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If i was the same age as him it would be amazing unfortunatly in stuck at 14. I when im bored and i am just lying there thinking about what to do i wonder what it would be like to meet Gez. But then i start thinking about what i would say and i get all nervous so i stop thinking about it.

Then i wonder is it just me that think that he is amazing i mean his hair is gorgeous and if that wasn't enough he is pretty cute too. I mean who could ask for someone más perfect.

Last año i didn't know anything about Gerren but then i started wathching Young Dracula and so i realised that he is kinda cute so i waited till the credits came on to find out his name. Then i found out about this website. And now here i am escritura this article.
Gerran Hawell was born 1991, and has very flashy attatude. i had a dream about him, twice, my freinds think i'm crazy having dreams about him.
But i never lissen to them, they don't even like watching young dracula, so i can't rearly blame them.
I have watched all the episodes of young dracula.
I would amor to be on young dracula, but i know thats never going to happen.
In other words i think that Gerran Hawell is
HOT, CUTE, with with a cool, stylin personality.

posted by cookoosoo
Have tu ever writen a boys name down so many times just to try and get his name out of your head, but it just got?
Have tu ever drawn hearts around a boys name and other drawings as well of a boy?
well dont worry its not a disses tu just got stocker sindrom. YES! stocker sindrom. What is stocker sindrom tu ask, well stocker sindrom is when tu see a total cutie and can't get him out of your head, and tu feel like your in love. Well tu are in amor a perrito, cachorro love. perrito, cachorro amor is just a really strong crush.
the only cure is time and try not to get crazy.
Ways tu can control stocker sindrom is to (1) sing a song in your head preferably not a amor song till that person is out of your head,(2) do math this one helps if tu hate math because math always makes me lull( still, quit ), (3) last talk to a friend about something different.
And thats....
posted by cookoosoo
That night when the vampire awoke from his long slumber the family raced to the chambers which he was staying. The vampire was Count Dracula, the minuto they saw him at his finest he he fell over his own feet.
" Well that didn't last long." victoria dicho sarcasticly. No one paid any notice of the comment. "Where am I and how did I get to this darn place?" rawred the Count.
MS. Angaleigh Finley guided the Count down stairs and had Amelia fetch a bottle of blood. as the Count told the amazed family of his story of his evil duaghter out for revenge and his weak son who was lock in the dungen of his former castle. so the adventure began to return the Count and save his son vlad.....

posted by cookoosoo
The story starts off in a little place called Cork South West in Ireland, there is a very od castle. In the castillo there lives a young female vampire Victoria Finley. Victoria lived also in the castillo with her mother Ms. Angaleigh Finley and her older sister Kara Fiiley.
One beuatiful night Victoria's mom was taking her sister for her first hunt and saw a injured person on the shore. Easy prey they thought,but soudenly relised that this was no ordenary person it was a vampire.
the mother and the eldest took the vampire back to the castle, when they got there Victoria met up with them and asked...
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posted by luvgerranhowell
First time I saw young dracula, I thought Vlad (Gerran) was just another child actor. The first series repeated it self on Australian TV heaps. A few weeks hace it reapeted itself again. I enjoyed it and I was a bit older to understand what was going on. I started watching it on YouTube. I was scrolling down a lista of Young Dracula and I came across season 2. I watched it and relized I didn't think it was just a kids show. I loved watching Gerran act because he was so good at it. But what broke my corazón was to find that, Gerran was 20. I didn't know how they were going to create a third series! But I heard that they were and I was Delighted. I was basiclly doing backflips when I heard. But no matter how old Gerran was, he'd still be Gerran Howell- the hottest vampire!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by gerranhowellgal
i 12 years old.bummer huh especially when your in amor with an 18 año old.gerran howell.i would amor to meet him but if i did i would just stand there hiding my face because i didnt want him to see me as red as a beetroot i wouldnt be able to go up to him and ask for an autograph. i sometimes imagine i would have the courage and he would fall in amor with me but then i think its kinda wrong i would be 18 going out with a 24 año old who lives about 200 miles away in friends think im mad i dont blame them really he is my phone fondo de pantalla and his version of hallelujah is my ringtone.sometimes...
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posted by i-luv-gerran
Its amazing how one person can change your whole world compleatly,all it takes is one look and suddenly your heads in the clouds.Every amor song reminds tu of him,you start watching romantic films and recreateing it in your head with new and him.You gaze at his foto for hours hopeing that one día he'll see you...the way tu see him.Hes always the first and last thing on your mind every single day.To experence all this emotion for one special person can make tu feel sad at times...but at the same time feel compleately wonderful still dont have him...and even though tu want to fight for him tu just cant...theres always something holding tu back...maybe the fact that so many people amor him and tu think tu dont have a chance...

This is how i feel about gerran...anyone else experence these feelings?
posted by MrsGerrenHowell
Imagine its an ordinary día just like any other your walking down the calle but then something happens on this día that is completly out of the ordinary tu see walking down the calle straight towards tu talking to his mates OMG!!!
ITS GERREN HOWELL!!!! but then tu realise that he wasn't walking towards tu and tu are standing there a like an idiot drooling over him.

So he walks past and stares at tu like tu some sort of freak.
tu then walk inicial still thinking about that moment and tu don't care that him and his mates laughed at tu because tu are treasuring that moment that segundo tu will remember for the rest of your life that ordinary día on an ordinary calle when Gerren Howell walked past tu stared into your eyes and laughed!!