eminem Why eminem is a REAL rapper

mrs-jacobblack1 posted on Nov 21, 2010 at 04:28PM
Eminem is a real rapper cuz he dusnt rap about "oh this girl is hot and we goin to my crib later and make out" or lik "oh i like that car,im probably gunna steal it later" no...eminem raps about life, and THATS a real rapper.

This is just my humble opinion, so if u dont like it then be a nice person and keep it to urself xD dont hate, appreceate.

So yes, eminem is a real rapper,and that day he dies
no matter how "macho' we thinK we are, we will
all cry for the king of rap...

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hace más de un año 11evan11 said…
damn thats deep. u right tho.
hace más de un año mrs-jacobblack1 said…
ahahaha thanx. and its truu... thats wat separates em frm evryone else