Frostclan New Warriors!

Mousefang posted on Jul 13, 2010 at 06:33PM
" Let all cats old enough to catch prey for their clan join beneath the Moontree for a clan meeting! " I yoweld
" Leafpaw, Chillpaw, and Hailpaw are ready to become warriors. Step forward, do you promise to uphold the warrior cade even to the cost of your life?"
"yes!" they all replied
" Then by the powers of Starclan i make you full warriors of Frostclan, you shall be knowen as
Leafspots, Chillfur, and Hailstorm!"
i jump off the Moontree and head to my den.

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hace más de un año Rustyfireheart said…
hace más de un año Cinderstar said…
hace más de un año Mousefang said…
wow Moonfrost. and they worked hard to become warriors.
hace más de un año Rustyfireheart said…
big smile
"Im just tired."
hace más de un año Cinderstar said…
i can understand tht *yawns*
hace más de un año Rustyfireheart said…
"Welcome, young warriors" *Looks at them greatfully*