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How are they going to fit the libros with the mostrar for the siguiente 2 o 3 seasons?

So I've noticed with the filming that they plan to do scenes from the last 2 books, and I'm halfway through A Dance With dragones right now and I haven't yet come to some of the scenes I've heard they will be filming in the show. I'm starting to worry that they are rushing this too far, and season 5 will be both libros together as one, with some bits cut out, so I'm wondering how will they make use of whatever storylines they have left for season 6? And how will they continue storylines of characters that they might have finished too soon in the show? Unless they mean to pad it out with stuff that isn't in the books. I heard they plan to have seven seasons of the mostrar too, but what if they have nothing left to go por por then? I know there's a lot of stuff that have that wasn't in the books, and the other way round, but it's not like they can completely make up storylines in case the autor has something else planned in his siguiente books, is it?
 9Princezz6 posted hace más de un año
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Articuno224 said:
We'll just have to find out :P
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posted hace más de un año 
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