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Duncan And Courtney are Sexy and the know it <3
duncan y courtney
posted by Courtneyfan101
Duncan's POV:I heard my phone ring as I picked it up and answered it.

"Hello?"I answered.
"Duncan,dude tu gotta get over to Bridgette's place now."Geoff said.
"Courtney's gone missing.She left Bridgette a message on her mchine and,you just gotta get over here."Geoff dicho and hung up.

Duncan's POV:I hung up my phone as Gwen asked what's wrong."Why are tu still here?!"I asked."Because I amor you."she said."You don't know what amor is.You just stalk people."I said.I walked toward the door as Gwen said,"Where ya going?" "None of your business."I said.I got into my car as I saw Gwen get into the passenger...
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posted by DandC4evacute
(OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO SO SORRY! I JUST WAS SO BUSY AND NEVER THOUGHT OF THIS! I WON'T LET tu DOWN AGAIN! for new people, DXC and DXG are broken up and Courtney is with a new guy named Andrew who is seemingly the "perfect" boyfriend and Duncan doesn't know what he thinks of it. Courtney is a lot different in things that don't have to do with competition, so that's why she's so nice.)
~in Courtney's room she is alone~
Courtney: *is fixing hair*
Duncan: *comes in through the window*
Courtney: Duncan? what are tu doing here?
Duncan: my parents kicked me out....
Courtney: still tu can't stay here!...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
Courtney's POV:"Welcome to Vegas Princess!"I heard.I looked toward the ovice and saw that it was my ex-boyfriend,Danny."Danny?What are tu doing in Vegas?"I asked."Well tu know what they say?Vegas is the gateway to forgetting all."Danny said."Good to know."I said."Courtney,after we broke up,I never stopped loving you."Danny said.I smiled as well as Danny.Danny leaned his head in and kissed me.It reminded me of the times I shared with Danny.It was just like the times with Duncan,only Danny loves me all the más when I tell him things I can't tell anyone else.He broke the kiss and asked,"Will...
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posted by sugarsweet076
Tell me if yu guys like it.

We were layin on my bed.I was in his arms with my head on his chest listenin to his heartbeat.

"What are the odds of me kissin tu rite now" I raised my head up lookin at him.

"It depends"He held me closer.our lips were a millmeter away.

"Why wont tu kiss me....are yu scared?"

"....No" after i dicho that he kissd me.I pulled away as our eyes were locked on each other.

"...........how did i fell for you?"

"...I can ask tu the same thing" we were both breathin heivy.
Courtney's POV:I picked up my phone and put in Bridgette's number."Bridgette,I know this is out of random,but I'm going to Vegas and I want tu to come with me."I said."Why are tu going to Vegas?"Bridgette asked."Boyfriend trouble and I just gotta get out of this city.so are tu coming o not?"I said."Yeah,but when are tu leaving?"she said."Right now."I dicho and hung up.I didn't feel like packing too much so I just packed a toothbrush,hair brush,toothpaste,a few changes of clothes and of course,my Miss Disappear suit.I left my apartment and went over to Bridgette's house siguiente door.Bridgette...
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posted by crazy-yanu
In a cafe in New York, 3 friends were talking about different topics. One was a brunette and was characterized por freckles on his face, the other was a Goth, who had his hair dyed in shades of blue and the third was a brunette named Heatder.

They were there at a mesa, tabla near the window where tu could see the view of the city, where millions of people walked the streets enjoying the beautiful autumn afternoon.

Suddenly, Courtney's cell phone began to vibrate with her favorito! song, that was Bad Boy in a band called Waterfall, and it reminded him of someone special to her.

It read:

Hi, which makes...
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posted by Depressed671
Hi:D I would just like tu to know that Duncan and Courtney are both 11 in this story, kay? It adds cute-ness to it >w<

Duncan's POV:

"Ouch! What the shit, Jordan?" I shouted, as my annoying younger sister pierced the needle into my skin. "If tu want to impress her por putting on your stupid bad boy facade, tu have to stop freaking SQUIRMING!" She snarled, piericng the needle in my ear again. I groaned in pain as she used peroxide to clean up the blood. "Really, why couldn't Terrence have done it?" I asked through clenched teeth.

"Ugh. Because,...
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Courtney´s Pov
It was so weird to be laughing with people my age!!! Actually it was jus too weird too laugh!! I was starting to like the parties!!! Gwen was too nice with me... She had already introduced me to some of her friends: a big guy with a sweet expression named DJ, a pretty redhead girl named Izzy, a green-eyed boy and black hair named Trent, a beautiful and friendly blonde girl named Lindsey that had no idea of what sense common was and a guy named Tyler that dicho he loved sports...
They were too funny to be with, and Geoff made me feel like if i wasnt a stranger in his party.

We were...
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posted by reyfan01
The gun shot echoed through the warehouse. Alejandro flinched as he slowly dropped to one knee and held onto his injured gun shot wound to the shoulder. Courtney stood her ground and glared a hole to the back of Alejandro's head. Duncan looked up and admired HIS hero. Courtney actually shot a guy to try to save him. He really was impressed.

Alejandro starts to get up and graons in pain. "THE siguiente SHOT WON'T MISS YOUR HEAD! NOW DROP THE GUN!"Courtney yelled out. Alejandro looked back and didn't seem convinced the lady would shoot him, but he obeyed. As he slowly put down his gun Courntey was...
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posted by Isabella121797
Trent's POV:
All día I thought about Courtney and Gwen.
Was I just looking for something to take my mind off of Gwen?
This and más thoughts streamed threw my mind.

I was looking for Gwen to find out.
I saw her in the hallway.
She noticed me and smiled.
I just walked right up to her and kissed her.

My stomach did a 360.
I felt the spark I did on the island and I needed to know if she felt the same...

Gwen's POV:
I was stunned and confused.
A feeling surge from my feet up to my head.
All the uncertain and doubts were swept away.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back.

"What was that for? I thought...
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posted by Isabella121797
Courtney's POV:
I missed school for the first time in years yesterday.
I just couldn't face Duncan o Trent.
If I saw Gwen I would probably puñetazo, ponche her.
Then Chris with his camera's, I would amor for him to try to stick one in my face.
But that was yesterday, and today my mom made me go.

I decided that I should switch up my wardrobe.
So I put on something new:

-Black Skinny Jeans
- A Short Sleeved, Flowy Flowery camisa, camiseta with a Zipper Down the Middle.
-Peach Flats
-A Black Bracelet.

I grabbed my black bolso, monedero and my favorito! black sunglasses, and walked out the door.

I arrived at school.
Everyone was already inside...
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posted by Isabella121797
Chris's POV:
"So the campers think that they have problems now...heh! Now its time to make this más interesting. We are bringing back challenges, camera's, and DRAMA!"

He says into the camera.

"And I will start with exploiting them once again. Starting when they arrive this morning. Welcome back to Total Drama Tragedy!"

Courtney's POV:
I woke on my cama to the ring of my phone.
I read the message:

Auditorium before the bell.


I look up at Bridgette who got the same message.

"This isnt good." We say at the same time.

She leaves to get ready.
I go to my closet an grab my regular outfit.
I walk out...
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Duncan`s Pov
I woke up in the same empty room where i have been living for the last 3 days. My personal guard was that annoyinf brunnette named Courtney, which meant that i had been completely alone.
For the last three days, i hadnt say a word because the only thing she dicho was "Shut up"... All i had been doing was sleeping and eating, oh and starring at Courtney`s living statue, but the fourthe morning there was a change in my new and boring routine.

This Courtney, came with a happy face and almost running which was rare in her "Miss Independent" attitude. She had something little but noisy...
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posted by dxcfan
She looked at Duncan, and gasped. He looked at her puzzled. He got up and walked past her, and shook his head astonished. "Freak." He gestured, and walked off while the campana rang, leaving Courtney curled up on the floor.

Courtney started to get up, receiving some criticizing and insulting looks. She grabbed her bag, that fell from her hand during her little dramatic scene. She sank further into her jacket, and slowly approached her first class, trying to leave behind all the drama.

Attempt failed.


It was about the middle of school, and it was lunch time. Courtney's first four classes went...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
Courtney's POV:"Try asking for my number."I dicho as everyone oohed."I just might."Duncan dicho walking closer."I dare you."I dicho in return coming so close to him.I could smell his Axe colonge.It was Kilo scented.It smelled so good."Okay y'all,if this is gonna get intense,then y'all gotta take it out to the parkin' lot."the DJ said."My pleasure."I dicho walking toward the door.Duncan followed me outside and pinned me against the brick wall."You got guts kid.Stading up to me like that."Duncan said."That was nothing."I said."So what's your name?"he asked."If tu want to know so badly,it's Courtney."I...
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posted by reyfan01
"Duncan tu aren't thinking straight! tu cheated on this girl years hace and got with her best friend, why would she still want you?!"nIKKI screaming into the phone to knock some sense into her stubborn cousin. Duncan was calling room service while she was talking and ordered the sweet enamorados special, a meal with complimentary candlelights and a plate large enough to eat on the bed.

"Duncan are tu even listening to me?"Nikki screamed. "Yeah yeah sure sure, hola if tu were Court would tu want the leg o the breast of the chicken?"DUncan asked. Nikki groans on the other line and falls back onto...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
Courtney's POV:"Bridgette!Are tu ready yet?!"I called from downstairs."I can't find anything to wear!"she replied."You have tons of clothes!Pick an outfit and let's go!"I said.Bridgette and I are going to this club I heard about.It's a dance club.I opened the front door then closed it and watched as Bridgette slid down teh rail of the stairs and hit the floor with her sneakers."Took ya long enough."I said."WhaterevLet's go."Bridgette said.We walked out the door and got into the car and drove off.We came up to a big door with a bunch of graffti on it."Is this the place?"Bridgette asked."Yup."I...
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As i watched the clouds flow across the sky i sighed happily knowing that life was going to turn into something amazing i thought of Duncans soft lips and light eyes how i couldn't control my emotions around him how i lost full self confidenece and how he dumped his whole wedding for me. that is one man i thought how i would do anything to keep our relationship together.i heard a knock on the door and it broke my día dreaming i skipped over to the door i opened it to something más hideous than modusa...GWEN she scowled at me "You little STRIPPER i knew tu were out for Duncan from the start...
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 Courtney wants movie night with best friend
Courtney wants movie night with best friend
Chapter 2:The Ugly Truth
    It had been a week hanging out with Destiny times like this I really wish I didn’t care for her so much she took me shopping and made me go to a Justin Bieber concierto I stood there wondering what went so wrong what got so out of hand with me and Duncan’s relationship I looked up at the sky it now reminded me of….
    I was at the airport with my mom to pick up my brother me and Duncan were at least 14 years old then he was at a trip with his dad beyond the equator I think to Alaska I wasn’t fascinated it had been about...
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 Courtney gets a surprise phone call
Courtney gets a surprise phone call
when i woke up Destiny had left a sticky note on my forehead it read Dear Court,I"m going out of town for all this week left tu some money for stuff on the dresser will call tu later amor ya Destiny<3
i sighed i was going to be alone all this week i frowned i slumped over to the fridge to find something to eat ther was absouloutly nothing i groaned i heard my phone ring not bothering to look at the caller ID i picked up "Hello." i dicho dully "Courtney tu picked up!" i heard the voice say "Who's this?" "It's Duncan." my emotions turned completley upside down "Oh hi how are you?" i could...
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