disney disney Villainesses Battle Tournament Series - Round 2 - Ursula the Sea Witch vs. Lt. Helga Sinclair - Who would win in a one-on-one fight?

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Lt. Helga Sinclair
 102936 posted hace más de un año
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snowwhitesilver picked Ursula:
She's got the magic workin' on her side...
posted hace más de un año.
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Mongoose09 picked Ursula:
she would eat her
posted hace más de un año.
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NightFrog picked Ursula:
Helga is a fighter, but Ursula has magic.. I guess it would depend on how a bullet would affect her.
posted hace más de un año.
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JTRios picked Lt. Helga Sinclair:
Hey, if Eric can do it, why not Helga? Helga would mop the floor with Prince Eric and Ariel.
posted hace más de un año.