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hey!!!!! I'm starting this fanfic on a girl who lives in this imaginary land( like in Eldest.) and things like dragons and unicorns and elfs exist. if something is to like the book Eldest, please ignore it. I read the first book and thats how I got the idea for this.

Title: The Dragon Girl

rating: C

A/n: just enjoy!!!!!! And if there is a spelling mistake, sorry. you could mention it, and give the correct spelling of the word.............

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Chapter 1

I was sitting on a thick wooden bench with a bunch of other kids my age, all of us looking nervouse. I watched as kids were called into the testing room, then a couple minutes later they came out. Most looked relived. But some..... some looked even more nervouse than before. As I watched them leave, I wondered when I would be called and what the test was like. It was a test for your future, of course, to see if you were special or not. if you were normall, then you got to go home. if you were special, well, you got to go home for one month. Then you had to leave for the next four years. Of course, the kids who left whent to a Dragon traing school. Well, not A dragon training school, THE dragon training school. The one a million miles away. The one that had dragons. The one tha- I was jolted out of my thoughts by my twin sister,Linny, who had just gotten out of the testing room.

" Rya! Rya! I'm not leaving! I didnt pass!" Linny exclaimed as she hugged me. " I cant tell you anything about it though. I wish I could." She sat down next to me.

" well, your not going, so that means that I'm probably not going. Good, I did not want to go." I felt like a huge wheight had been lifted from my sholders.

"I kn-" Linny was interupted by a man announcing my name. "your turn." she said. "good luck." And I walked into the testing room. big mistake.

the room was a lot bigger on the inside than on the out side. it's walls were made of black stone, with nothing but a big table in the center of the room. behind the table sat three men. They looked really old, stern, and kind of mean. Behind them sat... dragons. Three huge, massive Dragons. One was light blue, one was dark green, and the last one was a dark grayish. They each sat behind an old man, so I assumed that the men were dragon riders.

As soon as they heard me come in, the three old men stopped doing whatever. They all looked me up and down, and wrote something on a peice of parchment in front of them.

"What is your name, girl?" The second man asked, his tone sounded like he wasn't speaking his birth toung. I was slightly confused by this, because surly they knew my name?

"Rya." I answered anyway. He raised an eyebrow, nodded, and rote something down that was probably more than my name.

"Get on Genson." the first one said in a normal tone. He waved his hand, and his green dragon steped forward.

"What?" I took a step back.

"get-on-the-dragon." the man said, annoyed. I slowly walked over to the dragon, letting him sniff my hand. If this worked with a horse, then it sould work with a dragon. i ran my hand down his neck as i walked over to a spot were his neck met his back, and then as smoothly as I could, lifded my self on. It felt amazing to be on the dragons back. The scales were hard and smooth, and it felt so comfortable. Then genson lifted his wings and hovered about fifteen feet above the ground. i clung on to his spikes and squeesde my legs. Genson flew around the room several times, then landed. When I dismounted, my legs were shaky but I was grinning. The old men waved me over, and i stood in front of them, waiting.

" your a born dragon rider." The third mad said, looking up from his notes. I felt my face pale. No.....

well? did you like it???????
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Chapter 2

I wa silent ont the ride home. Ma had given us two horses for the day to ride there and back. Linny on our barn horse, and me on the horse Da uses to go to town for the day. Linny was talking exitedly with the other kids from our town. There wernt many, only 7. And me and Linny were the only ones that were directly related.

I was looking on to the distance when Henna, the buchers daughter, trotted up on her pony. " Rya, whats wrong? did you get chosen?" henna and I were freinds because we both were kind of shy, small, and late bloomers.

"yes." i looked at her, not bothering to hold back my fear. " Do you know what it will be like?"

"Even though my older brother goes to the Dragon Academy, no. I havent heard from him in three years. he promised he would come home for the summer- you still have classes during the summer, just not as much- and tell us all about it last year. He never did." henna got a distant look in her eyes, like every time she talks about her brother.

"Were you chosen?" I asked.

"Yes. But i'm staying neutral on the subject untill I get there." Then her eyes seemed to snap back into focus. " I see the first farm!" she shoted. The group of kids cheered. The first stop was Brian, then Kenny, then Tian, then Rehily, then Linny and me. Henna lived in the city, over her da's butcher shop, so she had to ride the extra half a mile alone, but in yeiw of the town.

When I saw our warm farm house, the smell of beef welcoming you, I didn't know how to tell them that I was leaving in a month. Linny noticed my nervousness.

"rya, it's going to be okay. It's not your fault." she placed a hand on my arm. I nodded, but i could just imagin my familys faces when they hear that I'm leaving. My Ma, Da, Gran, my little brother Tenson, Linny, all gone for four years. There all I have ever none. I was born here, grew up here, I planned on having a family here, and even dying here.

Linny and me put the horses away and started walking to the house. I walked a little slower than usual, to let Linny get in front of me. She opened the door, and I heard shouts of laughter. I paused, then slipped inside, unnoticed. i crwled along the walls, tears filling my eyes. Then, as I was about to slipp into my room, Ma asked were I was. And i had to give them an answer.

"I have one month." I said before Linny could answer. All eyes turned to me. " One month before I leave." And I stepped into my room, closing the door to all my familys sad and scared faces behind me. i sat on my bed and let myself become oblivios to all noises. tears rolled down my cheeks. i closed my eyes and sat there for who knows how long. Then I felt an arm wrap itself around me. Ma. I let myself cry on her solder, letting myself be babied for a bit.

"I-I dont want to go, Ma. I c-cant go." I sobbed. she kissed me hair and smoothed it out.

"It wil be okay, Rya. It will. you wait and see." Ma soothed me. I sobbed some more, then she put me to bed.

The next morning, I felt a little better. i eaght my breakfast, laughd, and no one mentioned a thing about dragons. I did my chorse, played with Tenson, and ran an errand for Ma, picking up the paper on the way for Da. I happened to pass the bucheres shop, and I hesitated before going in. There was a square room, with bits of meet hannging on the walls, and one butcher counter on the far side. Hennas Da stood on the other side of the counter, chopping up some meet. i walked over.

"Hi, Brinson." he looked up.

"Good afternoon Ms. Rya. here for anything in paticular?" he rubbed his hands on his bloody apron. Things like this didnt scare me or freak me out. Like most village kids across Alashia, I have been comeing to the butcheres market to pick something up since I was seven. It seemed normall to me.

"no. Is henna here?" he nodded and waved me to the back door. It lead to a flight of stairs, wich led up to two rooms. the fathest one was Hennas. I walked in, and found henna sitting on her bed, stairing out the window.

"hi henna. Are you okay? how was your da in taking the news?"

"oh, hi Rya. I'm fine. he was acually really good about taking the news. How 'bout you?" henna never took her eys of of the window.

"Well, my family was good with it, but I wasnt. i started crying as soon as i said it." She nodded. "i dont want t leave, i just want to stay here, live here, die here. You know?"

"I'm acually looking forward to it." Henna wispered.

"what? Why? I thought you were neutrall!" I sat on the bed next to her.

" I know, but I find it exiting. You dread it because you have a whole family. You have a soled fondation here. I only have Da. I will miss him a lot, but i like the idea, of going to places unknown, to see new sights, to be someone different."

" I gues......" I siged, and stood up." Well, I got to go. i only come by to say hi and ask how he took it." I waved bye and left.

The next three weeks and four days whent on like nothing ever happened. I did my chorse, played, laughed, talked to henna, and lived life. But it was alwase hanging over me. The last day was werse. I woke up like every day, but then i saw my knapsack on the floor. I walked over to it and picked it up. It was a light, faded blue, and I usssually used it for when i was going to market day. I opened it and put all my clothes in it, leaving one pair for the next day. Ma had made me some new clothes, and bought me onother pair of shoes. i put them in to. then I whent out to live the lst day here, for four years. I lived it as best as i could.

Then night came. I whent to bed early, but sleap didnt come easily. I tossed and turned for an hour before an empty, lifeless sleap came. i woke up to an empty, silent house. That was strange, because I'm ussually the last person up. I got out of bed, put on my clothes, and sholdered my knapsack. I walked out of my room and saw that everyone was still asleep. i waited for someone to wake up, and finall Tenson came out of Ma and Da's room. He looked at me with his big brown eye's, and I didnt know how i could do this. he was only three years old. I motioned for him to come sit on my lap.

"now tenson, I need you to give Ma and Da a mesage for me, okay?" he nodded his slepy head. "tell them that I love them, and that I'll be fine. tell them not to worry. can you do that?" he nodded again." godd boy." I kissed the top of his head." be a good boy for me, Tenson. stay a good boy." he nodded one last time, and I put him back down. i felt teers sreak my face as I walked out of my cottage, out the little fence. I paused, taking it all in. Then I turned around, and started walking.

(Linny's POV)

I woke up after a great nights sleep. I got up, changed, and left my room. ma was making some breakfast, Gran was watching her, and Da was just comeing out of his room.

"morning, Linny." Gran greated me. i smiled, and noticed Tenson was standing by the window, staring out. I walked over to him.

"Tenson? What is it?" he turned around.

"Rya left. wear she go?" but the words were barly out of his mouth befroe ma droped her spoon, and raced to Rya's room. she flung the door open, but there was nothing there. Ma clasped her hand to her mouth.

"Today.... she was supposed to leave today.." She mummered. Then she started crying. We tryed to comfort her, but we couldnt. Then Tenson spoke up.

"She left a message. She said that she loves us, and not to worry, and she will be fine." Tenson walked up to ma and hugged her.

i couldn't belive it. Rya, my half, my twin, the one who had alwase been there for anyone Rya, was gone......

please comment!!!!!!
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wow...... second chapter in a row..... weird......... now, like my son of Neptune fanfic, i am doing this FOR FUN..... but I would like it if people would COMMENT!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 3
(Rya's POV0

Every one who got 'claimed' whent to the testing room. It was carved into the side of a mountain, so we all met up with each other sooner or later. Since the testing room isn't for only our vilage, there were three other villiges assigned to the same room. When we were all there, strange looks were being exchanged. Especially my village group, because there was only three of us. Henna, Rehily, and me. Rehily was nice, but she was loud and bold. Thats why we were so glad that she was chosen, not someone like Tian or Kenny, because she could return the stares. We waited there for an hour, then the old men who had tested us showned up.

" I am Monty. I will be leading you to Darion, were you will be trained, recevie your own dragon, and become a master dragon rider." He stared us down." You have been picked out of your imediate responce to the Dragon words, and your ability to mount and ride a dragon around the testing room without falling of. You were born like this, nothing can change it." Then he pointed to the men behind him. " Tharo will be also leading you, and Herty will fly ahead to warn them of your arival." At his words, horty mounted his dragon and took of into the sky. he flew along the rige of the vally, then disappeared inbetween a small gap in the mounain. "well, come on then! lets not take all day!" Monty mounted his dragon and turned him to follow the way horty had gone. It was a walk, so it wasnt that bad, and Monty taught us the names of plants that are edible and not, and what scares away bugs, what is posionus to snakes, what attracks them, and what gives you rashes and bumps.

But when we stopped for the night, I relised I was dead tired. My feat were sore, my legs were sore,and my head hurt. Monty told us that we each find a spot with our own villages and to put a green palm leave over us, to keep the bugs away. everyone grabbed a leave and set up there sleeping places. Henna, Rehily, and me choses a spot near the middle of the circle, and we set up our personal sleeping places in a half circle. I lay on my back and stared up at the stars. Some one started singing the old folk song that was known throughout Alashia. I quickly second it. One by one, kids took up the song. Morty looked at us in surprise, but didnt say anything. The song ended, and I fell asleep.

The next day was like the first one. Morty showed us some more plants, and quizzed us on the ones he had already taught. At night, someone started the folk song again, and we all sang. It made me feall like I'm part of a group, this one, and I felt special. The next day, we left the mountains. We all felt sad to leave out home earth. We had grown up there, and it felt like we were betraying it by leaving. We left the mountains for marshy plains, and thouse were to flat for our liking. We troged unhapily past those, and we made camp. The song that night sounded sad, and we all were. Then Morty told us that tomarro was the last bit of it, and that cheered us up a little.

When we woke up that morning, we did everything a little quicker. Packed, put out the fire, brushed out our tracks. I was so exited to have an acual matriss to sleep on. My back was getting sore, along with my legs and feet.

The day was half over, and kids were loosing hope. We were walking slower, not talking, when we enterd a large vally. It had lush plants, beutifull flowers and birds and squirlls chattered from atop the trees. The enterence was thin, but when we were a few feet in it widened out to almost a mile wide. Half way in, Morty paused.

"We are here. Just up there." he pointed up, and we all gasped. up there, in the middle of one of the biggest mountains, was a huge castill. Near it lookd like fling birds. Then I realised that they are flying dragons. They did twists and loops and some breathed fire. It was a breath taking sight. Tharo lead us up the mountain wile Morty flew over to the other dragons.

"Come on! Its not that bad!" Tharo shoted, wich was easy for him to say, because he was on a dragon that followed us up, making sure no one was left behind. When we reached the top, we were ll panting and holding our sides. A woman came rushing up, exchanged a few words with Tharo, and he dissapeared inside. The woman, who had long dark brown hair and kind brown eyes, turned to us.

"Welcome to Darion!" She beamed, and we tryed to stand up streaght. "You will be given riding gear fit to your size- and if you happen to have a growth spurt, you can exchange it-, then you will be shown around Darion, then we supper, and you will be given you sleeping rooms!" she said it like it was the best thing in the world.

The riding gear we were given wasn't very much. The first bit we got were leg protectors, they were pieces of dark leather that buckled around the inside of our calf. The second piece was arm glove. That was like a thick glove that came just up to our elbow. The last bit was only temporary, it was a a shoulder pad used to protect our sholders from our yonge dragons sharp claws. It was a thick piece of leather that, like the leg protector, buckled under my arm and went up to my neck.

After the tour, we had the most amazing supper ever. The meat was better than anything Henna's father could whip up, the fruits more ripe, and the juice was more sweet. I noticed that everyone had a dragon following them in the tour, but at supper there wasnt a scale to be seen. I made a mentall note to myself to ask Jillyan, our guide, later. Every one seemed exited by out arival, and i felt happy, yet out of place. every one here was wearing neat, colorfull clothes, and I was wearing a dark brown dress with leggings the same color. I was just about to point that out when Jillyan bounced over.

"okay, riders. You all have to get a good nights sleep, because tomarro, you are getting your dargons!" She beamed, and a couple people cheered. I was just as exited as them. dragons! Our own Dragons! I couldn't wait!

Jillyan showed us to our rooms, witch werent rooms at all. more like a giant cave. It was about 250 feet across, give or take, with the same width, and the celing was so high you couldnt see it. On its sides were giant holes that were about seventy-five feet deep, and thirty-five to sixty feet tall( one day I was really bored and measured them all).

"The holes in the wall are your rooms. Each one has a bed, a small table, a night stand with a light, some spare candels, some parchment, a quill pen and some ink. The room also has a curtain that can pull all the way around the hole front to give you some privacy. And the bathrooms are over there." Jillyan pointed to two doors. One had an 'F' writen on it, the other had a 'M' writen on it. woa. this was a rush of information. That...... huge rooms...... it was amazing. Jillyan wished us good night, and told us to go for the rooms on the bottom or the second floor. After she left, we all just stood there for a second, then rushed to get the best rooms. I got a room on the first floor that was five to the right of the entrance. Henna got the room directly above mine, and Rehily got the room to the left of me. I looked around my room, going through the desk drawrs and turning on my light and, by the sound of it, the others were doing the same. The floor was suprisingly soft for stone, and it felt sooooooo good to be on a bed. As soon as I got under the covers, I fell fast asleep.


*imagin it on the side of a mountain with no snow....
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 wow...... segundo chapter in a row..... weird......... now, like my son of Neptune fanfic, i am doing
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Chapter Four

When I woke up the next morning, I heard exited, sleepy whispers passing throught the cave. I opened my eyes and saw a set of clothes sitting on my chair with my sholder pad. It was a white dress, with a pair of white leggins. I put them on, and they fit perfectly. The dress came an inch above me knee, the leggins came just above my ankel bone, and the pad seemed to match my sholder perfectly. But I wonderd what shoes I was supposed to wear. Shurrly my thick black boots weren't what was needed for what we were doing? I picked up my black boots and stepped outside my cave. There was a boy with short red hair and sharp green eye's sitting across and one to the left of me. He was wearing a white shirt and white pants. I held my boots a little higher and opened my mouth to ask if it mattered what shoes we wore, when he interuped me.

" We go barfoot. Jillyan came by a couple minutes ago and told me that." he nodded to my boots. I closed my mouth and nodded, going back inside my cave. I placed my boots under my desk and went outside to go into Henna's room.

I climed up into her room, and found her sitting with Rehily. They looked at me and smiled.

"Hey, Rya. 'Bout time you woke up." Rehily said as i sat down next to her.

"Well, I just like sleeping on mattresses." I replied.

"Are you guy's exited? I know I am." Henna was sitting cross-legged on her bed and tapping her fingers on her leg, like she alwase does when she gets exited. "What do you think will happen? What kind of dragon do you think we will get? How do you think we'll get then?"

"Woa, Henna. One question at a time." I raised my hands.

"I think that they will have a whole cave full of eggs, and they'll just let us choes one." Rehily said.

"Or they will have a bunch of them that have already hatched, and we just get assigned to one." I said.

"True. Or the-" henna was interupted by Jillyans voice.

"Alright, riders! come on!" We jumped up, and climed down the stepps that were carved into the side of the cave. Then everyone lined up behind Jillyan, like we did yesterday, and we followed her out the caves. She led us to the very back of darion, and into a huge room. It was circular, more than twice the size of our rooms, and hot sand covering the floor. In the middle of the room were a bunch of brightly colored eggs. Only they weren't normall eggs, they were the size of my calf. And huge dragons sat on the outer edges of them. They were females, I relised, and these were there eggs. They each sat around a certain cluster, and Jillyan explained what we had to do.

"So, you go around, looking at the eggs. When you see one that you feel drawn to, pay some respent to the mother. You have to bow to her first, then you can place your hand gently on the egg. If the egg vibrates, dont move your hand. keep it on there untill it hatches. You wont get your dragon on the first try, so it's okay." then she turned around and began to address the dragons.

"These are the new riders." I relised she was speaking in dragon words. " They are here to receve there dragons. they will treat you with respect." She turned around and smiled to us. " Good luck." She said.

We walked past her and to the eggs. I walked around them, and saw a dark red one that seemed to stand out. I looked up at the mother, a huge light green dragon, and bowed. She seemed to nodd, and I placed my hand on the egg. At first i felt a tremble, then it subsided and nothing happened. I sighed, remembering Jillyans words, and started to walked around again. I heard a loud crack, and a shout of surprise. I saw a girl with tan skin and glossy black hair holding a little ,tiny, lime green dragon with light blue spikes in her hands. She walked over to Jillyan, staring at her little dragon in surprise. Another loud crack, and Rehily joined her with a dark red dragon with dark purple tail fur and wing membrain. She was beaming with pride, and I turned back to the eggs, smiling. i saw an egg that was so soft blue it was almost white, a grass green one, and a red one. none of them seemed to catch my eye. But then I looked up and saw one that was beutiful. It was a lavender, the color of the plant in a spirng morning, with small light blue lines pattenered all over it. I looked up, and bowed to it's dark gray mother. I gently placed my hand on top of the egg, and felt a tremmor go through my body. I heard a crack, and the shell gave away under my hand. There, laying on it's back and wriggiling it's legs, was the most beutiful dragon I have ever seen. It was the same shade as the egg, with the same light blue lines covering it's lavender scales, eye's half a shade lighter than it's scales, and soft light blue wing membrane. Gently, I picked her right side up and craddeled her in my arms. Suddenly I remembered that we have to give it a name before anything eles, and I relised that the name I had come up with didnt go with her. I wracked my brain for names, when a tiny whisper in my head said one name.


I repeated it, and it fit her perfectly. I looked her in the eye and whispered it to her.
'I'm Saria. Hungry.' A tiny female voice inside my head muttered. I stared at her in surprise, and grinned. I had heard that dragons can hear thoughts and thats how they comunnicate to there riders. I stood up, glanced at the mother who, if dragons could, was smiling. I hurried over to the line of riders who had already gotten there dragons. Rehily came up to me, beaming.

"Rya, meat Tyana. What's your's named?" She put her dragon up to her sholder pad, wear it sat, looking at the world with large purple eyes.

"Saria." I beamed. Henna come over to join us with a sort gray dragon that had darker gray eyes and spikes.

"Hey. let me introduce you to Skyler."She lifted her dragon a little higher. "And they are.....?"

"Saria." I put my dragon a my sholder.

"And Tyana." Rehily reached up and stroked her dragon. The last rider boy came over, with a light green dragon with blue wing membrain.

"Congratulations. You are now all offically dragon riders." Jillyan said.
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this is so so good !!! I really like the story and I'm the first one too post!!:)
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I mean comment post soon really like it
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Post soon!!
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Chapter five

As soon as the words were out of Jillyans mouth, a loud crack of applause sounded around the room. I looked up, and saw every one in Darion standing on gray stone over hangs. Rehily wved her hand and beamed, Henna gave a small wave, and I felt the blood rising to my face. I gave a small smile of emmbaresment, and Jillyan ushered us out the door. She stopped us right at the other side of the door.

"now, you wil all begin your training classes. You will learn how to cast spells, how to track, how to hunt, how to read and write, and, by the end of the year, ride." WE all murmmered exitedly. Then Jillyan streached her neck, and counted heads. "18, 19, twenty. And an even number of girls to guys, too! okay, you will all be splitt into two groups of ten. I want you to get into lines now." I grabbed Rehily and Henna by the sholders and dragged them to the second line. When everyone had a line, Jillyan gave us our scedualls.

"Group one, you will have hunting, then reading, then tracking, next lunch, then flying, then weponry, then finally spells." She handed the first person in there line, a pale boy with bright red hair and a lime green and blue dragon, some parchment. I stiffened, and I could see some other kids did too. were we expected to know how to read? because, I couldnt read and I was pretty sure none of us did. Jillyan noticed too.

"Dont worry, there are little symbols on the handel to the door of that room, with matching ones on the page next to that class. after a certain amount of time, you are expencted to know how to read this, though." Then she came over to my line. " group two, you will have weponry, hunting, tracking, next lunch, then reading, then spells, and finally flying." She gave us the same number of parchment papers, and when I got mine, I tried to see if anything was reconisable. In my family, only Da knew how to read. onec he had tryed to teach me and linny how to read, but I couldnt pay attention that long. Now I wish I had. I could make out some individual letters but not whole words. Like jillyan said, there were little pictures next to each sentece. Next to the first one was a sword, so I assumed that was weaponry. The next one was a dragon claw, so that was hunting, then a map for tracking, thena cup for lunch, then a book for reading, then a line in a dark circle for spells, and then a dragons wing for flying. Wait, flying.......

"Jillyan, why do we have a flying class if we are going to learn that latter in the year?" Everyone looked at me, and i felt myself blushing again, but I tryed to ignore it.

"Good question. Dragons are not born to fly, so you have to teach them. And during the year, they will learn the moves they will need in case of a battle or fire." Jillyan answered calmly. Then I was really reminded of how dangerus this was.

We all walked over to hte door Jillyan had pointed us to. It was plain black, with a rounded top that was lined in gold, and on the top of the door handel was a picture of a sword. We walked in, and gasped. Instead of chairs and tabels, there was a huge hot fire place that billowed with yellow fire, tabels with metals and wood and unfineshed weapons, several anvils with hevey looking hammers on them,and racks of giant tongs and fire pokers mounted on the wall by the fire place. Standing by one of the tabels was a big burlly man, with a short gray berd and squinty eyes. When he heard us come in, he turned around with a glowing sword in his hands.

" You must be the new riders. Welcome to weaponry class."
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Awesome loved the chapter post soon !!:)
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okay, so, I have this idea that maby that this story could take place to the east of were Eragon takes place. That could be the reson why no one has maped the east in Eragon:because they dont know that there is another contry there! And Were Dragon girl takes place, they know that there is another contry over there, but they just think that they stoped talking to them because they got so many of there dragons and riders killed in the war against galbatorix, wich they helped out in. Thats why the dragon race is so bad in eragon. All there dragons were killed in the war. And then Rya meets eragon and they kill the empire and everyone is happy and eragon goes to were Rya lives and gets some training, then goes back to the varden and everything is all good between the 2 contries. Comment if you like this and why you dont.
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That could be good but it's really your choice cause it's your forum and I'll be happy with anything as long as u post!:)
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Chapter six

"I am Turk. In weaponry class, you will learn how to make weapons, how to handel them,and how to fight with them. At some point, you will be tested on your noledge and be given the tast to make your own sword. Then, you will have free days to make some more weapons, like daggers or bows and arrows." Turk had seated us on the floor near the blazing fire, and I could see everyone eyeing the anvils and the bits of metal. Then he taught us the different tipes of metals, and what there differences are. Then a loud horn sounded, and Turk dismissed us to go to are next class, hunting.

Hunting was taught by Jadia, who was thin and small, with short brown hair and quick, fluid movments. Her class was a lot of fun.

" today, your dragons will learn how to fly. What you do is simply toss them into the air, and if they dont get it on the first try, make sure you dont toss them to high." Then we set to work. I held Saria level with my stomache, then gently tossed her into the air. her little wings strained to keep her up, and for a short minute she did, but then she landed hard on the floor.

'Are you alright?' I contacted her with my mind.

'Yes. Lets try again!' her voice was still small and squeaky, but determind. I picked her up again and did the same thing, but she did the same thing. Then an idea hit me.

'This time, try it with you wings open, and jump up from my hand instead of me tossing you.' saria couldnt come up with anything diferent, so we tryed that. I held her a little higher, she tensed her mucsels, spread her wings and took of. She flapped her wings more evenly, and she flew! It was a little uneven, and she only flew about two feet, from me to a chair, but she did it! I jumped with pride and rushed over to her. She was breathing slightly heavaly and her wings were still open.

'That was fun!' She jumped up too, and I looked around to see the other young riders all trying different ways. Then I think that they all figured out my way, and dragons and riders alike were screaching happily. We did it a few more times, then the horn sounded again and we went to tracking.

At the end of the day, I colasped on my bed. I was so tired. Saria climbed over my desk, and I released that she didn't have a place to sleep. I dragged my self out of bed and search through my knapsack. I brought out two old blackest that I wasn't using, and set them in a circle on the floor. I folded one on half and laid it flat, and took the other one and formed a little barrier around it. I glanced at Saria, then sighed. She was already half asleep on the foot of my bed. I picked up the blankets and placed one under and one over her. Then I crawled back under the sheets, and fell asleep. Jillyan had told us that dragons went outside to hunt during our meals, and thays why we didn't see them. I thought that spells was a little confusing, because there were ao many rules, and that flying was easiest. Tracking was okay, but I didn't get how you tell a plain from a desert. Hunting was fun, but the hardest was reading.

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Chapter seven

Months like that passed. All the while, I could feel myself changing. I grew a little taller, more tan, and I lost all and any fat I had on my body. My dark brown hair stayed the same, my emerald green eyes stayed the same, and I still had a small face. But my chin became more outlined, my neck more gracefull, and my movments more swift and accurate. I mentally changed, too. I thought things through more, I could hold my mouth and temper longer-not compleatly, though-, my brain seemed to work faster and see every angel to anything, and I could see part of a persons life by the way they walk and talk. It was scary and happened fast. Just like becoming a dragon rider. I gained many things is just a chliche, but thats what happened. I got my sword, twin daggers, my bow and quiver, and the one thing only Riders~no, only I get- Saria. She became my best freind. I grew to love riding with her, doing intracet moves and gliding up and down Darion Vally. I made my sword, as told, in weaponry class. I made the hilt out of a pure white metal, with thin lines of lavender and light blue twisting out of the very bottom untill they met up with the hilt, one on each side. Embeded in the hilt was a large clear jewel with plenty blue and lavender flakes in it. My daggers were bronze metal and blade with the same jewel in both of them. My bow was plain white woood, with a matching quiver that had a lavender rim and light blue tip. My arows were wite wood and lavender tip and blue weights with gold streaks. Its all very colorfull and bright. It's not just me, though.

sorry for the shprt chapter!!!!!! I post more soon of just edit this one.....!!

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Chapter eight

I rolled over, groaning. That just made Fayla shake me harder. " Come on, Rya! Get UP!" She grabbed my arm and- since Im a stubborn dragon girl and a hunter that happens to be a bit heaver than her- pulled for a minute until I sat up.

"And just why am I waking up so early?". I moaned. She grinned, then stood up.

" Dont you remember? Jadia wants us to go up to the Peak and show her the hunting moves we were practicing.". I scrunched up my eyebrows in cunfusion, then gasped.

"Oh yeah!". I tossed the blankets back. Fayla nodded, then left with a flip of her jet black hair. I had known her since the second week of being hereat Darion, and we-like everyone else- became good friends.. Now we had less than a month till summer began and the classes stopped.

I threw on a light lavender dress with a gold neckline, a pair of light blue leggings and a pair of black boots, and woke up Saria. She rolled on to her stomach, and blinked up at me with sleepy lavender eyes.

' We have to show Jadia the hunting moves we were doing yesterday.' I contacted her with my mind. She grunted and stood up, shaking her large body. I casually approached her and picked up her saddle. Gently, I placed the saddle on her back. One of the most dangerous things besides a dragons claws is a tired dragon that you have to get a saddle on. Saria yawed as I tightened the girth. Then we walked out of our cave and caught up with Rehily.

"Hey , were were you? We were supposed to wake up an hour ago, and we sent Fayla to get you Twenty minutes ago. " She asked. I rolled my eyes.

"well, Fayla didn't wake me up till, like, ten minutes ago.". I mounted Saria.

"Well, you made it. So let's go." At the last word, she clenched her heals into Tyanna's hide and she took off up into the air, where the celing was supposed to be was an opening that we would fly out of and then fly up to The Peak; or, if Darion was under attack, we would be able to fly up above the enemy and dive down on them. I smiled and followed. The strong flap of dragon wings drowed out all other noises, and the wind ripped through My hair and blurred my eye sight. I felt adrenaline rush through my veins as Saria tucked in her wings at the last second when we neared the opening. I gasped with joy as we passed the opening and Saria spread her winds, taking in the late spring breeze. A huge ear-to-ear smile spread across my face. Saria spun in a spiral- which is also an escape maneuver- and I involuntarily let out a small screech of happiness.

As we reached The Peak, I saw Jadia standing on the top. She didn't even wobble as a class of twenty dragons and there riders landed in a long line in front of her, along with a huge blast of wind. She began walking up and down our line, and we all knew what to do. Jadia is a stickler for neatness. So we all sat deep in our saddles, held our hands clasped behind our back, told our dragons to sit down, fold there wings in as neat as possible, and hold there heads high and stare straight ahead, which we folowed. She walked slowly up and down, taking notes on a couple pieces of parchment. Then she returned wordlessly to her middle point.

"Now, riders, show me your moves." She said simply. Then we all took of in a flurry of wind and wings. I spun around, and looked for the nearest dragon. It was Austen, on his red and gray dragon. Saria turned upside down and dived under him. Saria clawed at Handrew's, the dragon, stomach. Handrew rolled around, and I glanced Austen worridly pull out his sword; I really didn't want to fight him, I liked him and ( if you tell anyone, I will personally rip out your tongue, then ears) but I thought he was cute.

A smile spread wider across my face. I have a feeling he should be worried. He was a tracker, which ment that his skill was in reading and maps and stuff like that. It also ment that he wasntthe best sword fighter, but it would keep him alive in battle. I, on the other hand, was a hunter. That ment that I could barely read a map- I could still read- BUT I was really good with weapons and on dragon back.

I unstrapped my legs and pulled them up so I was crouching in a fetal position on the saddle. Once we were face to face, I quickly crawled up Sarias neck. I paused on her head, then she flung me onto Hendrews saddle. Austen stood up in worry, then we clashed swords. We both gave the same amount of force, but he was off balance. His foot slipped, and he fell off the dragon. For a split second, he just froce there, one half a foot on the saddle and the rest of him in mid air. I immediately let my legs slip from under me, letting my feet land in the stirrups, and I reached out to grab his arm. I caught his wrist. Unfortunatly, he was a bitt heavier than I expected, and my hand slipped into his. I reached down with my other hand, grinding my teath together. It took a long, stressful minute, but soon he was sitting in front of me in the saddle. I panted, folding my arms. He looked at me warily.

" Why did you do that? I thought you never liked me." he said between pants. Yeah, sure.

" Were both riders, right? Why in the world would I just sit here and let you fall of to a- what- three hundred flor death?" I asked. He nodded his head in agreement. He had light blonde hair, shining blue eyes, tan skin...... I shook my head to get myself to stop staring at his toned arms.

"Good fight.". I said simply. I looked over to see Saria flying right next to us. I nodded to Austen, then jumped over to her.

'does someone have a certain someone in there eye?' Saria asked teasingly.

' No, of coarse not.' But I had a feeling she knew I was only lying to myself.

I turned Saria around and faced Austen on dragon back. He still had his sword in his hand, and I noticed that his legs were firmly strapped in. Saria and Hendrew charged at each other. They met in a large clash. Hendrew had speed and agility, but Saria was a bit bigger and a bit stronger. Austen probably noticed, and Hendrew untangled himself and spend of. Saria followed. Austen flew to a rocky wall on the other side of Darion Vally- but still in site of Jadia- and spun around, trapped. But Saria saw the trick and told me. Once we were to close to turn around, he would dive down and we would crash into the cliff. I told her to speed up a little, and when she questioned me, I explained. If he saw us comeing closer faster, he would dive down quicker when we were farther away, and that would gives more time to slow down and follow him. She imeadearly did that. Since that wasn't taught in flying class;I had figured it out myself; so Ausent or Hendrew didn't know that. Hendrew flew downwards, and Saria opened her wings so they caught the wind, and dashed down after him. I saw Austen look back to see if we had crashed, but we were right on top of him. Austen flew upwards, but Saria was close enought to grabb Hendrews tail fur in her jaws. But suddenly a horn sounded for us to come back in. Saria let go of Hendrews tail and flew back to Jadia. Once the adrenaline of battle was gone, I slumped forward in Saria's saddle. I was dead tired. Glancing to my side, I noticed everyone else was the same.

When we landed, Jadia's shoulders were still thrown back and she held her head high, so we knew that it wasn't over. I sat back like before, leeving the only indicator of tiredness being breathing heavily through my noise. Jadia looked us over,then seemed pleased with us.

" Congradulations, Riders. You have passed."

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Chapter nine
(28 days and 9 hours later)

The entire valley was alive with the sound of dragons and the colors of there wings. I was watching the senior riders flying up and down Darion Vally. Some of them were resting on the bottom, sharing memories and chatting, others were dashing up and down the valley racing or just flying. After Darion They would go to the dragon out posts, were they would keep an eye on Alashia and were they would stay. No rider is ever assigned to an outpost, they can go were they want when they want. But, if a village or city is having a conflict or is rising up against someone, the main rider sends some riders that are in the nearest outpost to go and stop it. It's usually an experienced rider who bows what there doing or if it's just a couple of farms threatening not to send in there goods unless they get more pay, they send in a slightly experienced rider.

I was sitting a half a mile from Darion, sitting in-between the roots of an ancient oak tree eating an apple, while Saria was dozing behind me. I watched the dragons and there riders, wondering if I will ever see them again. I tried to memorize faces, incase I do and just don't remember. They are all going to be separated, after all they have been through. For four years, they have all shared a Dargon cave, been tested for there strength, relied on one another, and have the same memories. It was kind of sad thinking that one day that will be me, but I conforted myself by thinking they will all see each other again, soon.

The next day, though, Fayla, Rehily, Henna, Austen, Drake, Kaly, Neema,and I were all going to go on a flight around Alashia. I heard some other riders our age planning a trip like that, so I decided to start one myself. We were going to be gone for three weeks at max, and we were going to fly for about two days at the BORDER! It was so exiting! The border! The border is the border between us and our sister country. They stopes talking to us because when there was the big war- you know, that Galbatorix guy, the Morzan guy, thirteen guys who berated there dragon government and started the whole war- and they stopped all trade and talk because there mad at us because since Galdatorix was a rider here, in Alashia, they think that we got all there dragons killed. But I mean, come on. It's been, what, almost a hundred years! Anyway, were going to ride on the border, and the reason it's so exiting is because we might see someone from there ( no one remembers there name). That would be cool. We would have the first contact with them for a hundred years.

That night, I pacted all my stuff. I put in two sets of clothes, a spare set of boots, and four blankets. I would sleep on the ground, on three blankets, with one over me, and Sarias wing would be extended over me. This was going to be fun.

" Hey, Rya, all set for tomaro?". Kaly poked her head in past the curtain.

" Yes, I am. What about you?"

" Oh come on Rya! You know me! Of coarse not!". It was true. Kaly was the worst procratsinator I have ever met. She would try to do something early, but then she wouldn't get very far end end up doing it the night before.

" Well, then, go do it now!". She sighed and left, hopefully go pack. I pulled my pack of my bed and climbed into it. Saria was just laying down.

'You exited for tomaro?' I asked her.

' Yes, I am! It's going to be lots of fun! Now, go to sleep so Fayla doesn't have to come and wake you up again.'. I agreed and turned out my light.

When I woke up the next morning, I peaked outside my curtain and saw Neema and Henna were already up. Henna was wearing a gray dress with dark, dark gray legins and black boots. Neema was wearing a light green shirt and dark green pants. They were sitting in the middle of the Dragon cave, leaning against there dragons. I pulled back and quickly dressed. I pulled on a lavender dress and blue legins, my black boots, and then I brushed my hair, then tossed the brush in my knapsack. I woke Saria up, then Saddled her.

By the time I got out, Rehily, Austen, And Fayla were there too. They were all dressed for travel. We waited twenty minutes, then Kaly and Drake joined us.

"Okay, were all here. Let's go! " Henna shouted. We all mounted, and took of.

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Chapter ten

The wind rushed in my ears as Saria pulled her wings into her and dove sharply. We spiralled, then came out of the clouds and I saw the forests speading towards us. Fealing as light as a feather, I leaned back and spread my arms out with a screach of happines. Saria has alwase been a pretty fancy flyer, so she knew the exact moment to snap open her wings and glide. The fealling of weight came back, and I dropped my arms and wrapped them around a lavender neck spike. I looked behind me to see everyone else opening there wings and coming towards us.

"Hey! Were at the border!" Nemma shouted. As one, we all turned out heads to the west, were the forest thinned and, at the horizon, turned into destert.

"Ugg. It looks so.... desterty. How do people live there if half of it is desert?" Kayla said.

"Maby they dig in the ground for water and suck the blood out of desert lizards." Drake replied. Everyone 'ewwed'. Kayla had her dragon come up from under Drakes and she reached up and punched him in the arm.

That night, we were all setting up camp. Well, not really setting up. We all just landded in a circle, piled some stones in the center for a fire, then lit it with a small spell 'Brisingr' from the dragon words. I was gathering some dead branches and peises of bark when I heard an unearthy grumble. I paused, laying a hand on my sword, Talon. Nothing happened. I was about to bend down and pick up some barck when I heard it again, only closer.



A howel shattered the night, and a huge figure jumped out of the branches. I ducked its first blow and yanked out Talon. I stepped closer to the fire, and I glimsed everyone else pull out there swords and step over to help me, but then more figures jumped out of the woods. I relised that there bodies were hidden by darck robes, and there faces by a strange spell. When ever I got a good openeing to see his face, it would appear all disorented and fuzzy. They werent human, I could tell that much. The one I was fighting paused, staring at Saria, then at Drakes dragon Tharo, then at Rehilys dragon Tyanna. he stared at each dragon in turn, then turned and pointed his sword at me.

"Were have you been for the past hundred years?" His voice sent chills down my spine, and I some how grouped it with bad luck.

"Oh, I dont know, being born, growing up, getting claimed as a rider, you know, the usual stuff." Then it dawned on me. "Your from, you know, over the border?" The fighting stoped. the figures lowered there weapons, as did my freinds, only more slowly and catuasly. All us riders gathered by the fire, the dragons up and ready to fight at the edge of the circle, and the figures in the middle.

"What?" He asked in a raspy voice.

"The border. The one that separates us from out sister country, witch is yours, and this one." I pointed to the ground. "Your in Alashia now, buddy." The figures all gasped and backed up. "i sugest you go back to were you came from."

"Wait! Not so fast." Henna held up her hand and shot a warning look at me. "How many riders are left in your country?"

He hesitated. "Honestly? Three. One is the eveil king were are trying to over throw, Galbatorix." he spat when he said his name. Wait, the same one? "And Murtagh, who was captured and forced to serve him, then his dragon Thorn hatched for him. The only free rider and dragon left is Eragon and his dragon Saphira. There doing there best and are being pushed to ther limits to help aid the rebel Varden. We are allies with them and were sent on a scouting mission to find what lies beyond the hardac Desert." he motioned behin him to the vast expanse of desert. My mouth was slack-jawed, and everyone else was the same. An entire country was been having a civil war and we didnt know at all?

"S-so, ther has been a war going on, and we never knew about this?" Austen stammered. The figure nodded. Then he was about to retreat back into the woods, when I stopped him.

"Wait." He turned. " Tell this Eragon that we are hear. Tell him we can assist in in this war, and tell him that Rider Rya said so." I noddd.

"And that Rider Kayla agread." Kayla stepped forward. One by one, all of my friends said they aggread and would help, as would the rest of Darion. They nodded, and even bowed there heads slightly.

"I'm sure he will be relived and honnered by your words." And with that, all of the misteris figures vanished into the woods.

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Chapter 11

So we finished the trip a month later, headed back to Darion, and classes resumed. I did get to be there when all the new riders came in for the first time in Darion, but it was more of an accident.

“Hey look!” Rehily shouted from dragon back. We were practicing some of our riding skills before classes officially began again. “It’s the new riders!” I turned and saw old Monty talking to a group of about 30 kids in brown farm clothes all staring up at Darion with awe and fear. I grinned and watched then begin to climb the mountain. There had been more frost’s during the year than a long time apparently, so the rocks were smoother than they had been for me. They were half way up when one boy with light brown hair straightened up and looked up at the rest of the path. Tharo didn’t notice, he was busy helping a kid out of a blueberry bush. The boy leaned back slightly, and that’s when I noticed his mistake. He had come from mountains were all the rocks were solid and well worn, but here, they weren’t because the only time people climb the mountain is because they’re coming in for the first time. My eyes widened when his weighted shifted and he began to fall backwards. His pause had left him near the back of the group, and no one was quick enough to reach out and grab him. His eyes widened in surprise and fear, and I made a split second decision. I leaned forward in the saddle and Saria dove downwards. The wind rushed past my ears, and I finally managed to get beneath him. I reached out and hooked my arms under his just as he was about to fall past me. I pulled him onto Saria’s back as she began to fly up to the entrance. AS she passed the group of gaping kids, she huffed a small jet of fire at them to keep them moving, which of course they did. I rolled my eyes.
“Was that really necessary?” I asked mentally.
“Very.” Was her only reply. I snorted and turned to the boy who was shaking.
“So, now you know that people don’t use that path, like, at all, so you really can’t trust your weight to it.” I raised an eyebrow at him. “What’s your name?”
“T-Tomas.” He said. Slowly he managed to get over his fear, and relaxed slightly.
“I’m Rya. Now just because you’ve ridden a dragon more than one not around in a small circle in a room, don’t get all cocky and think you know how to ride a dragon, because you have no idea.” I smirked when he winced. “It’s not painful really, you get used to it.”

Three months passed, and I basically went on with my life as a junior rider. But the mysterious figures kept bugging me. Who were they? Where did they come from? Well, I kind of already knew the answer to that, but what was it like? What were the people like? Did the figures tell the Eragon people that were hear? Did he need our help? These questions plagued my mind.

Sorry I hadn’t posted for so long and that this Is a crappy chapter, but I’m just not getting that into it lately. I’ll work on it, and hopefully you’ll see another chapter soon. Don’t count next weekend though, because I have to go somewhere for a marching band competition and we don’t get back till REALLY late. Like last night, we went to Napa and we didn’t get home till 1 in the morning. Total waste of my Saturday night.