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fetchgirl2366 posted on Jun 03, 2012 at 01:06AM
Okay, I got this idea from someone on the Glee Wiki. I'm just changing it a little. So you know the Glee Time Game that's posted on here? Well, it's sort of the same concept. You make a sentence according to your birthdays.

Choose the month you/a friend/someone you know was/were born in:
January- "You swap lives with..."
February- "You suddenly wake up naked beside..."
March- "You sing a duet with..."
April- "You become best friends with..."
May- "You get asked on a date by..."
June- "You get randomly kissed by..."
July- "You get married to..."
August- "You get slushied by..."
September- "You are handcuffed for like with..."
October- "You fall in love with..."
November- "You are haunted by the ghost of..."
December- "You'll have a baby with..."

Now choose the day you were born on:
1- Finn
2- Kurt
3- Brittany
4- Sebastian
5- Will
6- Mercedes
7- Tina
8- Quinn
9- Rachel
10- Puck
11- Mike
12- Rory
13- Sugar
14- Harmony
15- Santana
16- Unique/Wade
17- Sue
18- Blaine
19- Jesse
20- Dave
21- Holly
22- Sunshine
23- Terri
24- Roz
25- Joe
26- Sam
27- Beiste
28- Artie
29- Cooter
30- Emma
31- Matt

Then just create the sentence. Pretty simple.
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hace más de un año fetchgirl2366 said…
I fall in love with Joe.
hace más de un año trentgwenfan1 said…
i sung a duet with cooter
hace más de un año sheerika said…
I swap lives with Sebastion (so i can frame him.)lolz
last edited hace más de un año
hace más de un año piperlovegood said…
I am haunted by the ghost of that's a bit morbid even for me.
hace más de un año klaine_forever said…
I am haunted by the ghosy of Unique. Eep!
hace más de un año Albiee said…
I get asked out by Mercedes :/
hace más de un año kathyism said…
I'll have a baby with harmony.
hace más de un año Sweetest66 said…
I fall in love with Blaine (already happened!!!!)
last edited hace más de un año
hace más de un año Charming_angel said…
I get asked on a date by matt :P
hace más de un año Hkiara said…
You become best friend with Dave^^
hace más de un año edp said…
"You get randomly kissed by Dave." So... I feel like I am Kurt...
hace más de un año fetchgirl2366 said…
^ *thinking of random Kurtofsky thoughts*
hace más de un año mikfan9 said…
Yout get married to Cooter... fml
hace más de un año ninjacupcake88 said…
You have a baby with Unique/Wade...

Interesting, I wonder what our child would be like.
hace más de un año SBTA81 said…
I get married to Dave..... lol

It's funny though, I was born 6 days too early. If I really was born on the 26th, I would have gotten "I get married to Sam". ♥♥♥
hace más de un año piperlovegood said…
^I was born about 2 weeks late If I was born on time it would be:

I fall in love with Jesse....I don't know which is worse
hace más de un año sheerinandamian said…
i get married to santana
hace más de un año poophead4837ext said…
You sing a duet with Santana.

I can't all.
hace más de un año edp said…
If I was born 2 days earlier I would get kissed by Blaine which is totally okay by me.
And if I was born 6 days later I would get kissed by Sam which is also okay but also makes me jealous because a friend of mine was born on that date!
hace más de un año QueenBeexoxo88 said…
I got slushied by Mercedes. :D
hace más de un año mangie1995 said…
Haunted by the ghost of least it wasn't Rachel. :P
hace más de un año fetchgirl2366 said…
^ True...
hace más de un año Thezolascary said…
i get randomly kissed by emma
hace más de un año kittlin00 said…
i sing a duet with artie
hace más de un año sugerpie56 said…
You are haunted by the ghost of Puck. xD
hace más de un año Vampsessed said…
"You suddenly wake up naked beside Quinn."
hace más de un año Clara_Valentina said…
I become best friends with Joe
hace más de un año LostGirl516 said…
I become best friends with Quinn

Thanks to how she's grown as a character, it seems more reasonable now than it would have for me and Season 1 Quinn.
hace más de un año jasamfan23 said…
You'll have a baby with Mike lol
hace más de un año corinacute101 said…
Mine = You get married to Rory
My sisters = you are handcuffed for life with...Mike.
hace más de un año stopalto said…
I get asked on a date by Matt
hace más de un año jake_rose_4ever said…
You are haunted by the ghost of Sunshine!

Oh my God! :P
hace más de un año famelover23 said…
You will get randomly kissed by Joe.

Huh, interesting!
hace más de un año lilsisasu said…
I fall in love with Sam!