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There was a time when the world went mad for Gillian Anderson. o at least for Dana Scully, the sceptical FBI agent she played in The X-Files.

Internet sites with names like Gillian Anderson’s Testosterone Brigade sprung up, with devotees captivated por her cerebral yet sultry demeanour. FHM voted her Sexiest Woman in the World in 1996, after an April cover shoot sold so quickly that fans bombarded the magazine’s office with requests for back issues (one hopeful even sent in an unsolicited cheque for $200). When she arrived in Australia to promote the show, for a series of signings in shopping...
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Gillian Anderson has joined the cast of Johnny English Reborn.

She will play MI7 secret agent Pamela Head alongside Rowan Atkinson in the film, which begins shooting in September, reports Deadline.

The actress recently scrapped plans to write and estrella in a biopic based on Ernest Hemingway's wife Martha Gelhorn after it was announced that HBO is moving adelante, hacia adelante with a film portraying the "exact story" Anderson hoped to tell.

She told the Daily Express: "The sad news is I have to let go of Gellhorn as HBO is doing the exact story with Nicole and Clive Owen. But these things happen and I was taking too long getting the script right and it's my own damned fault."

No release fecha for Johnny English Reborn has been announced.
Hollywood stars Kim Cattrall and Gillian Anderson will appear in an epic adaptation of William Boyd's best-selling novel Any Human corazón for Channel 4.

The four-part adaptation covers a myriad of pivotal 20th century events seen through the eyes of one man.

Jim Broadbent, Matthew Macfadyen and Sam Claflin will all take the role of writer Logan Mountstuart, playing him at different stages of his life.

Boyd said: "I am both thrilled and exhilarated at the prospect of these three sensational actors taking on the role of Logan Mountstuart as we follow him through the 20th century on the emotional,...
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