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Courtney’s POV

A screen flashes overhead, and I glance up. The store’s small televisión produces two black and whites figures. It’s an old movie, and I’m absorbed in it. Mainly, because it’s unreasonable.

“Oh!” The woman cries as the man takes her in his arms swiftly. She turns the other way, but the man continues to pursue her. Suddenly, their eyes meet, and the young woman swoons. A soft expression overcomes her features, and she smiles sweetly. “Oh, Johnny!” And they begin to kiss.

I scowl and ball my hands into fists. “Please! Like that really happens. What if she’s secretly...
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i cant do this!! i'm not going to brigette! i cant marry him i know its gonna end badly!!- courtney
just because ur not thrilled about this doesn't mean tu WONT get the million! tu will if tu just complete the challenge, oh and here tu go here are the vows now have fun go down that aisle and act like nothing is wrong!!- brigette
courtney walked down the aisle
oh god! when she walked down the aisle all i could think about is how much i loved and how hot she looks in a wedding dress!- duncan
courtney got to the alter and chris, who was actuación as the preacher- did all the usual wedding stuff then he got to the challenge part of this
okay the challenge part is that heehee, tu have to say no and tu have to say yes at the same time!!!- chris

okay ya i kno its short but hey!! there will b más tomorow
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Duncan's P.O.V

After School I sorta made her miss the bus so i could drive her home. when she wasn't looking i sorta estola her dairy too.After i saw that she was seguro in her house i drove home.I walked to my room to hear Justin and Gwen in there.So i walked to Justin's room.i heard them out in the hall so i walked out in the hall.

"Ill call tu later baby I amor you" Gwen dicho besar him.

After she saw me he started besar justin más and crazier.

"Sweetheart quit tu are not making my jealous"

"Yea sure im not tu always do this tu are just made i chose Duncan over tu Justin..hes My everything"...
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''Get over him , Courtney,get the hell over him !''she dicho , talking to herself.As she was moving towards the couch,she heard the doorbell ring, ''Who the hell could be here?'' Courtney yelled.''Hello?'' she answered.''Princess !'' Duncan yelled. ''What the hell are tu doing?''she asked,as he shut the door and locked it.''I need tu back,Princess.Gwen is going back with Trent and I'm stuck with no place to stay''.he cried.''Why should i care ? tu broke up with me to be with her !''she shouted.''I was wrong,Princess.I broke up with tu because I thought tu didn't amor me like tu used to''....
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Courtney`s POV:I have always been a surfer for as long as I can remember.It all started when my cousin Bridgette taught me how to stand up on a boogie-board in a pool.I stood on the board for más than 10 minutos with no más than a little hesitation.Bridgette dicho I was ready to try it out on the ocean,but I needed practice.She taught me how to paddle,(have long,and smooth strokes)to go under the first wave,and to have no fear.I was surprised that Bridgette knew all that and taught me all that when we were both only 6.But that was 11 years ago,now Bridgette and I have different lives.We haven't...
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Courtney's p.o.v

"I'm so happy you're my girlfriend." Billy dicho as Duncan walked by.

"Yea me too" I dicho as i was sorta shocked that billy dicho that as he walked by.I still like duncan ALOT. It's just why should i trust him after what he did to me?I mean yea i man a mistake too but that was before i even kissed duncan is episode 12.Yea that was funny.He fell from the tree.He never shut up about it,All he was saying was i didn't fell i wanted to jump off so when i fell he would catch me.That was sweet.Before the bondfire we stayed together and talked.He told me why he went to juvie.And i told...
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(I miss you, I miss you)
Hello there, the ángel from my nightmare
The shadow in the background of the morgue
The unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley
We can live like Jack and Sally if we want
Where tu can always find me
We'll have halloween on Christmas
And in the night we'll wish this never ends
We'll wish this never ends
I can't belive I just cheated on Courtney. I loved her, we could've been together forever, and I broke her heart. She trusted me. How could I've done something so heartless? We could've been unstoppable, She'd be with me right now, besar me romanticly, I'd never...
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Courtney POV
ok im worryed about Duncan he showed up half a día 3 days hace now hes not mostrando up im worryed....BECAUSE HE'S NOT DOING SCHOOL!!!

um so im just going to his house to check on him and give him his homework but my friends bridgette and GWEN r coming with me so we're just 1minute away

Gwen-um is this the right address
Bridgette-is a busted werehouse good
Courtney-don't worry lets go

we made it in but no one was there so we just explore it was creepy but we couldn't find anyone so we left duncans homework and was about to leave until

Gwen-whats wrong
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Courtney`s POV:I was dead asleep.I was too tired to mover o let alone get up.I know I dicho I don`t sleep,well,let me back up.i do sleep,I just don`t sleep as much as Geoff,Bridgette,Trent,Gwen,ir Duncan do.Then I felt water on my face.I didn`t move.I felt it again.I didn`t move.After the third time,I sat up and got out of my bed.I stood up and saw Trent,Gwen,Bridgette,Geoff and Duncan holding either a large bucket of water,a super soaker,or a water gun.As for Bridgette,she was twirling water in her hands.(It`s a water bending thing.)"This is what tu get for waking us up."Duncan said."Guys...
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Duncan's POV

I opend my front door, and saw Courtny stan there, dripping, and wet.

"Princess, why are tu so wet?"

"Uhm, if tu can't see it, it's raining outside. Would tu mind if i come in?"

"Uhm, no, just come on in!"

She walked past me, and her eyes widend.

"Duncan, i've never seen your house befor! It's so amazing and beautiful."

"Not near as much as tu are."

She slightly blushed, as i slihgtly(sp?) touched her chin.

She sat down on her couch, and i asked if she wanted some hot choclate (it was December, and the snow had just started to fall, and the entire city was covered in white snowflakes,...
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Courtney's POV:

We finally got onto the island, we were all looking at our old cabins and remincing on old memories. I was on the porch of the Killer bajo cabina when I overheard Duncan talking to someone.

"Look, man, they seriously left 'em here, see." Then I guess he pointed at something.

I then found out he was talking to Geoff when he said, "Dude! That's the 'DxC' tu wrote when she left. Man tu were torn after that."

Obviously Duncan hit him because I heard a wince of pain, "Dude, do NOT say that so loud she could HEAR!"

"Sorry, man, it's just that if tu still got the hots for her ask her,...
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Chapter 7: Melting

Courtney woke up feeling numb to the bone. Her muscles felt like gelatina, jalea while her legs and vulva felt sore. Duncan had her back firmly pressed against his chest with one hand resting on her breast. She felt so warm and heavenly being held in his arms, she couldn't even believe she was here. She was sure this had to be some kind of crazy dream, how could it get any better?

"Morning sunshine."

Courtney automatically smiled as she moved against him lovingly. She could only hum in response too tired to use her voice. Duncan buried his face in her hair and softly rubbed the...
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