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irish_eyes posted on Feb 07, 2007 at 04:36AM
What is your favorite Frasier moment?

I'll start things off.

My favorite moment is subtitled "Three Valentines" when Niles is trying to get ready for a hot date, and after a series of mishaps, practically sets the apartment on fire!

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hace más de un año snoznoodle said…
Frasier used to be on weeknights and I used to be addicted. Unfortunately its not on much anymore... but everytime I see it, its just as wonderful.
Im not really sure about a favourite moment... there was one time Frasier and Niles accidently went into a payed carpark and went to get out but realised they still had to pay a $2 fine. So Frasier decideed to be stubborn and wait for the full 20 minutes even tho he was running late for work.
And another one where Frasier got a gf who was just like his mom.
And wen Niles and Daphney got married - hilarious!
Lol there are so many!
hace más de un año cecilymsmith said…
My favourite Frasier moment is the sword fight in "An Affair to Forget". Particularly the lines:
Niles: En Guarde! Frasier: Oh yes, Niles, that's what we just need: A fourth language!
Frasier: He didn't steal... your shoes...
hace más de un año tahitibaybee7 said…
The all time best Frasier moment was at the beginning of one of the episodes when Niles was getting ready for a date with Daphne. They only played it once ever, but it was so funny I'll never forget it. He was trying to iron his pants, so he was standing there in his boxers. Well, he ends up getting distracted and cutting his finger. It starts bleeding and he keeps seeing the blood and fainting. Then he sets his pants on fire because the iron has been laying on them. He proceeds to throw them on the couch, which catches on fire as well. He tries to put out the fire, but he ends up pouring a flammable stain cleaner on it and making it worse. All the while, he keeps fainting from the blood on his finger. At the end of the scene, he tries to clear the smoke from the apartment. He ends up lying on his back (he fainted) in the open door with the couch on fire, the fire alarm going off, smoke everywhere, and Eddie barking. I laughed so hard that it made me cry for like ten minutes.
hace más de un año cecilymsmith said…
tahitibaybee7, the episode you're refering to is a classic Frasier moment in 06.14 Three Valentines.

Not meaning to be picky, but it was actually just a date with the president from his wine club, not Daphne.

But great sugestion! Definitly a hilarious Frasier moment!
hace más de un año XXJulieXX said…
Mine is when Frasier (the poor thing) wants to do a good deed for someone and while sitting in his BMW at the lights, he noticed a lady standing in the pouring rain with no umbrella. So he offers her a ride. The police pull him up and the cop puts the spotlight on the lady in the passenger seat of Frasier's car and says "Dont I know you?" Next thing, Frasier is sitting at the police station in handcuffs and Niles comes to pay his bail. The bail is $600 and Niles says to Frasier that he doesnt have that kind of cash on him and Frasier tells Niles to put it on his credit card and Niles says: "No way! I wont have BAIL printed on my credit card statement! Imagine the junk mail I'll get?" (HAHAHA)So he calls Martin in to the station (who happened to used to work there) and the prostitute walks past (and the prostitute is a man to make matters worse) and Martin and Niles's jaws hit the floor. And Frasier is trying to explain what really happened and Martin says to him: "Its ok Frasier I understand. I was in the Army we all had our urges. Youre my son and I love you".

Poor Frasier! I had a real laugh during that episode!
hace más de un año gregsta said…
Its probably the best non -speaking acgting ever!
I wathched it again the other day.
The music though set the scene off! Well done to the script and music peeople!
hace más de un año huhlala said…
I like that part, when Martin was afraid of going visit the doctor, and he was in a car with Niles. Policeman stopped Nile's car and told him to pay a bill (my dictionary and gramatic is poor i apologise)Martin said to Niles, that he can speak with that policeman for not paying a bill, if he haven't go to the doctor. Niles wrote him a recipe, and Martin began to laugh, and said that this policeman is his friend and it was a bad joke. Then Niles said him something like that- yes, an I just gave you a picture of a dog...haf!
hace más de un año huhlala said…
And this is a translate version for slovak people: Mám rada tú časť, keď ide Martin k lekárovi a Niles ho vezie v aute. Na ceste ich stopne policajt, že odbočili do zákazu a Niles má zaplatiť pokutu. Martin navrhne N., že sa porozpráva s policajtom, keď mu napíše recept. On mu ho napíše, vybaví tú vec s policajtom a potom sa začne smiať a povie N., že neodbočil zle a ten poliš je jeho kamoš. Nato mu N. povie- Ano, a ja som ti nakreslil obrázok psa...hav!
hace más de un año Betty49 said…
I love the show and cant pick my favorite. I have never been soo hooked on a show as this one. Cant they make some more? With all the same people. Cant change a thing. Except poor Eddie.
hace más de un año rosie77 said…
big smile
hace más de un año Wolfdreamer9 said…
my favorite Frasier moment is in the episode called "First Date" when Niles and Daphne are chopping vegetables together and singing "Heart & Soul". I love that scene.
hace más de un año tillyard said…
I agree with snoznoodle, that $2 carpark scene was hilarious!! One of my favourites. I also really love the scene from Bla-Z-Boy where Frasier is trying to watch a documentary and Marty keeps asking questions, scrunching a pretzel packet and his chair keeps squeaking! Kelsey's facial expressions are so funny.

I also love any scene that involves Frasier and Niles running (prancing) around like lunatics!
hace más de un año PrinceBro said…
big smile
I don't really have a favourite frasier moment, but I love the episode the 'Matchmaker'. FUNNIEST EPISODE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hace más de un año ecpjll said…
probably in the hotel room the night b4 donny and daphne's wedding when Niles finally tells Daphne he loves her.
hace más de un año HuddyJoy0524 said…
Ok so ALL of the Frasier/Lilith moments of course ;) Especially the high five in the "Apparent Trap" and the entire episode of "Guns n Neuroses"

Other than that, I like a lot of the Niles/Daphne scenes like "Heart and Soul" (awww!) and "Halloween" when they have the pregnancy all confused. And of course "The Ski Lodge" with the huge love octagon thing going on. And "Don Juan In Hell" when he's hallucinating (i love that subconscious stuff)

It's like too many to count ;)
hace más de un año jerrymay said…
My favorite Frasier moment is the episode where Maris was arrested for murder and the press was all over Niles's case. Frasier tried to talk for Niles to the reporters and said "Niles and Maris will
both soon be executed (meant to say exhonerated)-funniest moment in the series