt♥, Brittany♥, Santana♥
Hate: Unique, Jake, Marley

Love: Brittana♥, Klaine♥, Wemma♥
Hate: Dantana, Jarley, Bram

Love: Emma♥, Will♥, Holly♥
Hate: Ken and I kind of hate Cassie too.

Guest Stars
Love: Gwyneth Paltrow♥, Sarah Jessica Parker♥, Adam Lambert♥
Hate: Jonathan Groff, Grant Gastin, Kristin Chenoweth
hace más de un año crazygal27 said…
Glee Club Members (Past)
Love - Kurt, Santana and Puck
Hate - None really, I disliked Rachel and Quinn for I while, but like them both now.

Glee Club Members (Current)
Love - Ryder, Blaine, Sam
Hate - Once again none really, not to keen on Jake or Artie, but I don't hate them.

Love - Sue, Beiste and Figgins
Hate - Holly, Cassie and sometimes Ken

Real Couples
Love - Brittany and Santana, Kurt and Blaine, Tina and Mike
Hate - Finn and Quinn, Sam and Penny, Terri and Will

Crackship Couples
Love - Kurt and Sebastian, Kurt and Karofsky, Kurt and Elliott
Hate - Blaine and Sam, Tina and Blaine, Quinn and Rachel
hace más de un año stopalto said…
Can we post other characters that are not on glee club? I'm seeing everyone is doing that so I will as well, I hope that's okay :)

Glee Club Members
Love: Tina, Finn, Mercedes
Hate: Rachel, Jake and Unique

Love:Tike, Ryley and Samcedes
Hate: Finchel, Klaine (both half) and Jarley so much!!!!

Love: Holly, Sue, Beiste
Hate: Sandy, Ken and I don't think there's anyone else

Guest Stars
Love: Grant Gustin, Demi Lovato, Adam Lambert
Hate: don't have one :)
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loonylovegood7 commented…
tu could post other characters if tu want. hace más de un año
hace más de un año marakii said…
Clee club members
love; Rachel ,Kurt ,Puck
hate; Jesse (does it count?) ,Ryder & Sam

love; Will ,Emma ,Sue
hate; Ken ,Sandy , and that woman who took over the cheerios when Sue left

love; Finn/Rachel ,Will/Emma ,Puck/Quinn
hate; Jesse/Rachel ,Finn/Quinn ,Brittany/Sam

Guest stars
love; Sarah Jessica Parker ,Neil Patrick Harris ,Kate Hudson
hate; IDK :p
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loonylovegood7 commented…
Yeah Jesse Counts hace más de un año
hace más de un año loonylovegood7 said…
I guess I'll do one PS: You can use new or past glee club members
Glee club people
LOVE: Rachel, Artie ,Sam
HATE: Quinn, Jake, Blaine
LOVE: Finchel, Bram, Ryley
HATE: Klaine, Jarley, Fabrevans
LOVE: Sue, Emma, Figgings
HATE: Will, Ken, Beiste
Guest stars
LOVE; Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson, Adam Lambert
HATE: Demi Lovato (she doesn't really do anything), Olivia Newton-John, Perez Hilton
hace más de un año MissCarlyJ said…
Glee Club

Love - Kurt, Santana, Tina
Hate - Rachel, Quinn, Artie


Love - Klaine, Tike, Brittana
Hate - Wildebrams, Finchel, Sugartie

Guest Stars

Love - Whoopi Goldberg, Grant Gustin, Adam Lambert
Hate - Perez Hilton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nolan Funk
hace más de un año piperlovegood said…
Glee Club

Love: Brittany, Santana, Marley
Hate(kinda a strong word): Blaine, Finn, Jesse

Couples (I guess I'll stick to canon)

Love: Brittana, Wemma, Tike
Hate: Bram, St. Berry, Fuinn

Love: Emma, Beiste, Sue
Hate. Roz, Sandy, Sometimes Will

Guest Stars

Love: Whoopi Goldberg, Adam Lambert, Idina Menzel
Hate: Lindsay Lohan, Olivia Newton John

Crack Ships

Love: Faberry, Pezberry, Karely
Hate: Sebtana, Will/Finn, Will/Sue

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