friends Which friends character are tu most like and why?

moo000 posted on Feb 24, 2009 at 06:54AM
I would like to think I'm most like Pheobe becasue shes crazy and care free. But to be onest with myself I'm kinda the oppisite; I think I am most like Monica becasue she likes everything to be just right and is a neat freak!

How about you?

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hace más de un año mtoll4 said…
I feel like I`m a Chandler! But because of the jokes! And all my friends thinks I`m very sarcastic :p
hace más de un año Jennifer22 said…
I am a bit like all of them :)

Rachel: I am a tiny bit spoilt and love fashion.
Monica: I am a neat freak and love to be organised.
Phoebe: Im care free and love singing.
Joey: I a huggable, lovely person.
Chandler: All my friends say i am funny.
Ross: I am very intelligent.