princesas de disney icono Countdown: Round#3, 40 iconos Left, 8 Teams, The one with the least votos will be up for elimination.... TEAM# 8 Pick who do u want to continue.

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25 fans picked:
Totallyme105's Belle and Beast
PrincessLullaby's Snow White
Tiffany88's jazmín 2
Nevermind606's Snow White
Dweeb's Ariel
 BKG201 posted hace más de un año
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BKG201 picked Tiffany88's jazmín 2:
The Results: What icon shall be the best???
41:Cruella’s Snow White and Cruella De Vil
42:Ballgown’s Cinderella
43:BKG201's Mulan climbing pole
44:DuncanCourntey's Tiana and Naveen
45:EnergizerBunny's Mulan
46.Disney_Prince’s Aladdin and Jasmine
47.Nevermind606’s Eric
48.Dreamygal’s Snow White
49.IsisRain’s Aurora
50.Athiya’s Belle
51.Cromulanfav’s Cinderella
52.MissDisney’s Princess’

The winner icon gets it's owner and the person who nominated it a prop!!
posted hace más de un año.
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Mongoose09 picked Totallyme105's Belle and Beast:
I love it!! :)
posted hace más de un año.
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opalrose picked PrincessLullaby's Snow White:
or jassmine 2 and i wouldn't hate it if belle and beast won
posted hace más de un año.