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The door opened and Derek appeared. He gasped at the blood and the insides lying on the floor.
“What happened?” he asked difficult.
“Exactly what happens when tu double cruzar, cruz me” Veronica shrugged. She walked past him to Jeremy’s cell. “Where’s Damon Salvatore?”
“They brought him to a private room, like tu asked” Derek answered agitated. “Veronica, tu need to call this off. What you’re doing is wrong”
Veronica turned to him. “You’d be very wise to shut up now” she said. She walked through a door at the end of the room, entering another one.
Damon was chained...
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“I can do this all night long, tu know” Charlene dicho a little bored. She had been cutting into Tyler’s body if she felt he wasn’t answering her preguntas in all honesty. And so far he hadn’t any answered any pregunta in all honesty. “I’m wondering” she dicho slowly and sinister. “if you’d be so unwilling if it were Caroline hanging here”
“If tu touch her I’m going to rip your head off!” Tyler snapped threatening.
“Yeah, good look with that” Charlene replied sarcastically, with a look at the chains. “Okay, I’ll make it easy for you. Answer one pregunta and...
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“You sure you’re okay with this?”
Alaric had offered to live with Elena and Jeremy and they had accepted. “It’s not too weird o anything?”
“No, Ric, you’re más than welcome” Jeremy said.
“What about you, Elena? Are tu okay with it?” Alaric asked.
Elena was busy with her phone, so she didn’t hear Ric. “Eh, what? Yeah, sure, no problem”
“Who’re tu taxing?” Jeremy asked.
“Damon” Elena said. “He won’t answer any of my calls, so I hope he’ll reply to my messages”
“He’s avoiding you?” Ric asked surprised.
“Seems like it” Elena said. “I don’t...
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Elena ran into Jeremy, which meant Alaric hadn’t been able to keep him away.
“Elena, we need to go and help Damon”
Elena nodded. “I know. I had a dream. I know what it sounds like, but it was real”
“He’s with Bonnie. We need to go to Bonnie’s” Jeremy said.
“Come on, we’ll take Damon’s car” Elena said. She and Jeremy ran to Damon’s car, which still had the keys in the connection. She turned them and started the engines. She pushed the accelerator and raced ahead.
She drove alongside other cars, causing other drivers to honk. She ignored them and ten minutes...
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posted by elena_22
I am honestly sick and tired of hearing people say "Selena treated Stefan badly!". Like the worst thing Elena did was be with Damon after the breakup (which wasn't wrong). And I'm sorry but how can Stefan stans say that Stefan treated her the best? Stefan fed her vampire blood and threatened to run her off Wickery bridge and kill her (the same bridge her parents died on)! He drank from her, called her a human blood bag, his obsession with wanting to know Elena in the pilot is what unleashed years of misery on her!

My segundo point is, how do people only blame Elena for sleeping with Damon? They should blame Damon too! After all, Damon did sleep with his brother's ex-girlfriend after the breakup and Damon gets no hate!
“Nice dress” a familiar, male and British voice whispered in Caroline’s ear. She startled, but recovered quickly. She tried to spot Damon and Elena, but since they were nowhere to be found, she took a deep breath and turned around.
“What do tu want?” she asked sharp.
“Well, first I would like to know why you’re not wearing the dress I sent you” Klaus said.
“You sent? Wait, tu gave me the dress with the note?” Caroline asked surprised.
“Of course” Klaus answered. “You didn’t think Tyler has that good of taste, did you?”
“Oh, well, ehm, I couldn’t wear it anyway”...
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Damon raced outside and got into his car. He turned around the keys and drove onto the street. He then pushed the accelerator pedal and raced ahead.
He tried to keep his eyes open. He should have drunken some blood, if only just a little bit. He could almost feel his body breaking inside. But he had to stay awake long enough to get to the hospital.
Other drivers were hooting, because he drove from right to left and from left to right.
“Where did tu get your driving license?!” someone yelled angry.
Damon felt his eyes fall down. The car drove for another few yards, while other drivers tried to avoid it.
Then the car drove off the road, turned over three times, landed on its upper side and caught fire.
Rebekah was sitting on the sofá in Stefan’s loft, while Stefan himself was trying to reach Katherine.
“Come sit with me, Stefan” Rebekah demanded. Stefan lifted his hand to shut her up. Rebekah frowned, insulted. She whistled and when Stefan turned around annoyed she poured her glass of blood on the couch. Stefan turned around again and stopped his attempts to get a hold of Katherine.
“Why am I even trying?” he mumbled.
“She’s not worth it” Rebekah scoffed.
Stefan turned to the cocina and searched through the cupboards. He then came back with a bucket with water, a sponge and...
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posted by _DarkPhoenix_
Name: Elena Gilbert

Nickname: Angel, Ice Princess, Ice Queen, Snow Queen, queen of Robert E. Lee

Birthday: Some día in 1974

Eyes: Lapis Blue

Hair: Blonde

Gender: Female

Species: Human, Vampire, Angel/Spirit

Astrological Sign: Unknown

Relationships: Almost all the guys around her. Known boyfriends are Matthew Honeycutt and Stefan Salvatore, though she occasionally shows feelings towards Stefan’s older brother, Damon Salvatore and she has admitted to loving him.

Children: None

Parents: Unknown. Elena lives with her aunt, Judith Gilbert and her fiancée, Robert.

Siblings: Margaret Gilbert

Powers: Standard...
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Damon looked around in the building, when he saw a silhouette. He rushed towards it and grabbed Veronica por her throat and lifted her from the ground. He threw her inside the fourth room where the fuego had started and locked the door. He heard her scream, but ignored it.
Damon turned around and Elena ran towards him. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.
“We have to get out of here” she dicho when she let go. Damon threw her in his arms and rushed outside.
“Elena, tu have to go back to the hospital” Damon insisted. Elena wanted to protest . She...
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“Why exactly are we doing this?” Stefan asked Rebekah. They were standing in front of the Boarding House.
“Because I’m going to be part of your life now and I want to know everyone that’s important to you. Your brother is important to you, isn’t he?”
Stefan sighed. “Yes, he’s very important”
“Well, then get inside” Rebekah dicho and she opened the door, entering the house. “Hello?” An instant later a strong hand grabbed her throat and forced her against a wall.
“Who are you?” Damon asked threatening.
“Well, I guess tu must be Damon” Rebekah dicho soft.
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Klaus walked over the street, dialing a number. He looked furious as he held his phone against his ear.
Rebekah’s phone buzzed and she rolled her eyes when she recognized her caller.
“Nik, what?" she asked annoyed.
“Funny, I was about to ask tu the same question” Klaus replied. “I can’t find Tyler anywhere. Do tu know where he is?”
“No, Klaus, I don’t know where your little perra is” Rebekah replied. “Now, for once in your life, do as I say and stay inside. Lock the doors and the windows and watch American Horror Story o something”
“I’m afraid I can’t do that,...
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posted by elena_22
While Elena's friends do amor her and help her, they en general, general blame their problems on her

Caroline- I amor the whole carelena friendship however, care is very judgemental! She kept judging Selena for wanting to be with Damon ( in ep 4x07) when all Selena really needed was a friend. Yet somehow when she sleeps with Klaus, Selena doesn't say a word even though Klaus killed Elena and Jenna! Also, notice how care doesn't realize for weeks that Katherine is in Elena's body yet when caroline's mother dies and care is about to turn her humanity off, Elena realizes something is off with care automatically!

Bonnie- Bon bon was a good friend to Elena but the only thing I don't like is how people blame bonnie's grandma's death on Elena!
Bonnie turned to Keith. “Have tu ever been in this house before?” Keith nodded heavy. “Okay, find me five candles and something to lit them” Keith ran off to fetch those things and Bonnie walked to the cupboard. She opened the drawers and searched them until she found a piece of paper and a pen.
“What are tu up to?” Matt asked both curious and fascinated. While Bonnie wrote something down she explained.
“Months hace I put a curse on Damon to keep him in check. I could follow his every word and move”
“Yeah, I know”
“It turns out there are some leftovers from that curse”...
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“Veronica, wait up!” Jeremy yelled as Veronica opened the door of her car. She took a deep breath and tried to keep a straight face.
Jeremy scratched the back of his head, searching for words. “Did tu hear me talking inside? Because I was just talking to myself” he lied. He tried to read Veronica’s face to see if she was buying it.
“Of course tu were” Veronica replied in a serious tone. She stepped in and after she inserted the key in the ignition she looked back at Jeremy. “You need a ride?” she offered.
“Actually, I was going…” Jeremy started, but Veronica...
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“What the hell are tu doing here?” he asked shaking.
“I’m just paying Elena a visit” Katherine dicho casual. “That’s all”
“How dare tu come around here?” Damon said. “After what tu did? tu attacked Elena, tu almost got me killed”
“I tried to convince tu to drink blood, but Rebekah compelled you” Katherine tried to explain. “Which is why I told tu tu have to drink vervain again”
“I want tu gone” Damon dicho threatening. “I want tu out of our lives, for good”
Katherine shook her head. “You need me, Damon”
“No, I don’t” Damon disagreed. “I...
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Bonnie opened her eyes and the candles expired. She stood and walked out of the square.
“I let him know” she said.
“Guys, I think tu should see this” Keith said. Bonnie and Matt turned around to him. He was leaning against the mesa, tabla with a bunch of letters in his hands.
“What do tu have?” Matt asked as they both walked to him.
“I found these in Jeremy’s pocket. I was looking for his phone, when these fell out. They’re from Kelsey to Veronica”
He gave a few to Bonnie and a few to Matt and he started lectura the first of his own.

“Dear Ronnie,

I’m sorry I had to leave so...
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Throughtout each season of The Vampire Diaries, I noticed that más people are starting to dislike Elena as a character. They say she is a slut, whore and one of the most undeveloped characters on the show. I disagree with these people for several reasons.

1. After becoming a vampire, people thought that Elena would become a better character and be able to defend herself like when Caroline became a vampire. However,some thought that she didn't improve and just became worse. Some think she cried and complained too much (in the episode memorial and when she killed Connor) They disliked her and...
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It was early morning, Saturday and Liz was gone to the office. Caroline rose from her cama and put on her dressing vestido and slippers.
She walked to the window and opened to let the fresh air ventilate her room.
Bonnie, who was still asleep, felt the cold wind and shivered. She opened her eyes and frowned.
“Sorry” Caroline said. “Sometimes I forget people get cold”
“Don’t worry about it” Bonnie replied, getting up as well. “I used to be a lot colder, when all those spirits where inside me”
“How are things with tu and Elena?” Caroline asked careful. “She didn’t seem to...
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She knocked three times, then waited for Bonnie to open the door. It was pretty cold outside, so she hoped her plan would work. Five minutos later, what took her so long?, the door went open and Bonnie appeared on the doorstep. She lifted up her chin and looked down on Katherine. “What?” she dicho short. Katherine forced a smile, which was hard enough, knowing Damon was inside there against his will. “Hi, Bonnie, I’m sorry to bother tu this late, but I need to talk to you” she said, trying to sound cheery. After all, Elena was in a cheery mood, so Katherine had to be too. “Really?...
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