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Everyone else seems to be escritura fanfic so I thought I'd give it ago. This is total crack!fic and inspired por late night a conversation with Kayleigh and Sophie, much as that that picture, I'm sure por now tu have all seen of Pregnant!Eleven, was. So on with the show! Part 1 of ?

The doctor was pretty sure that he’d never seen as many pill bottles in his life. Goodness knows why Amy had so many stacked up in her bathroom in the TARDIS. He briefly wondered if she was secretly some mastermind drug lord using his time/space machine to deal out her drugs all over the galaxy, but he quickly discarded...
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“She knows what happened!” Abby yelled. “Come on, we have to find that green wire before, I dunno, the PLANET explodes!”

Meanwhile, the Doctor was trying to prevent exactly that.
“Come ON, where are the bloody things?!” The Doctor roared. “I have to prevent this somehow, and it's too hard to find them! They SHOULD be out in the open! WHY ARE THEY TEASING ME LIKE THIS?!?!”

Okay, I know this is EXTREMELY short, but it needs needs NEEDS to go up now, because I'm absolutely positively STUCK. I know exactly how this will end, I know what the Doctor does, heck, I know the point of part 3! Problem it, I don't quite know how to write it. So, here's what I will do. tu send me ideas in a PM (private message) and I'll pick a couple of them for the siguiente chapter! Oh, and if tu can send me cake, I'll tell tu what the deal is here. (Like, why everything that's happening is happening.
posted by joejonasfan001
The tardis had just materialised in an old ancient castle. Amy poked her head out of the door looked around a bit and then stepped out

"We've gone all medevil"

Just then the doctor poked his head out of the door

"So we have. Which is really weird because i planned on going somewhere else"


"Well let just say that it wasn't meant to be here but since we are here...."

"Please tell me were not going to have a look around"

"Let's go and have a look around"

Amy couldn't help but smile at the doctor's childlike wonder. She hated him sometimes but that didn't matter. They set of to have a look around...
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posted by joejonasfan001
I found this and thought tu guys would like it.

“Doctor? Can tu hear me? … I know tu can hear me. I understand why tu have to do this, I mean… I guess I have always known that it was impossible for me to come with you, that the Tardis would not be able to handle the paradox. But a part of me wanted to believe that it was true, that it was possible, because tu taught me that everything is possible, as long as tu have the will to achieve it, like in the forest of the Byzantium when I was surrounded por ángeles and tu told me to walk as I could see; o when tu told me that I could...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
"Doctor? Doctor, wake up. Please." The Doctor woke to find himself back in the cell with Amy and River.
"Amy? Where am I?." He pulled himself up of the ground.
"Oh Doctor." Amy gave the tightest hug he ever had in his life. "I'm never gonna let anyone take tu away from me. Ever."
"Amy... I.. Can't.."
"Sorry." They gazed into each others eyes and placed their foreheads against each others.
"Doctor, did they do anything to you?."
"I remember being led into a room, they placed me into a machine and i felt pain going through my body. It was the worst thing i've ever felt in my life. I thought it was...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
The Doctor bent down and picked up Amy's necklace. A tear came to his eye.
"Doctor, What's happend?."
"Someone's took her. Someone took my Amelia. My wife. But they are about to realise, that They've made a BIG mistake." The Doctor ran into the TARDIS and switched on the montor, scanning to see if he could find Amy. River sat on the sofá and looked at him, worryingly. She had never seen the Doctor más determind about anything in his life.
"Doctor, She'll be fine."
"I know, But she's my wife. I need to find her." He went round the console pulling all diffrent levers, But he couldn't find anything....
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Ah, the long awaited sequel to Honeymoons! School starts for me in two weeks, which means it may be harder to update, but I will do my best! XD Enjoy, everyone!

Amy and the Doctor stumbled into the TARDIS, panting slightly, leaning against the door and sliding down to the floor, side por side. “Well, that was interesting.” Amy gasped. “Never been almost executed before.”
"Can't wait to find out why Leo hates me so much." The Doctor laughed shortly. “I've had my bad times with the king and queen, too, so that's no surprise.”
"Why, what happened?" Amy asked.
The Doctor grinned. “Let's...
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 Beautiful magnificent Amelia-no- Amy, Pond...
Beautiful magnificent Amelia-no- Amy, Pond...
“I’ll think you’ll like it on Castile six. Great planet it is, turquoise oceans and naranja grass, with yellow skies! And the Vergons are a lovely race.” The doctor exclaimed as he worked the controls of the TARDIS, flicking buttons and pulling leavers. After a few minuets of silence -which should of been filled with the the sarcastic retort from one Amelia Pond- he looked up, slightly confused. He could of sworn she was in the control room with him. But as he looked around now, she was no where in sight. He supposed she’d wandered off somewhere. Assistants tended to do that, then...
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posted by scarxtardis
Doctor and Rory stand there for a while, staring into each other’s eyes. Rory’s face is a mixture of anger, hate, love, thanks, friendship, but mostly, its pure agony. “Rory.” I croak, feeling nauseous. “Hello, Amy.” He says in that loving voice I remember. He walks over to me hesitantly towards me, and wraps his arms around me. I breathe in his deep, woodsy, leathery scent. “How... what... what happened to you?” He whispers into my hair. I look at Doctor. His eyes are looking away, his jaw tight, and his eyes are filled with hate. Hate of himself. “I... I got shot. por a Dalek...”...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Sequel to "I Remember". Set after the reception

The Doctor carried Amy 'Bridal Style' into the TARDIS. Both still laughing at the fact that when they were about to cut the cake, Amy dunked The Doctor's head into it.

"Your face Doctor! Was priceless!."
"And delicious!." He placed amy down on the sofa siguiente to the console while he pullled some levers and tried to decide where to take Amy on their honeymoon.

"Where do tu want to go on our honeymoon?."
"Anywhere as long as your with me." The Doctor smiled at her and sat on the sofa siguiente to her. He couldn't believe how lucky he was. He had just married...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
"DOCTOR!! tu bring him back o i'm gonna kick your backside!."
"Amy, listen to me. The Doctor will be fine. He'll find a way out of this. I know he will."
River went up to Amy and gave her a hug. Amy started to cry into River's shoulder. She just wanted her husband back.
"River, i just want him back, seguro in my arms. What happens if he doesn't come back? What happens if we are stuck here? What if one of us is next?." River took Amy out of the hug,sat her down on the bench in the cell and started to re-scan. Amy looked down at her wedding ring and couldn't help but smile.
"River, how long have...
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posted by joejonasfan001
As amy looked down at her newborn baby she couldn't help but smile. It had been a long 9 months and she was surprised that the doctor hadn't been annoyed with her because her hormones were out of control. She was always switching moods one minuto she was happy the siguiente she was angry but the doctor was still there for her. She was always hungry. The one thing she craved the most was pescado fingers and custard she had no idea that it tasted so good. But there was no denying that the baby was exactly like the father

"Hey" dicho the doctor coming through the door.


"How are you?"

"I'm good"

As the...
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posted by joejonasfan001

Amy Pond and Gwen Cooper have so much in parallel it’s unbelievable, it’s only just now twigged!

> Amy’s from Scotland, Gwen’s from Wales (albeit, the mostrar is set there)
> Also, Amy’s Scottishness and Gwen’s Welshness get brought up quite a bit.
> Amy and Gwen both had a Wedding involving an Alien. (It was also a big plot-thing)
> Amy and Gwen are both BAMFS.
> Amy and Gwen both don’t take their husband’s name when married.
> Amy and Gwen both have a secret thing for the Doctor//Jack, though still amor their respective partners.
> Amy and Gwen...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
The 'Doctor' woke up in the cell. He looked round and saw Amy lying asleep on The Doctor's chest and found River asleep on his. He looked at River and thought that she is the only person he could trust right now. Amy probably wouldn't even go near him. He stroked River's cheek with his thumb, then he gently lifted her head off his chest and placed it gently on the floor. He then went over to the cell door and scanned it with his sonic screwdriver, which woke up River.
"What are tu up to?."
"Trying to get us out of here."
"We've tried, theres no way out of here."
He put his sonicsrewdriver away...
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posted by joejonasfan001
The doctor was alone in the TARDIS, Amy and Rory had gone to bed. He was just roaming around the console and randomly pulling levers hoping to land somewhere were there was adventures to be had


"Amy, What are tu doing up? I thought tu were asleep"

"Couldn't get to sleep,I have a lot on my mind"

"Like what?"

Amy remained silent and just stared at the center of the Tardis watching the rotor go up and down

"Amy, tu know tu can tell me anything and if tu need help i'll always be there for tu no matter what"

"I know that, your my best friend. I just need to get away from Rory for a while"....
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1) The Doctor kept asking Amy if she was ok and he was so curious about Amy, and why wouldn’t Amy tell Rory at all, even if she though she wasn’t pregnant?!

2) Amy found a foto of herself holding a baby. Yes this is Amy’s baby cause in the foto tu see her looking exhausted and she’s wearing one of those apron/cover thingies. Which makes tu wonder if the little girl is her and Rory’s child….

3) River dicho that the little girl in the spacesuit is human but incredibly strong, maybe a mix of two species? *hint* *hint*

4) About what Amy dicho through the device, which Rory and the Doctor...
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The Doctor, Amy and Rory were in the TARDIS. Rory and Amy lay on their cama on their wedding night. Rory was sleeping whilst Amy just stared at him crying. Amy wished she never got married to Rory in the first place. She wished she would have remembered the Doctor before she got married. She left Rory in his cama and walked down the corridor where she met the Doctor, the person she was looking for.....

"Shouldn't tu be sleeping Pond" he asked quietly

"I wanted to tell tu something" she said

"What is it?"

Amy looked to the floor as if she was in shame...

"Come on Amy tu can tell me anything"

"I never wanted to get married"


"I wished that i would have remembered tu before i made a mistake"

"Why is it a mistake Amy?"

"I don't amor him Doctor, not like i amor you"

Then a door opened.....it was Rory
 Amy regrets getting married....
Amy regrets getting married....
posted by mossheart1235
Okay, so I've made a desicion. After this story- which will be rather short, I believe- I'm going to continue to write about Abby and Christian, as well as the others, HOWEVER all the stories coming up will be quick one-chapter-ers, unless I decide to make one... longer... ENJOY!!

Well, if Abby was in a TARDIS, the least she could do was explore it. She wandered from room to room, looking through libros and at old photos. (A/N: How is she doing this when I just established she's passing through everything? You'll find out!)
When she entered the library, however, she found a bunch of fotos scattered...
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Title: Behind Wide Eyes.

Author: Alexi95.

Characters: Amy, with mentions of The 11th Doctor & Rory.

Pairings: Amy/Rory and Amy/Eleven.

Rating: K+.

Timeline: Post Series Five Finale.

Word count: 472

Summary: 'Why did she have to remember now when she'd unknowingly made her final choice between her best friend and her childhood and beyond hero?' Xmas present for mossheart1235. Complete.

Warnings: Angst.

Spoilers: Spoilers for all of series five.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Steven Moffat and the Doctor Who team.

Author's note: Xmas present for mossheart1235. I wrote this little ficlet for her...
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Rory and I are sitting on a oscilación out the front of Amy’s house. “This is where we used to play. tu where there, too... in a way.” He laughs darkly. “Nice. I met her first right... there.” I point over to the crushed shed where we met 15 years ago. I clench my teeth. No. This isn’t like you, Doctor. tu can’t be... emotional. I mean, tu could, but why drag it along? tu have to get over it. But I can’t! It’s like a debate going on inside my head. “So that’s what happened to that shed.” He shakes his head. “We’d better go, before the fabric of time its self collapses,...
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