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sheerika posted on Sep 25, 2012 at 03:31AM
Just follow this chart and make it into you birthday and post below.

Choose the month you/a friend/someone you know was/were born in:
January- You are best friends with
February- You go on a date with
March- You got to Central Perk with
April- You wake up naked beside
May- You dance with
June- You fall in love with
July- You have a play date with
August- You have dinner with
September- You live with
October- You sing with
November- You have a baby with
December- You get married to

Now choose the day you were born on:
1- Rachel
2- Joey
3- Ross
4- Chandler
5- Phoebe
6- Monica
7- Janice
8- Mike
9- Emily
10- Carol
11- Ursula
12- Erica
13- Jack
14- Amy
15- Ben
16- Frank
17- Jill
18- Marcel
19- Estelle
20- Nora
21- Charles
22- Barry
23- Janine
24- Judy
25- Charlie
26- Tag
27- David
28- Emma
29- Melissa
30- Will
31- Gunther

Then just create the sentence. Pretty simple.

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hace más de un año sheerika said…
big smile
You are best friends with Chandler
hace más de un año Rae2233 said…
You live with Melissa.

hace más de un año marakii said…
You sing with Ben ;P
hace más de un año NellLovetCarter said…
You dance with Charlie:)
hace más de un año justchilin595 said…
I wake up naked beside Carol! :( eww...
last edited hace más de un año
hace más de un año Nicolas97 said…
You Dance With Gunther ??? ewwwwwww
hace más de un año Nicolas97 said…
big smile
My Best Friend Went On A Date With Emma & I Got To Dance With Gunther ?? Whi God Why (As Joey Would Say)