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User20392 posted on Nov 13, 2010 at 07:12AM
This is another game I saw in the Supernatural spot. xD

How to play this game

You ask something like ''Imagine if Ross and Rachel didn't end up together'', so the next person says his/her opinion, and after saying that opinion, that person says ''Imagine if Friends had a new season'', and that's how it continues.

I guess you got it now, but I'll just put an example xD:

Me: Imagine if Friends had a new season.
Another person: It would be great! Imagine if Ross and Rachel didn't end up together.
Someone else: I wouldn't like that. Imagine if Friends only had 1 or 2 seasons.

And that's how it is. This game will never end, you'll have to say ''imagine if ____'' after saying your opinion, and someone else will answer... And that's how it's played. I hope you guys have fun too! :) I'll start:

Imagine if Friends only had 1 or 2 seasons.

 This is another game I saw in the supernatural spot. xD [b]How to play this game[/b] tu ask someth

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hace más de un año leytonfaan_18 said…
It probably wouldn't be as epic and loved as it is today. People would defiently be asking for a new season!
Imagine if Chandler didn't exist.
hace más de un año User20392 said…
It probably wouldn't be the same. The story would change horribly, there would be not so many jokes, Monica wouldn't have end up with him, all that Janice and Chandler story wouldn't exist, Joey probably wouldn't have a rommate, and all the jokes he has made probably wouldn't exist. There would be only 5 friends, Ross wouldn't have a best friend, in ''The One with The Blackout'' the story about him and Jill Goodacre wouldn't exist either and the writers could have made up something else. And, also, besides all of that, there probably weren't that much of 'Die-Hard Fans' of the TV show. There might be more things to say, but I think I made my point. xD

Imagine if there were only 2 friends.
hace más de un año leytonfaan_18 said…
That would be stupid. There would be hardly no storylines on the show and either way we would lose 4 Friends, craaazy. Basically the show wouldn't be Friends.

Imagine if Ross and Rachel were just friends.
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hace más de un año alkonyat said…
That would be so weird. I mean they are Ross and Rachel. They has to be together. They're story is epic. If they hadn't been together they couldn't have been or have not been on a break.xd And Rachel couldn't have got off the plane, etc...

Imagine if Ross didn't say Rachel's name on his wedding
hace más de un año ktgirl266 said…
Then Ross would have married Emily and then realized his love for Rachel and would have gotten a divorce either way.

Imagine if Monica got together with Joey not Chandler
hace más de un año User20392 said…
Honestly, I like the idea. I can't imagine it as something bad at all. But with whom would Chandler end up with? Janice? Phoebe? I have no idea. But the story would be very different, and I don't really see how good the story would be. Joey wouldn't ever want to move out with Monica, so it might never work very well. Remember when Joey felt really bad because they were all moving out? He didn't wanted that. So, he wouldn't move out with Monica, and they would not start a family or anything probably. And Monica really wanted a family and to move out.

Imagine if Chandler ended up with Rachel, Ross with Phoebe, and Joey with Monica. Just like I heard it was going to be originally.
hace más de un año ktgirl266 said…
big smile
ok ill go couple by couple

Chander&Rachel: i dont think that would work at all. Rachel has been best friends with Monica forever and when they were in highschool Monica had a crush on him (i am correct on that right? she liked him till he called her fat? i think so) anyways, i just thinks Rachel wouldn't betray her like that. I never really thought that they were that close so i wouldnt think it would last that long. maybe like a fling, not a together forever moment.

Ross&Phoebe: That right there would be an interesting combo. They would probably rip each others head off fighting about evolution lol. They could probably work it out more than Chandler and Rachel but they would end up in a divorce cuz thats just how Ross rolls.:)

Joey&Monica: This is the couple i could see the most. Now im not saying its ideal but Joey, when he falls for someone, he falls HARD. if he really truley loved Monica, i think he would do anything for her for example, move somewhere else and have kids. It may be hard for him but they would work it out. The only huge problem they would have is that she is a neat freak and he could care less!

:) thanks for making this forum, i LOVE IT!! i can actually state my opnion in more than like 900 characters :)

Imagine if Monica never lost weight
hace más de un año User20392 said…
About Joey and Monica you're right too. I couldn't think of that. xD But yeah, well, he did fall hard for Rachel, so, why not?

And you're welcome. :)

If Monica didn't loose weight, everyone probably would still be making fun of her, Chandler would be making millions of jokes about it, she maybe would not be able to run like she did when Chandler had to lose a little weight. And Monica would still be feeling horrible after what Chandler said about her when she was still fat. And more stuff that I can't think of right now.

Imagine if Ross wasn't a paleontologist and hated Dinosaurs. (I would prefer not to imagine that... D:)
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hace más de un año ktgirl266 said…
if ross wasnt a paleontologist, he wouldnt be the same. the quirky quality about him and how he bores everyone to death makes him ross! say for instance he was a elementary school teacher. he couldnt have brought rachel in for their first date to the muesum after closing and did what tehy did. he couldnt have met charlie during work unless joey still did. he couldnt have taking everyone to barbadoes and phoebe and mike wouldnt have gotten together and she would still be with david. that being ross's niche makes him who he is and what the show is all about.

Imagine if Phoebe got to keep one of the triplets
hace más de un año leytonfaan_18 said…
Wow that would be really weird, especially one of them like that. I think she would have made a great mum though in her own quirky, individual style. But yeah, I don't really know what to say to that one! Haha you've left me opinionless about Friends XD

Imagine if Courteney Cox had played Rachel.
hace más de un año rorymariano said…
Rachel would have been different. There definetly wouldn't have been a "Rachel" hairdo in the 90's, maybe it would have been named the "Monica", if Jennifer were playing Monica. It would also have been weird IMO, because Courtney/David actually do kinda look alike, which is good b/c they play siblings. However, if they were supposed to be Ross/Rachel, it would just be weird.

Imagine if the Red Sweater had been Tag's and not Ross'.
hace más de un año sapphireno99 said…
Then Ross would've probably never been with Rachel and Tag wouldn't have joined C.S.I New York which I think he is really good in.

Imagine if Chandler had ended up with Janis!
hace más de un año ktgirl266 said…
i would cry! haha. monica would be husband-less or even worse...WITH RICHARD!!! they would have some messed up kids!! ahaha wow that image is just, wow... lol

Imagine if Joey was a Neuro Surgeon and was good at it and really smart
hace más de un año User20392 said…
He isn't all that dumb... D: But if he was like ... a genius or something, those scenes when Joey has acted a little dumb would never exist, that 'learning french' plot wouldn't have existed either, and his personality probably would be diffrerent. He probably would be very busy all the time or something, he wouldn't have been playing Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives, that girl that was his stalker wouldn't have been in the show.

What happened in a episode about when Phoebe meet someone at a Hospital and he (not Joey) saw Joey on TV and everything was ruined wouldn't have happened and he wouldn't have had to say he's a doctor when he isn't. And maybe he would be the way he was in the beggining of Friends. Completely. :) I still think he has always been really hilarious though. xD

Imagine if Monica hadn't changed the way she has.
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hace más de un año sapphireno99 said…
in what way???
hace más de un año User20392 said…

Well, I don't you if you haven't noticed, but she has changed a lot. For example: in the first season, she didn't yell A LOT like she did in the later seasons, she has always been competitive I guess, but she wasn't THAT competitive in the earlier seasons, and stuff. You might be the only person I know that hasn't noticed a change. :/
hace más de un año rorymariano said…
I completely agree with you! I hate the way that Monica became like a caricature of her earlier self. Anyway, if Monica hadn't have changed so much, I might have enjoyed the episode where Phoebe got married a lot more than I do. Her taking control of everything makes it to the where I hate to watch that episode :(

Imagine if Rachel didn't get off the plane.
hace más de un año User20392 said…
Yeah, she got annoying in that episode. D:

And if Rachel didn't get off the plane, I can imagine how upset Ross could have been. He would still try to feel better, but it would be really hard. But probably he would also go find Rachel, and tell her he loves her and stuff... maybe. I'm not good at thinking stuff like that. But I guess that's how I imagine it. :)

Imagine if Rachel was like Monica and Monica was like Rachel.
hace más de un año ktgirl266 said…
then i cant see how ross would ever love the "new" rachel. i mean not being rude but like the convo u guys had before, monica gets really annoying at the end and i dont think ross would have fallen for someone like that. and the "new" monica would b good for chandler to see someone else other then the "old" monica and janice. i think that wuold be a nice change. and season eight wudnt have happened cuz moncia cant have kids and rachel had ababy with ross so that would b all messed up!!

imagine if ross wasnt related to monica
hace más de un año leytonfaan_18 said…
Hmmm I can't say it would be all that different if they had the same sort of relationship, i.e. they were really close friends. I guess we would loose alot of Jack and Judy Geller but i'm not huge fans of them anyways. But saying that it would be so weird if they weren't. I mean would Ross and Rachel have the same sort of history?

Imagine if Rachel didn't like shopping.
hace más de un año ktgirl266 said…
^^ Good point
If Rachel didn't like shopping then TOW the embryos wudnt have worked out that well. She wudnt have woken up early and went shopping so they guys cudnt have guessed what Rachel bought. And more than likely if she didnt like shopping she wudnt have been a buyer for bloomingdales so she wudnt have met joshua and probably wudnt b in the fashion bus. at all so she wudnt have dated tag either

Imagine if Monica and Chandler really did get married in Vegas like they wanted to.
hace más de un año leytonfaan_18 said…
That would kinda suck. I mean just because I loved all the Chandler trying to put her off the scent, the proposal and their wedding! It was all amazing and pretty perfect :D. Oh and Joey wouldn't have been their minister! XD

Here's a big one ;). Imagine if you had never watched Friends.
hace más de un año 555YJ said…
That's easy: i wouldn't have been the same person i am today :)
and well i would've DIED too :D

Imagine if Rachel got on the plane and stayed in France
hace más de un año leytonfaan_18 said…
That ones answered up there and I gotta say I completely agree:)
I think he would have been beyond upset but have gone after her. Fly to Paris and convince her, well that's what i'd imagine even if they ended the series without them two together. No doubt in my mind that they wouldn't be together anyways though :)

Imagine if Richard wanted to have more children.
hace más de un año LittleYaoiGirl said…
NO!!!! Chandler and Monica are my fav couple!!! i dun wanna!! *pout*

Imagine if Joey Had made 5 babies to 5 different women xD
hace más de un año justchilin595 said…
OMG! he would be almost like Ross but with babies. haha :)

imagine if there was no Central Perk!!
hace más de un año sheerika said…
OMG why was friends invented if there is no CP :O

Imagine if Ross and Rachel never got together
hace más de un año Nicolas97 said…
The main romantic storyline :( the writers would have to choose another couple so that the audience won't get bored , propably Joey & Rachel or Joey & Monica , but we want things just like they happenned ... >.<
Imagine If Joey Hadn't played in Days of Our Lives ???
hace más de un año sheerika said…
Horrible !

Imagine If Chandler never agreed to go to Tulsa