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I've recently joined the site, so what exactly is the ship mes fan fiction contest?

 Mileylita posted hace más de un año
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misanthrope86 said:
The Ship mes Fanfiction contest was part of an event run in the House MD Spot last month. It was to celebrate and promote our amor of the relationships on the show!
Here was the foros for the Fanfiction contest:
Unfortunately, this contest is closed now.

Here was my entry, which was about Foreman/Thirteen:
I also publicado it in this spot as well.

There was also a Fanart Contest: link
(my entry for that was also about Foreteen!)
And a Shipping Contest where tu had to talk about why tu loved your favourite ship:
(Unfortunately, hardly anyone entered this contest. I wrote HEAPS in the Foreteen Shipping Contest which tu can read here, if tu want to:

All these contests are over now, but please post any of tu fanfiction o fanart o videos of Foreteen! tu can post anytime tu want!
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posted hace más de un año 
When is it going happen again?
huddygirl2 posted hace más de un año
February 2011, I'm assuming. Its an annual thing because someone decided that February is Ship Month.
misanthrope86 posted hace más de un año
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