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Dave Grohl chose the right path for a career after nirvana. He knew he was a great musician so he kept playing.(smart choice)Unlike Chris Novoselic (the bajo player for nirvana) Who should be the bajo player for the foo fighters(not saying that the bajo player now is bad he is not he is very good) Im just saying Its hard for Dave because he lost a good friend when Kurt Cobain died. He knew that could not be the end of his música career. So he created the Foo fighters. Rock On Dave and Never Stop!

From your biggest Fan
Dan Portello
tu got away, got away, got away from me
Now get away, get away, get away from me
I couldn't grow just livin' in the shadow
Where do tu go when no one's following you?
You ran away, ran away, it was right on cue
Shall I go on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on again?
Rosemary you're part of me, tu know
You are, tu are, tu are
Rosemary you're part of me, tu know
You are, tu are, tu are
Rosemary, please pardon me
Truth ain't gonna change the way tu lie
Youth ain't gonna change the way tu die
Dear Rosemary
Dear Rosemary
You've got a way, got a way, got a way with things
You got away, got away, got...
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posted by foofan24

Foo Fighters is an American rock band formed por singer/guitarist/drummer Dave Grohl in 1995.[1] Grohl formed the group as a one-man project after the dissolution of his anterior band nirvana in 1994. Prior to the release of Foo Fighters in 1995, Grohl drafted Nate Mendel (bass), William Goldsmith (drums), and Pat Smear (guitar) to complete the group. Goldsmith left during the recording of the group's segundo album The Colour and the Shape (1997), soon followed por Smear. They were replaced por Taylor Hawkins and Franz Stahl, respectively, although Stahl left prior to the recording...
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These are my famous last words
My number's up bridges will burn
Oh won't tu let me twist your fate
It's getting kinda late
And I don't wanna wait
No more
Oh may I have this dance of days
Locked in your embrace
You passed your test of faith
Another time, another place, another line upon your face
Another in your wake
Down crooked stairs and sideways glances
Comes the king of segundo chances
Now throw him in the flames
Whatever keeps tu warm at night (whatever keeps tu warm at night)
Whatever keeps tu warm inside
Your bridges are burning now
They're all coming down
It's all coming round
You're burning them...
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In what will be his first true solo album, rock icono slash announced today his CD, SLASH, will release in April 2010. The album features an all-star roster of guest musicians including Ian Astbury, Chris Cornell, Rocco DeLuca, Fergie, Dave Grohl, Myles Kennedy, Kid Rock, Lemmy Kilmeister, Adam Levine of Maroon 5, Duff McKagan, M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold, Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop, and Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother.

Dave is featured on the ninth track of the album, called "Watch This". tu can pick up the album everywhere on April 6th, and vista previa 30 segundo clips from each song on amazonas, amazon now!