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Okay so tu know that the Mirktree family is poor and the Flerjoy family is rich so that means there family's don't really live the same way and poor people aren't aloud to really talk to rich. It's like the town is división, split in two. Here's más about the characters

Theodora- Her power is pain

Theodora Comes from a rich family but she doesn't want to be rich. She hates the party's and té and the outfits. On the outside she looks like a girl with blonde hair and blue green eyes with freckles smiling. But on the inside she's screaming for help and can't seem to find a way out. She is secretly best...
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posted by allicyn123
Okay since the muro post has a I'll need to explain my family here,

Dad: Jim Stalagtice, he has brown hair and amber eyes, he's quiet and keeps to himself, works as a farmer and raises his family under strict rules

Mom: Dianna Stalagtice, has long black hair and brown eyes, she's very loud and social but has to live under Jim's strict rules...


Shawnee, 16: Has pretty blue eyes and mid length blonde hair, her name (since her mom is native American) means 'Pretty Heart' in the tribe Marrowee Indians, which fits her personality great, she is a good person and very kind.

Sand, 14: a tall...
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