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Antititanik posted on Dec 28, 2018 at 07:52PM
Hi folks, in his book "The Way I Am" Eminem published some lines of text, which he himself regarded as waste and never used in a song. These lines are

Criminal individual push

Throat culture
Black vulture

An occult vulture
Cult vulture
Throat culture

However, in connection with these lines, I developed in my opinion very interesting musical ideas. I would like to realize them producing a song titled "Throat Culture" (feat. discarded lines by Eminem). As a guest singer I would like to employ a local songwriter, who is currently recovering after a chest and throat cancer treatment. My
wish is that "Throat Culture" would be the first production in which she presents her singing skills to the audience again.
Since the above lines of text were rejected by Eminem himself, he would probably not mind if someone used them elsewhere. In addition, I can contractually commit myself to concede Eminem 25% of possible income from this song for the text authority.
I first tried to contact Eminem's management via general email of Universal Music, but this is hopeless. Can someone help me please to find the direct contact data of Eminem's management so that I can ask for the permission? I would be very grateful for your answers.

For references here is a link to my last release
and the lyrics

planned singer

!!!! Best wishes for 2019 !!!!
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