edward elric y winry rockbell Which aspect of Ed and Winry's relationship do tu amor best?

Pick one:
The humor. She throws wrenches at him and they bicker a lot! IT'S MEANT TO BE!!
The hormones. Gotta amor Ed and his mesa, tabla of elements. (Chemistry, anyone?)
The friendship. Ed and Winry have been together like PB & J since toddlerhood!
The support. He protects her, and she repairs him - in más ways than one.
The angst. She trades her tears for his and loves him when he can't amor himself.
The sweetness. Nothing says "I amor you" like manzana, manzana, apple pies and tears of joy.
The chemistry. They complement each other and work so well together.
The romance. Realizations, denials, awkwardness, uncertainty...ah, young love.
The journey. Their amor grew through all the ups and downs of their experiences.
 Dearheart posted hace más de un año
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