emma watson National Movie Awards What u think ?!

kim1891 posted on Sep 30, 2007 at 02:07PM
OKK I watched it after X factor and glad to see that Emma and Dan And Harry Potter in genral won an award.
However I carnt say I liked what Emma was wearing (ok it was a bit cold)
And the Awards over all seemed to give awards to English movies only i dont have a problem with that but I like American Movies MOstly
What you think ????????????

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hace más de un año Laura90 said…
I watched it after X Factor too! :)
Anyways, I'm soo happy for Emma & I think she totally deserved the award. I'm glad Dan & Harry Potter did aswell! :D
I didn't dislike what Emma was wearing but, then again I didn't LOVE it!
Emma still looked beautiful, as always :)


Ooo I forgot to say that I just uploaded a video of Emma getting her award if any one missed it - or wants to watch it again! lol :)
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hace más de un año PotterGal said…
LOL. I watched it after X Factor as well. XD
I actually thought what Emma was wearing was pretty nice and i was so glad that Harry Potter won 3 awards. :)