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 sorry, didn't have a picture of Wilson wearing it...
sorry, didn't have a picture of Wilson wearing it...
A week hace o so I was having a ducha, ducha de when suddenly a thought came to my mind: Maybe tu can find a McGill camisa de entrenamiento, sudadera on the internet, like the one Wilson and Amber have been wearing!
I quickly jumped out of the ducha, ducha de and started to google....XD...and i was lucky!!!
I found a homepage of the McGill universidad in Canada and also found out that the "House crew" (no idea who exactly) wrote to that universidad to get some McGill stuff for the mostrar House.
I was so excited when I found the clothes on their homepage, and I found the grey camisa de entrenamiento, sudadera with the red lettering ♥!
My siguiente thought was: I want...
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posted by misanthrope86
 "What the frick Emmys?!?!"
"What the frick Emmys?!?!"
As we have all heard por now, Robert Sean Leonard has been snubbed por the Emmy Awards once again. Not only did he not recieve a nomination for his role as Dr James Wilson, he did not even make the nomination shortlist. In anterior years, I have felt that Robert Sean Leonard deserved at least a nomination for his work on 'House MD', and was always bitterly diappointed that he was ignored every year. However, this año I thought it would finally be his year, especially dado his brilliant performances in the episodes 'House's Head' and 'Wilson's Heart'. Yet, the Emmy Gods decided against rewarding...
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This is an extract from the link "Difficult Characters" written por Doris Egan (one of the writers of House MD), in which she writes a few things about Wilson's character. The complete articulo also includes analysis of characters from different stories she has written.

In a novel, it would be easy to lay out [a character's] thoughts. In a visual medium, the viewer has to do the work themselves, and here's the problem: we're used to there only being one answer.

Take Wilson, a complex character on House. He's introduced as (1) a married womanizer (and therefore, por definition, a betrayer)...
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posted by Chandlerfan
 James Wilson
James Wilson
OK, these are más reasons why I amor Wilson, but I'm sure there'll be at least a few reasons with which tu agree, so bare with me. This is for anyone who can appreciate my amor for Wilson, and don't take everything I say seriously, because tu will probably find some 'jokey' reasons etc. Also they are in no particuar order. Anyway, enjoy!

1. He's gorgeous
Maybe not everyone will agree with this reason, and that's fine, everyone's entitled to their own opinion but I think he is pretty damn good looking (I know this is a rather shallow reason but I had to put it up here!)

2. He can understand...
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posted by misanthrope86
These are some of my favourite Wilson moments. Most of them are House/Wilson moments, because those are always good moments! They are all from seasons 1, 2 and 3 because season 4 is not screening in New Zealand yet so I haven't seen it! So if tu want to comentario about season 4 Wilson moments, can tu please write that it is a spoiler o something so that I don't read it!

Dr. Wilson: That smugness of yours really is an attractive quality.
Dr. Gregory House: Thank you. It was either that o get my hair highlighted. Smugness is easier to maintain.

Dr. Wilson: [Wilson is quoting a poem from a patient...
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This was lying in my cupboard for almost two months so the events from season 5 are not included. And, well ... don't take it too seriously. XD
It was inspired por amazing "10 things tu never knew about..." por hilarious link

1) He shaves his eyebrows every day. They still look this way.

2) He has an imaginary friend. His name is “Greggy” and he spends most of his time apologizing and eating his own lunches.

He would never admit it to House.

3) He secretly fancies the “Bugs Bunny” tie House gave him.

4) He can play the piano. He never does because he doesn’t want to steal House’s glory....
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House: His name is not Wilson and he's screwed up worse than I am!

Well, his name is Wilson and he's most certainly not as screwed up as House, but then...

How screwed up is Wilson?

I don't think we get to really see this side of Wilson until the episode with that quote I just used, "House vs God". Almost two complete seasons into the mostrar and only then we get to see Wilson's screwed-up-ness exactly as it is.
Why did the writers take so long to introduce such an important feature of such an important character? Did it occur to them only just then that Wilson should be this way? I don't think so....
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because I'm sometimes tired of Bery talking 24/7 about her favorito! Wonder boy oncologist's balls... (and there even isn't a decent enough metaphor XDD)

For all tu Wilson fans that realize that they are not THAT much of a Wilson fan when they meet someone like Bery...


You know that you're not obsessed with Wilson, but your friend is when:

1.Your friend starts every conversation with 'Wilson this' o 'Wilson that'

2. Your friend tweets 24 tweets/min with Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson related stuff ONLY

3. when those same tweets have a #hashtag #wilsonday

4. Your...
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posted by Bery
Wilson: We're not friends anymore, House. I'm not sure we ever were.

Harsh words, probably the first hurtful words caring and sensitive Wilson ever dicho to House.
Being the show's main character, we got to see más of House's side of that conversation than Wilson's, más what House was feeling and House's reaction to those words than what they meant to Wilson.
Hearing those words from your best friend must be devastating alright, but what about saying them? What about the feelings that led Wilson to speak them out loud?

I always find it funny the great ammount of House fans who are completely confident...
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posted by Chandlerfan
WARNING!! S5 Spoiler!
Don't read if tu don't want to know what may happen in Season 5 o haven't seen the Promo.

Recently, I was watching the Season 5 promo video even though I told myself I won't because I live in the UK and Season 5 is a long way away for me. But I got withdrawal symptoms and subsided. I know, I have absolutely no willpower. Anyway, so I watched the promo, and the first time round and I was so excited that I didn't even take anything in. The segundo time round, however, I listened más closely and heard these very words coming out of Wilson's mouth: 'I'm resigning'...
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posted by Olivine
A-Amber was the one he loved ♥
B-Boy Wonder Oncologist!
C-Cares about people all the time.
D-Duck <3 He gave a toy pato to little Rachel.
E-Eyebrows- who doesn't amor his eyebrows?
F-Food. It tends to get stolen por House.
G-Gummy bears. He doesn't like them.
H-Head of the Department of Oncology
I-Illness. Clinical Depression.
K-Kitchen. Wilson cooking is LOVE.
L-Likes alcohol and parties.
M-Marriages- They don't work out so well for him.
N-Needy. He likes needy people.
O-Oh my god, he's so cute!
P-Pantless Wilson makes us flail!
R-Responsibility. He's incapable of turning away from it.
S-Sex. Appearantly he is good in bed. (xD)
T-Tie. Wilson has a large collection of ties <3.
U-Unique. Simpley unique.
V-Very handsome.
W-Well Adjusted. But as messed up as the rest of us...
Y-You drugged me! XDDD
...you make a lista "You know tu are obsessed with James Evan Wilson, when..."

...you go looking for a moose hat everywhere

...you also wear that moose hat in summer, assuming tu were lucky and found one

...you play poker and think of the scene when Wilson, along with Cuddy and House played poker

...you eat bonbons and pretend they are antidepressants and start yawning much

...you drink coffee and start to wonder if House drugged it

... tu have a big collection of ties although tu are a girl

...you start telling your friends tu like them so much tu would immediately give them a part of your liver...
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posted by rosehustle1
"When did it start?" House asked with a strange look on his face. Wilson sighed and sat down at the table.
"Nothing has started. Sometimes we have lunch together on the weekend..."
"You are seeing her outside of work and knowing you, paying for both meals, something has started."
"Look, three weeks hace I ran in to her at that old movie theater on fourth and we thought it would be silly to not sit together since we were both seeing the same movie..."
"And one thing led to another?" House asked with a bitterness to his voice.
"We're friends. Just leave it alone, House."
"You know that tu like...
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posted by Olivine
Maybe baby?
Is Wilson finally getting lucky?

Those of tu who read the latest link are well informed that we'll see Cynthia Watros as Wilson's first wife who comes back into his life as his new girlfriend.

Considering that we are already in the 6th season of this wonderful mostrar and not even the best mostrar can go on forever I think it's seguro to start thinking about how this is going to end.
Is our Boy Wonder Oncologist heading for a happy ending?
Thinking about Wilson's life in these six seasons (well almost 6), he wasn't so lucky when it came to women.
His three marriages didn't work out. He dated...
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posted by rosehustle1
"Okay, I have to say those panqueques, tortitas are amazing!" Remy dicho as she fell back against Wilson's chest. He put the serving tray on the night stand and laid back against the pillows, holding her tighter.
"I haven't done this in a long time." He dicho as he absent-mindedly ran a hand through her hair.
"What? Sex? Breakfast?" She asked with a coy smirk. He smirked back and leaned down to kiss her forehead.
"Technically all of the above, however I was talking about staying in cama on a Sunday afternoon. I like this."
She sat up and kissed his left cheek and then his right. She slowly kissed each corner of his mouth before deepening the exchange.
"I amor this." She finally replied. He grinned and trailed a finger over her glossy lips.
"No better taste than a pancake flavored kiss." He dicho with a chuckle. She playfully rolled her eyes. His smiled widened at her expression.
"I amor this too." He finally whispered as he started besar her again.
got bored, decided to start a series of stories about everyones favorito! oncologist called: The Wilson Series-(TWS)

Please rate and comentario :D


The supermercado Savior

He stood in the produce aisle, grappling at a rather large erroneous looking tomato, his eyes fixated across the room where a brunette woman paused, handling her own set of vegetables. Wrapping his tomate in a plastic bag, he twisted a tie around the parte superior, arriba and placed the tarnished red comida inside his cart. Again he eyed the woman. She had finished her comparison of two sets of Kale...
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Hello world, it’s a nice sunny day, only some clouds on the blue sky and I’m having an interview with 3 very obsessed and active Team Wilson’ers. Yes, I’m totally speaking of Biathine, misanthrope86 an Chandlerfan!!!
Let’s see how they answer my questions! Let’s start with..uhm.. *randomly throws a baloncesto at them*
Biathine: *gets hit* OUU!!
Okay, we start with Biathine! The baloncesto chose her! (XD sorry biathine <3)

Biathine, please shortly tell something about yourself:

I'm 15 years old girl with a soft spot for everything fuzzy and adorable. Besides my ability to cook I'm...
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Okay, still brainstorming ideas for that Thutner fic, but in the meantime, here's this.

There Are Sailing Ships That Pass

It was a horrible thought. He could hardly oso, oso de to give it even the smallest place in his mind. It caused so much pain to an already injured human being. And yet, it was entirely true.
The fact was, that Amber had been just another phase in his life, just as Lori, and Bonnie, and Julie had been. He’d met her. They’d fallen in love. The only difference was that this time, they hadn’t fallen back out of love.
To Wilson, his...
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 Dr. James Wilson. (Robert Sean Leonard)
Dr. James Wilson. (Robert Sean Leonard)
I'm new to this spot and I thought I'd try to ease the distress of all the Wilson fans after those Season 5 promos por giving tu my well-funded reason why Wilson can't leave: (focuses mainly on how House and the mostrar would be affected... but it might help)

if Wilson leaves, the effects on House would simply be disastrous... it's like action and reaction:

The things that make House who he is apart from his brilliance and his gift are his constant self-destructive behaviors (interesting and intriguing), his drug habit and his obvious talent for insulting and mocking other's with great credibility....
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posted by misanthrope86
We all have our own favourite ship. Many 'House MD' fans long for Huddy action. Others crave Hameron loving, and many más like a bit of Chameron. There are even some who are desperate for Hilson to happen, but to those people I say "NO!". But why do I say no to Hilson? Because Wilson is promised to someone else...

Dr Lisa Cuddy! Wilson and Cuddy. Also known as 'Wuddy'. That's right people: Wilson and Cuddy is the best ship out there, so climb aboard me hearties and let us set sail!

Our very first sniff of Wuddy was in the 17th episode of the first season, 'Babies and Bathwater', in which this...
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