glee [Round 5-Deadline-August 20] glee episodes 10in10 icono Contest

jake_rose_4ever posted on Jul 31, 2013 at 10:53AM
The user "edp" can't continue the 10in10 Icon Contest, so I volunteered to take over now :)

- You'll first sign up with an episode.
- Once a person chooses an episode it can't be chosen again by anyone else that round.
- You can't also choose the same episode two times in a row.
- I'll post 4 different Themes, a Category(3 icons), Artist's Choice (3 icons)
- Icons have to be made by you.
- All icons need to be SQUARE.
- Don't vote for yourself, let's keep it fair.
- You have to use at least two characters in your icons.

1 for each theme
3 for category
3 for artist's choice

Have fun! <3

Round 4 themes:
1) Black and White
2) Duet
3) Stripes
4) Intense
Category: Girls (3 icons)
Artist's Choice: (3 icons of your choice from your episode)

Round 5 themes:
1) Red
2) Yell
3) Dress
4) Sitting
Category: Klaine (3 icons)
Artist's Choice: (3 icons of your choice from your episode)

Deadline August 20

Round 4 Sign Ups:
famelover23- "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle"✓✓✓
Nicky23- "Special Education"✓✓✓
marakii- "New York"✓✓✓
edp- "All Or Nothing"✓✓✓
jake_rose_4ever- "Britney/Brittany"✓✓✓

Round 5 Sign Ups:
famelover- "Original Song"
Nicky23- "The First Time"
jake_rose_4ever- "The Break Up" ✓✓✓
marakii- "I Do" ✓✓✓
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