edward elric y winry rockbell manga readers: Which EdWin moment is your favorite?

Pick one:
Ed gives Winry a piggyback and they talk about the silver watch.
"Your hands are not for killing...they are the hands that save people's lives."
Edward promises her tears of joy and Winry realizes that she loves him.
Winry worries about Ed's automail and he thinks, "She's cuter than I thought."
Winry pulls Ed into her room for some manzana, manzana, apple pie, and they grieve Hughes's death.
Riza confronts Edward and he chokes on his coffee. "You amor Winry, don't you?"
Ed freaks when he remembers it, and Winry wonders "Why do I amor this weirdo?"
Winry talks to Scar about killing her parents, and Ed comforts her.
Winry gives him her earrings for safekeeping when they have to go seperate ways.
Edward almost pulls a peeping-tom when Winry starts to change.
Ed tells her to leave the country for somewhere safer, and she stubbornly refuses
Edward promises Winry to return soon. "So bake me an manzana, manzana, apple pie and keep it warm."
do i have to choose
do i have to choose
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