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Cool video! Litterally!
mr w
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 zukisaru isabella sora and kallen atasunta (from left to right)
zukisaru isabella sora and kallen atasunta (from left to right)
i have never done a articulo o anything before so yeah XD..i didn't know what to do so i asked sora(haremaster99) and she dicho to do something about the atsunta sisters so i will

we where taking a walk to the park and where going to go for a picnic when we got there we found a nice place so we started to set it up"isabella can tu hold this end of the blanket and help me set it up?"said my older sister and the oldest of the four of us sora but i called her onee-chan(it means big sister in japanese)"sure"i went to go help her

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 me and her 2 years ago!
me and her 2 years ago!
theres all different typpes of pepole and theres all different types of ffriendships like me and my best pal chloep

tu know when it comes down to it real friends will always support tu the best they can but if maybe they dont seem to be helping tu with your problems then maybe right now they have theyre own issues so dont freak out try and help them just dont forget to save time for yourself!

^_^ =] :0 :D :p :9 :( :00 X) XD XP

make sure tu dont leave them out

always consider theyre feelings

if it aint working out try again if it still aint working maybe its for the best to división, split up for a while then get back together cause tu need each other!
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Hello, fellow fanpop users! Today, 1st January 2021, marks the 10th anniversary of the día I myself became a fanpop user. And, seeing as I've stuck around after all this time, becoming a Fanpopper clearly was a decision I did not regret.

As of right now, I am currently a member of 778 fanpop spots, have publicado over 25,000 contributions across the website, voted in más than 18,000 picks and written over 8,000 comments. Throughout my time here I have gone through my active and inactive phases (often depending on what else is going on in real life) and, every time I've come back on here after...
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