princesas de disney What would Merida's favorito! música genre most likely be?

Pick one:
Jazz (Miles Davis; John Coltrane; etc.)
Reggae (Bob Marley; Jimmy Cliff; etc.)
Folk (Woody Guthrie; Joan Baez; etc.)
R&B/Soul (Aretha Franklin; Al Green; etc.)
Funk (Parliament; James Brown; etc.)
Pop (Madonna; Michael Jackson; etc.)
Rock (The Rolling Stones; Led Zeppelin; etc.)
Blues (Muddy Waters; Robert Johnson; etc.)
Classical (Mozart; Beethoven; Tchaikovsky; etc.)
World música (Ravi Shankar; CAN; etc.)
Rap [Hip-Hop] (Dr. Dre; Public Enemy; etc.)
Electronica [Techno, Jungle, etc.] (Massive Attack; Moby; etc.)
Industrial (Nine Inch Nails; Minestry; etc.)
Punk (The Clash; The Ramones; etc.)
New Wave (The Cars; Blondie; Cheap Trick; etc.)
Progressive Rock (King Crimson; Yes; etc.)
Alternative (Pearl Jam; The Pixies; etc.)
Country (Willie Nelson; Garth Brooks; etc.)
Singer/Songwriter (James Taylor; Joni Mitchell; etc.)
Other/Mixed (Please Specify in Comments)
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