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DarkSarcasm posted on Feb 15, 2014 at 07:22PM
[ARCHIVE: February 2014]
Hellooo, ass-kickers. I have some FAK ideas I'd like to discuss.

First, a few questions:
-Is everyone here also on tumblr?
-If the FAK contest were to move to tumblr, or have a companion contest on tumblr, would you be interested in participating?

And now, whining/paranoia/dread/backup plans:
Icon contests are my favorite thing about Fanpop... and, well, that's kind of all there is to do here anymore.

Fanpop's been acting weirder and weirder, and now even the newbies are saying it's going downhill and will probably be dead soon. I've been playing with the idea of moving the FAK contest to tumblr for quite a while, but for some reason, it just clicked this morning - I think I might actually know how to do it.

If this were to happen (nothing's set in stone), it would probably be a weekly contest, so 7 days instead of 10. I'm thinking one theme per week, where participants can create any kind of graphic - it's tumblr, anything goes. No more signing up for characters, always free to use any FAK you want. (Bring it on, 17 Katnisses.) When posting, we'll use a tag unique to our contest, which I'll track and reblog from a separate blog I'll set up for us.

I get the impression that we're all here because we enjoy making things, not because of the overwhelming reward of seeing a few of your icons added to the winners gallery six months after you've won a pick. If the tumblr thing happens, I don't think voting will be necessary. I mean, technically, it could be done, but... *shrug*

I'm not planning on ending the FAK contest here on Fanpop yet. I'd really like for us to get to at least 100 rounds (and get Cinders, our co-creator, back!), but it's nice to have a backup plan. Plus, I've got so many half-finished sets of FAK icons, I'd be super pissed if I never got to use any of 'em. =P

Anyway, would you be up for giving that a shot? Do you think FAK: Tumblr Edition should start soon, or only be used as a backup plan? Would one theme/graphic a week be enough? Is this the dumbest idea ever? All thoughts/comments/ideas would be very much appreciated. This contest would've ended with a 'fuck it, I quit' "over a year ago" if you guys hadn't stuck around. Your opinions matter. =P

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hace más de un año KarinaCullen said…
Sorry, i don't have a tumblr account.... i'm probably the only one, so if you choose to move this contest i will be out!
hace más de un año DarkSarcasm said…
Really? That's kind of surprising. I'm sure you'll get sucked in eventually. ;)
hace más de un año fanfly said…
In spite of my deep and abiding hatred for change...I might be interested. Not as a replacement for the Fanpop contest but as a supplement?
hace más de un año DarkSarcasm said…
My fear of change is what brought this on. I hope I'm just being paranoid, but I'm getting bad Fanpop vibes. I went on a rant about a month ago about how features the Old People use have been eliminated one by one, and... well... y'know. Felt the need for a backup plan.

Thought about it a lot today, and I'm leaning towards getting it going soonish, so it'll be like a companion contest. That way, if something happens here, it'll be an easier transition. (I'm sure KC will miss us and join the dark side eventually. =P) If I'm just being nuts, FanpopFAK goes on as planned and whoever does tumblrFAK gets another excuse to make pretties. (Chances of t!FAK happening: 63%)
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hace más de un año fanfly said…
^Sounds good to me.
hace más de un año Bibi69 said…
Well, it could be interesting! I wouldn't mine trying! :)
hace más de un año DarkSarcasm said…
hace más de un año fanfly said…
Not like I waited all morning for the first theme or anything. lol
hace más de un año DarkSarcasm said…
Did you not get the memo that I don't do mornings? =P I'll make it up to you somehow. ;)
hace más de un año fanfly said…
^Yeah you took away my excuse this morning to avoid cleaning the kitchen. You're gonna pay for that.
hace más de un año DarkSarcasm said…
hace más de un año DarkSarcasm said…

Fanpop pissed me off in February, which started the transition to Tumblr.

Tumblr just royally screwed everything, so you know what? We’re staying right the fuck here.

-FAK Challenge on Tumblr is on hiatus.
-Fanpop FAK will now operate as a 10-in-10. 5 themes, 3 category, 2 artist's choice. Less work for me, less work for you, we still get to icon and enjoy each others' creations/company. Wins all around!
-Since fFAK no longer has an expiration date, we’re going back to character-centric rounds, starting with 96.
-Rounds that end in 0 will be free rounds. (Just like old times.)
-You still don’t have to officially sign up, but let me know if you’re participating before the deadline so I don’t do picks without you.
-You can use any FAK, any time. Use her in every round, use her even if someone else does too, it’s up to you.

I know all the icon contests have had a major drop in participation, and everyone has lives and stuff... but dammit, as long as there's at least one other person willing to participate, this fucker's just gonna keep going. I'm not ready to give it up yet.

I’ll re-write the header to include the new info/get all the details straight soon. I’ll post an announcement on tumblr in a few days. (Tumblr link on Monday, because of link. Tell your friends.) Maybe a few people from there will join us here.

Questions? Comments? Exasperated sighs and "oh just give it up"s?
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hace más de un año misanthrope86 said…
hace más de un año DarkSarcasm said…
big smile
^Finding an excuse to use that line will make even the worst day a little better. ;)