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 my cutest boy
my cutest boy
First, I 'm really glad I can become the fan of suju. when I found this boyband , I admit that I didn't notice Kang in opa. But when the time 's passad, he's the only one who can make me interested, excited and laugh. Whenever he says something , I really feel happy. Whenever he sings , I really feel alive. What! He's the SHINING estrella 4 me. I 've watched his drama "Romance Zero" and I know that he can act very well even if he 's not as great as some artists like kim myung min,rain, etc.
But I 'm sure that he 'll be perfect and expert sooner o later. Also, he is a kind-hearted and funny boy and he can make fans happy and relax. In these years, he encountered unfortunate actions and he couldn't take part in the activities. And now , he's in army. Although he 's not here with us , he 's still my shining star.( looking adelante, hacia adelante to 2012...Kang in opa , I amor YOU)
 my shining estrella
my shining star
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