Gaius Healing Arwen, Stages 1 to 4

MikeAP001 posted on Feb 15, 2012 at 10:50PM
I posted what I think needs to be done as an outline for Gwen after the Lancelot du Lac episode of S04. As Arthur admits, Gwen lost his trust. Though he forgave her and loves her, that trust is in doubt. Here's a more concrete outline to illustrate the generic one in the Healing Arwen article. for a most of it. It's longer than I'd like but that's because of the redemptive arcs... and the show is about Merlin. Let me know what to leave out.


These stages could fit nicely in either a single episode of Merlin or multiple episodes with one or two stages being a central theme. In other words, directly or indirectly, there would be a Gwen Quest. In which either literally or figuratively, Gwen completes the various stages. An outline for one quest (The Stages are Campbell’s while Mudock’s Stages are denoted by M):

All you've got to do is believe that this outline takes place in a land of myth, a time of magic, when legends are born... and love is the greatest force of all.

Stage 1: Departure: Gwen is called to adventure.facing the temptation of emotional, spiritual or physical Death. (M5 AWAKENING TO FEELINGS OF SPIRITUAL ARIDITY: DEATH).

A. Raiders have attacked the neighboring kingdoms for the last few weeks. Camelot being inland enjoys some protection but of late there have been incursions on the paths to the City by bandits allied with the raiders. Two kingdoms have sought aid from Arthur: Bayard of Mercia and Queen Annis. Mercia holds a treaty from Uther guaranteeing protection while Annis would use one of the favors Arthur owes her from His Father’s son.

1. The raiders are trying to establish a foothold in Caerleon. Queen Annis has reported a large number of casualties and calls in a favor from Arthur for 100 men.
2. The raiders have a foothold in Lot’s Kingdom. Though no friend to the Pendragon, Lot and Bayard have formed a temporary alliance to ward off the invaders but Lot will fall without reinforcements. Bayard has a treaty from Uther and is asking for 200 knights.

B. Arthur must decide whom to help but in any case it will bring about the spectre of the Gorlois Affair. He calls his councilors who tell him he cannot fight wars on two fronts because he risks spreading his forces too thin. Unanimously, they decide to help Lot offering strategic reasons. Arthur will tell Queen Annis that he will provide more reinforcements to her after the invaders are dealt with knowing she will realize that there will be no help in time. Arthur has no choice.

C. Gwen reminds Arthur that promises are meaningless without the actions to back them up and proposes to Arthur and the counsel that it is possible to supply Annis with reinforcements who will temporize the battles until Camelot can send more troops. The counsel agrees with her plan. They can muster 36 knights. Arthur points out that that will hardly be enough but Gaius points out the Ancients said that one physician is worth many men and volunteers to go. Arthur declines saying Gaius is needed in Camelot to tend to the wounded.

D. Gwen says that to assure Annis the Gorlois Incident will not be repeated, she will accompany them because Arthur would not sacrifice his own Queen if he had no intent of keeping his word and sending reinforcements. She also insists that Merlin accompany them as the acting physician citing his prior work. Reluctantly, Arthur agrees: he can find no fault in her reason.

Stage 2: Initiation: Gwen crosses a threshold into a new, more dangerous world, gaining a more mature perspective and encounters an aspect of the Goddess causing Gwen to awake a desire to heal. (M6: INITIATION & DESCENT TO THE GODDESS.)

A. Motivated by her love for Arthur, she agrees to lead a troop of knights as reinforcement for Queen Annis, returning a favor owed by Arthur, UNTIL ADDITIONAL TROOPS FROM Camelot can be spared. He gives her a token his father gave to his mother for good luck and places the token around her neck. And, he gives Gwen a message to deliver to Queen Annis.

B. Arthur warns Merlin to avoid his usual gibberish, his lazy ways, and do whatever is needed to avoid trouble. Merlin agrees. Unknown to Gwen, Arthur also has Leon, Gwaine, Elyan, and Percival accompany Gwen with orders to obey Gwen but her protection supercedes all other orders.

C. In private Gwen admits to Merlin, she has doubts and questions whether she can order men to their death.

1. To protect her brother, but without informing him of such, she tells Elyan she’ll not take him along without reason declining his offer as a volunteer but accepts: Gwaine, Leon, and Percival.
2. Privately, Merlin tells Elyan to understand and reluctantly he does. Still slighted by the rebuke, Elyan is cheered up by Percival who tells Elyan someone has to stay behind and protect Arthur, Gwaine assures Elyan they got the easy job, and Leon promises to protect Gwen.

D. She assembles her troops but Arthur gives a stirring speech for the love of Camelot. Before leaving, she reassures Arthur and promises to return.

Stage 3: The Road of Trials: the Ogre, the Dragon, and the False Knight. Gwen with Merlin’s (or other Supernatural guide) aid endures tests of strength, resourcefulness, and endurance as she encounters the negative aspects of the Goddess and must slay each to continue the Quest by assuming both positive and negative aspects of the Goddess (M7: URGENT YEARNING TO RECONNECT WITH THE FEMININE.)

A. They travel to Caerleon but on the way they are attacked by bandits. Some of them wear a triskele (a Druid symbol) that Merlin recognizes during the battle. Gwen, Leon, and Merlin are separated from the rest of the troop. Gwen is seriously injured. And they seek shelter. After the bandits are defeated Gwaine and Percival search for Gwen.

B. Gwen, Merlin, and Leon encounter a Druid camp. Leon remains suspicious of the Druids but recognizes their leader. Iseldir gives Gwen and the others sanctuary. She is ill and in no condition to continue but she insists. Iseldir “talks” to Merlin calling him Emrys through his mind.

1. Merlin demands Gwen rest and tends to her injuries reprimanding her for being as stubborn as Arthur and not at all like the woman he knew. She confides to Merlin her worries. Leon stands guard as the Druids provide Gwen with additional healing herbs. She tells him it’s all right and the Druids cast a healing spell. Merlin watches and sees Gwen sleep but she will recover.
2. Merlin asks Iseldir about the Druid symbol on the bandits. He tells Merlin that the bandits have attacked their camp. They are shades: souls torn from their rest, now tormented (the shade remembers none of the past), brought to life and enthrall to a necromancer. Iseldir tells Merlin that near Caerleon there is an ancient temple where a ritual can be performed using the Staff of Delphi to free the shades and give them rest.
3. After Gwen awakens, feeling fit and ready, Leon tells Gwen gently that she should return to Camelot. They argue but Gwen pulls rank. Reluctantly, Leon bows to her wishes.
4. The bandits attack the Druid camp. Women and children especially are badly injured but Gwaine and Percival lead the knights and defeat the bandits. Gwaine tells Merlin a Druid found the knights and led them to the camp, just in time.
5. Merlin and Gwen tend to the wounded while Leon presses her to return to Camelot. He and Gwaine will lead the knights to Caerleon and Leon tells her that the mission will likely lead to their deaths. Gwen reminds him how he survived such things before and mentions the Great Dragon.
6. Privately, Gwen confides in Merlin that she wants to help Arthur but she’s having her doubts. Leon is right but most of all she feels remorse at seeing the wounded and knowing they will die without proper medical attention. Merlin tells her that Gaius could heal most of them in Camelot and she should return if her work would be better there. Secretly, Merlin knows the enemy they face though living are limitless.
7. The next morning, Gwen finds her voice and gives an impassioned speech. She has Percival arrange for an escort back to Camelot. The wounded and rest of the camp is welcome to follow. Then, she informs Percival, he will lead them there with a note from her granting them sanctuary while she continues to Caerleon with the others. There are cheers.
8. Gwen is surprised that 24 of the Druids have agreed to guide the knights to Caerleon. Along way, they spy in the distance the camp of the invading Army. It looks formidable but Leon is confident.

Stage 4: The Innermost Cave: Team Gwen faces an aspect of the Goddess represented by Queen Annis. Gwen realizes that she and Annis share many things in common but both rejects such notions as a show of strength, passion, and determination.

A. It is in the early morning. In public Queen Annis gives Gwen, Leon, Gwaine, and Merlin a royal welcome and proclaims to her people that together the enemy will be vanquished. Later in private, Queen Annis is furious on reading Arthur’s message and learning the reinforcements from Camelot number so few. 36 knights and 24 Druid refugees and Arthur’s fool is hardly enough reinforcements. She expresses her fear that this was all some trick and Arthur will not provide the promised aid.

1. Gwen impulsively defends Arthur reminds her she is Arthur’s Queen and he would not abandon her to death and she repeats what Gaius said brining along a physician who is worth many men.
2. The Queen looks at Merlin and makes remarks about Arthur’s fool. Gwen defends Merlin’s skills and his intelligence. The Queen looks surprised and sends him to care for the wounded in the infirmary letting the fool play “physician”. Gwen expresses her cofidence in Merlin and her brightens.
3. Merlin meets the Court physician who is arrogant and condescending, making the young Arthur seem humble. He is also over worked and overwhelmed by the number of wounded. He dismisses Merlin to the Court yard where tents have been set up to care for the casualties with orders to just do all you can to patch them up.
4. Merlin finds the Court yard even worse--- no water, no equipment, no medicines.

i. Merlin enlists the aid of the Druids and the town folk. Merlin divides them into groups to collect the herbs and plants to make medicines and has the blacksmith modify metal spoons, forks, and knives into medical tools.
ii. Meanwhile, Merlin and Iseldir begin treating as many as they can. It is battle conditions and the worst are treated last regardless of rank or birth. There is grumbling by the nobility.

B. Annis and Gwen meet much later in private. The women exchange words of mutual admiration; Annis grudgingly so and informs Gwen that the army they saw was but a small exploratory party of a much larger force. Annis doesn’t know where the enemy is coming from or where they are getting the men. The army just seems to be growing larger and larger while hers is dwindling. It is a war of attrition and she is losing. Gwen tries to give words of solace but Annis brushes those aside and suggests they see how her “physician” is doing. She hears her generals are not happy with him.

1. The palace hospital is as it has been for days: over run and overwhelmed. The Caerleon Court Physician runs about trying to see as many of the wounded and Gwen can’t believe the number of injured knights. One of these is a general who Annis speaks about the war. Gwen asks about Merlin. The court physician says that Merlin’s got it even worse and points them to the Court yard where the over-flow of wounded is even greater.
2. Gwen and Annis find Merlin in a make-shift tent providing care to the freshly wounded and seriously ill.

i. Merlin has set up an effective Triage system to care for the wounded and he has put the Druids to work making medicines, collecting herbs, and nursing the ailing. Annis is surly but visibly impressed to find out that more than half her knights will be able to return to the fight in a few days or less.
ii. Annis tells Merlin, “if we have a few days.” He is crestfallen but, Gwen counters that they must “find a few days then.” Annis speaks to some of her generals who are receiving care. She looks unnerved by their news.
iii. Privately, Annis gives Gwen the bad news: the situation is more dire than she thought. Gwen gives Annis an ultimatum: her troop can either stay and defend her City or leave as refugees to Camelot, the decision is Annis’ but her troops will fight to the death if need be.
3. Annis looks surprised and develops a true respect for the Queen of Camelot and Arthur’s fool who she now calls in private and public a physician. Merlin is ordered to help her Court Physician in the Palace and to take whatever means needed to get as many men ready for battle as soon as possible.

Stage 4: The Innermost Cave: Annis joins Team Gwen (M8: HEALING THE MOTHER/DAUGHTER SPLIT.)

A. Gwen and Annis go back to the palace. Annis shows Gwen a strategy table showing the opposing armies. It is then that Gwen realizes the hopelessness of the situation. Even with a full complement of men from Camelot it will not be enough. They are doomed. They discuss moving the casualties should they need to evacuate the city.

B. They go to the palace hospital. Night has fallen and the earlier chaos has been converted to order. A few seriously ill patients remain to whom the Court physician provides care. Merlin and the Druids are no where to be found.

1. Three injured warriors stir from bed and tell Annis they are ready for battle. Gwen thinks one looks familiar but can’t place him.
2. Gwen instinctively tends to the wounds of a warrior. There is something familiar about him but Gwen can’t place him either. He notices the sigil Arthur gave her.
3. The Court physician tells Annis that once things had slowed down, he dismissed Merlin and the Druids. Their assistance was no longer needed. The Court physician assures Annis that he can handle things from here.
4. Annis and Gwen are certain Merlin will show up.

C. Merlin meets Leon and Gwaine who talk him into going to the Tavern. Mindful of Arthur’s warnings, Merlin is easily bullied but Gwaine intervenes. Leon loses gambling at dice. Gwaine is cheering up a despondent Merlin who feels frustrated that no one appreciates his talents but gets distracted by a bar maid and gets caught up in a card game. A noble challenges Merlin to a game of Chess. They play a few times and Merlin loses each time.

D. Gwen and Annis find Merlin in the Tavern just as Arthur noted. A fight between the knights of Camelot and Caerleon is/has broken out. Annis speaks saying they should fight the enemy not themselves; Gwen joins her in a stirring speech.

1. The Tavern becomes silent as Annis asks Merlin why he isn’t with his patients. He tells her he’s been dismissed. She reinstates him and makes him a Court physician. She orders him to see to "tend to the patients, physician." The crowd looks at Merlin with some new found respect. Gwaine asks Merlin what that was all about then he looks at the game and asks Merlin, “you lost?” And asks where Merlin learned to play. Merlin shrugs, “Gaius.”
2. Annis spies the chess board and is surprised to find that Merlin has lost. Later in the camp tents, she visits her troops and commands Merlin that after he finishes tending to the wounded to meet her and Gwen at the palace.

E. Annis, Gwen, and Merlin devise a strategy. Annis asks Merlin to entertain her and solve few a chess problems. He does so with ease. She asks why he lost his games. Merlin answers to keep the peace as instructed by Arthur. She takes him to the strategy table she and Gwen looked at and asks for any way she can win. Merlin ponders things over and says no, not with the forces there but there are ways to limit the damage. He shows Annis how this can be done. Gwen realizes that if Arthur’s reinforcements come then the tide of battle will be turned by attacking the flank. Annis sends Merlin her newest Court Physician to tend to his patients and a messenger is sent to Arthur for the change in battle plans.

F. Later, Merlin is back at the Tavern. Leon has lost a lot of money. Gwaine has lost his heart to the serving wench for now, and Merlin says this war is all but lost. Gwaine tells them all to cheer up because tonight they’ll eat, drink, and be merry.

1. Merlin leaves to speak to with Iseldir who has some important news.
2. The knights of Caerleon challenge those of Camelot to a friendly duel in chess. Their champion is an old friend of Gwaine's and the game and bets are on.

G. Merlin’s Quest: To find a weapon to defeat an Army of Shades

1. Merlin and the Druids had discerned that most of the enemy were shades but no one of the Court would listen. According to one of Caerleon’s Wounded, one of the injured Enemy had once been a Warrior of Caerleon and died. Arthur’s sword could defeat a handful of shades but not an entire Army at once. Iseldir tells Merlin of the Oracle Staff.
2. Merlin goes into the Woods of Caerleon, into the Ancient Temple of Stone and finds the Oracle Staff but the Callieach warns it is useless without a crystal hewn from the Crystal Cave like the crystal of Neahtid. Merlin is surprised to find her there and not the Isle of the Blessed and she explains that was but one of many gate ways between the Worlds. She tells Merlin he will pay a terrible price if he continues his quest.
3. Merlin summons the Great Dragon. Merlin must get the crystal from the vaults of Camelot. Kilgarrah takes him not to Camelot to retrieve the crystal of Neahtid but to the Crystal Caves for it is Merlin’s destiny and Albion’s.

i. Merlin meets Taliesin, again. Taliesin offers Merlin a Crystal if Merlin proves worthy by wearing the Robe of Tears. If he fails the test, Merlin will die. Merlin dons the Robe amid great pain but magically a crystal is hewn from the cave and appears cut and polished upon the staff. The pain stops and the Staff pulses with a glowing light.
ii. Merlin passes. Taliesin tells Merlin the Crystal of Neahtid was for the time of Neahtid, this crystal is for Merlin alone. Taliesin tells Merlin the Robe is now his by right. With the crystal, the Staff has great power but Taliesin warns that the True Power is something Merlin must discover himself.
iii. The Great Dragon returns, he will aid Merlin when called but even Kilgarrah’s powers are limited in this war. Merlin asks about Aithusa but Kilgarrah is silent.
iv. While Merlin flies back to Caerleon. He spies the troops of Camelot, Arthur is two days from Caerleon. When Merlin approaches Caerleon, he notices something about the enemy camp that gives him pause, they fly the symbol of the White Dragon…. And hope.
v. Kilgarrah tells Merlin that to win this war, Merlin must make one out of the many and many out of the one, he has the power now, and flies away.

Stage 4: The Innermost Cave: Team Gwen faces a great trial (M8: HEALING THE OTHER/DAUGHTER SPLIT.)

A. Merlin uses his crystal and discovers:

1. The Enemy force though large can be trapped between the sea and a mountain pass delaying its march to Caerleon enough for Arthur’s troops to arrive.
2. There is a weakness in the Enemy line which might allow Arthur to arrive even sooner if word can be sent in time.
3. The Enemy has possession of the Sigurd Ring. Merlin sees Mordred and Morgana use the ring to bring the dead back as shades.

B. Merlin convinces Gwen and later Annis about his plan. Merlin goes to Gwen and convinces her there is another way. A war of attrition will not have to occur and lives can be spared. Gwen and Annis argue but having no better option Annis agrees to hear his plan. Merlin shows her. She faults the plan saying Arthur did not send enough knights. Merlin counters that if Arthur arrives there will be enough knights and Merlin shows her how it can be done. The plans are drawn up. Annis sends her fastest runner but Merlin asks her to permit the Druids to send the message.

C. Merlin speaks to Iseldir. He is reluctant to send one of his people because they must pass through enemy lnes but one of the Druids volunteers. He is the fastest runner among the Druids and he was the boy Arthur once held at sword point and he’ll not forget the Pendragon. Iseldir assures Merlin that there will be no harm to the king or any of the knights of Camelot. Merlin agrees and will escort the Druid deep within enemy lines assuring his protection.

D. Merlin tells Gwen that the Druid boy will deliver the message to Arthur. Annis is skeptical because given Arthur’s past he would hardly trust a Druid. Gwen give the boy a ring and tells him to show this to Arthur. Then, Merlin and the Druid boy depart. Before they do, Merlin dons his Robe and joins the Druids in a prayer for safety. They go deep behind enemy lines. An enemy patrol heads in their direction. Merlin grabs the Druid boy shielding him prepared to strike at the enemy but they pass by as if they’d not seen Merlin or the boy. They pass other patrols and it is the same. Merlin discovers that they are invisible. Merlin leads the boy to a path within the woods. He releases the boy who cannot see Merlin but he is there and gives the boy directions and the plans to Arthur. The boy runs as fast as he can.

E. Merlin goes to the Enemy Camp. He sees the Enemy has allied with Morgana and Mordred beckoning Shades to arise from their rest to aid the Enemy whose symbol is the White Dragon. Merlin finds the Chieftain. He removes the Sigurd Ring and sleeps soundly snoring. Merlin is about to take the ring. In his mind, he can hear Mordred and Morgana and Merlin must flee.

Stage 4: The Innermost Cave: The War Day One (M8: HEALING THE MOTHER/DAUGHTER SPLIT.)

A. Merlin uses his crystal. He hopes to stop the war but the crystal only gives him glimpses of the future and the folly of this war. He sees Mordred and Morgana smiling in victory.

B. The Armies of Camelot and Caerleon gather each arranged as separate units. Gwaine tells Leon that after today he won’t have to worry about his gambling debt. Leon tells Gwaine he’d pay double that debt. The Knights of Caerleon take Leon up on that bet and Gwaine agrees to play their Champion and tells Leon “you’d better look after me if you want to get out of debt”. Before Leon can say another word, the battle is on. The armies raise their battle cries. They take their positions ready for the initial assault from the invaders.

C. The first casualties of war flood Merlin’s Field Hospital. The first wave is bad. The second wave is worse but Merlin and the Druids manage. By mid-day, the losses are heavy on both sides. A truce is called to clear the battle field of wounded and dead. The knights of Camelot and Caerleon have held their own against overwhelming odds. But, their relief is momentary. They see their fallen comrades rise, take up arms, and join the enemy. The battlefield cleared, the truce over, the war resumes sooner than the united Army of Camelot and Caerleon expected.

D. By nightfall, the armies have regrouped. Gwaine is grievously injured. Merlin tells Annis the status of his patients. She is saddened that so many will soon return to war. Leon tells Gwen and Annis what transpired on the battlefield. They know that there is no way to that they can beat that enemy. Not even with Arthur there. They send messengers to sue for terms of peace. The headless bodies of the messengers are returned.

E. The fighting continues for a few more days.

Stage 4: The Innermost Cave: Wizard War (M8: HEALING THE SPLIT.)

A. Another messenger is sent. Merlin wears his Robe of Tears and takes his staff and crystal. He enters the Enemy Camp. Invisible, Merlin watches the diplomats butchered and raised as Shades who return to Caerleon with one word: DEATH. Morgana congratulates the Chieftain for not being so impulsive this time because this army already has enough headless warriors. Time passes and the camp grows still and silent only the watch guards remain awake. Merlin follows the Chieftain until he sleeps and removes the ring.

B. Merlin takes the ring and departs but is stopped by Mordred. He cannot see Merlin. But Merlin hears Mordred taunting him as Merlin dodges armed guards while he makes his way out of the Camp. Suddenly, Merlin trips and loses his staff as he scrambles for it, Mordred appears and picks the staff up. He feels the power of he staff and orders Merlin to show himself. Merlin stands before him.

C. Mordred has not forgotten or forgiven the events of the past but asks Merlin to join him. Merlin refuses and Mordred smiles preparing to strike Merlin down but he warns Mordred what Taliesin revealed: the crystal was for Merlin and him alone. Mordred aims the staff and crystal. Merlin raises the Sigurd Ring and Mordred laughs. The ring is a fake, the magic Merlin sensed is a trick, a product of his and Morgana’s magic, the story of the Sigurd ring is a fiction. This was all a trap set by Mordred. And, Merlin will die by his own enchantment.

D. Merlin tells Mordred no. Merlin does not want to harm the boy. Merlin feels true power coming fro him. Mordred attacks and Merlin responds and shows his power. Mordred is surprised at first but with his and Morgana’s power and the staff he quickly subdues Merlin who offers Mordred one final chance to stop and end this war and the battle against Caerleon. He refuses and strikes Merlin with a power blast from the staff.

E. Mordred tells Merlin the true magic was in the scabbard the Chief wears. It looks like an ordinary scabbard but Mordred tells Merlin it is the Scabbard of Salvation and protects the wearer against mortal injury. Then, Mordred sends a power blast at Merlin.

1. Merlin stands unfazed as the staff drains Mordred’s powers. He tosses the staff at Merlin saying he does not need it to kill. But, Mordred finds he has no powers.
2. With a thought, Merlin sends a blast of energy at Mordred knocking him unconscious. Guards come and Merlin leaves. Before leaving the camp, Merlin returns the ring and replaces an ordinary scabbard for the Chieftain’s one. Merlin feels the Magic in this scabbard.

Stage 4: The Innermost Cave: Finding Arthur (M8: HEALING THE SPLIT.)

A. Merlin wanders the woods having eluded the Enemy. Merlin gets lost and stumbles upon a camp. He thinks it is the Enemy but he recognizes the Druid boy who was sent to Arthur.

B. Arthur sees Merlin and asks if he’s lost. Merlin’s surprised Arthur arrived so soon. Arthur gives Merlin a lecture on tracking. In private, the Druid boy says he got lost and Arthur had been looking for him but it seemed they were both lost.

C. Early morning, Arthur and the reinforcements arrive. Gwen, Arthur and Annis have a meeting. Arthur is impressed by the plan. In private, Gwen tells Arthur it was Merlin. Annis commends Arthur for having such a wise fool but fears this will fail and tells Arthur of the Army they will face. The shades are those raised from their rest doomed then to torment and obey only the necromancer who raised them.

D. Gwaine is too injured to fight and asks Merlin to keep him informed if things look too badly he’ll fight if he must. Merlin agrees. He runs into the Druid boy who wants to give Arthur a present for finding him in the woods, Merlin gives him the enchanted scabbard to give to Arthur. Later, Iseldir asks Merlin to join the Druids in a prayer for the dead. Arthur wonders if it is magic and Iseldir explains that magic is at the heart of life itself and invites Arthur to join them. Arthur at first refuses but the Druid boy sways his mind when he gives him “the fine gift” and Merlin agrees to join the prayer.

E. Among the assembled Armies, there is rumbling, the soldiers have heard of the Shades they must fight. Gwen exhorts them to remember what they defend: their lives and those of their family and country. Annis tells them, “Come on, you sons of War, do you want to live forever? Live to die this day!” The grumbling dies down. And, Arthur prepares to lead them all into battle with a stirring speech telling them of the Army of the Shades enthralled by the Enemy, reminding those gathered that they fight as one and that today they fight for something more than honor, they fight for those slain, so they too will earn rest.

Stage 4: The Innermost Cave: The War Day Two (M8: HEALING THE MOTHER/DAUGHTER SPLIT.)

A. Merlin sees the body of the two Diplomat Shades in his field tent. They are dead. Both died earlier as if stricken according to witnesses. Merlin pieces together that the prayer was the cause and asks Iseldir about the prayer. He says it was a few words to let the dead rest.

B. The armies are in place and the battle is about to begin. Merlin in Robe wields his staff, the crystal glows, and he repeats the Druid’s prayer. Nothing happens and the battle commences. Merlin asks the Druid boy to gather the others and join him in the prayer. They form a circle. An eery glow flows from the circle and floods the battle field. Much later, Merlin runs to see if it worked.

C. The armies have been at battle but the fallen of Camelot and Caerleon now fight side by side with Arthur. The Enemy is being routed.

D. In the distance, Merlin sees Arthur battle the Chieftain. It is a fierce fight but Arthur is victorious. The Enemy retreats defeated.

E. Merlin discovers that Leon and Arthur owe their lives to one of the Shades. Before his comrades could deliver killing blows, a shade struck back and raised his helm briefly revealing he was Lancelot before returning to fight the Enemy. With such good news, Merlin heads to the castle to help the other Court Physician.

Stage 4: The Innermost Cave: Morgana’s War (M8: HEALING THE MOTHER/DAUGHTER SPLIT.)

A. Morgana discovers the unconscious Mordred. She is grief stricken and sees to his wounds. He stirs muttering Emrys. When Mordred awakens, she finds his memory is gone. He asks if she is his mother.

B. Morgana is given news of her impending defeat. She smiles saying to herself that she will still have her revenge and departs leaving a bewildered Mordred alone. Her powers tell her where those still loyal to her are.

1. Gwen and Annis are at the palace escorted safely back by four knights. A jeweled amulet on each glows brightly. Suddenly, the knights stop and turn with swords drawn. Annis demands to know “what is the meaning of this.”
2. Agravaine steps forward. He is younger, much as he was in youth. He bows mockingly before the Queens informing Gwen he is indeed Agravaine and to fear not, “his comrades in arms have every reason to hate Uther.” Annis recognizes the crest on one of the knights thinking he especially has reason to hate Uther just as Agravaine has reason to hate Gwen, he dons his helmet and raises his sword saying ,”Farewell, Guinevere Pendragon.”
3. Before the death blow strikes, the blade is deflected by a shade. Annis picks up the blade and fights Tristan. She’s badly wounded but she and Gwen run to safety while the knight holds the others at bay. The two Queens find safety in one of the Antechambers. Gwen asks about their savior, Annis replies: “a good and honorable man. He was loyal, always.”
4. Gwen tends to Annis’ wounds. Later, there is a pounding on the door. They hear fighting, all becomes quiet, and then the door bursts open. A knight staggers within. He is wounded but still a deadly threat. Gwen picks up the sword but the knight raises his as a show of peace, removes his helmet, and kneels saying “long have I ever been loyal to the rightful Pendragon” and offers Gwen a gauntlet. As Gwen takes it, Annis sees his face and recognizes the knight.

C. Merlin sees Morgana in the Castle. He follows her and sees the dead knights lining the hall. A blast of power jolts from her and Merlin hears a scream.

1. The knight drops his sword. Annis runs to him. He is dying. Gwen sees the source of the blast: Morgana. She enters the chamber, picks up the sword, and taunts Gwen promising “your Majesty, a slow and painful Death.”
2. Then, she taunts the fallen knight and plucks the gauntlet from Gwen’s hand. Morgana looks in horror at the crest and feels the sword. Both are known to her and she falls to her knees trying to heal the fallen knight.
3. Annis asks, “Morgana, what have you done?” She tells him it was Uther who betrayed him but he shakes his head and whispers: “Morgana…” Tenderly, he brushes her tears as he dies. Merlin watches as Morgana wept at the side of the dead knight until Gwen embraces her, comforting her former friend.
4. While Merlin tends to Annis, he asks who the knight was. She replies, “a good and honorable man.”

D. The Enemy is routed. Camelot and Caerleon are united in victory. Annis tells Arthur neither she or her people will forget this day as the beginning of trust and peace. Arthur worries: “Trust? Perhaps but with the Enemy there will be no peace.”

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hace más de un año MikeAP001 said…
I know it's not good form to reply to my own post. Sorry. But this addresses three of the problems: building up Merlin's stature, showing Arthur the devotion of his Queen, building trust between the kingdoms, and eventually with his Queen. And, it shows how the generic outline in the Healing Arwen articles can be used to repair any issues of trust in ArWen after the Lancelot du Lac episode in S04.

Since this IS supposed to be a sketch. I didn't want to add detail but I thought others reading this would get lost without concrete examples but everything and everyone can be substituted for other characters and things except for Merlin Gwen and Arthur.

The outline introduces a redemptive arc for Lancelot and how Arthur regains his trust in Gwen even without the enchanted bracelet being revealed and when it does convincing him that not all who practice magic are evil.

I think we can all see how this will go: In the end, ArWen regains their trust and the trust of some of the kingdoms which will lead to all of the kingdoms and because of Magic that saves his Queen, Arthur's stance softens (not all those who practice magic are evil) paving the way to the integration of the Druids and Merlin and eventually the formation of Albion.

If you need a more concrete example this continues and I've posted Stage 5.

Also sorry for any grammar problems... I'm just not used to using a laptop.
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