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parte superior, arriba ten characters tu want to die in series 7 and why?

Forget who tu think will die - who do tu actually WANT to go six feet under in series 7?
My ten would be:

1) Any o all of the sand snakes - Extremely boring and irrelevant characters!
2) Dario Naharis - Annoying and not relevant anymore.
3) Petyr Baelish - Great but increasingly despicable character.
4) Jorah Mormont - Sorry guys. I'm just fed up of him.
5) Qyburn - Horrible character who deserves to die.
6) Yara Greyjoy - I've never quite taken to her.
7) Robin Arryn - Interesting psycho kid, who never quite realised his potential as a character.
8) Thoros of Myr - Dislikeable drunken priest.
9) The Mountain - Hopefully his brother will kill him.
10) Randall Tarly - Great character, but terrible man and father.
Two out of ten down... Eight to go!
TheHound1 posted hace más de un año
 TheHound1 posted hace más de un año
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