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I got this idea from KataraLover after a long time of wondering what to write about. It was actually very easy to assign tu all to these characters. I only have one, maybe two users for each princess so don’t feel bad if you’re not on here, we haven’t been very active lately on fanpop anyway. Anyway, on with the list!

1. Snow White

MalloMar - I’ve only just recently gotten to know her on here, but she’s really sweet and kind. I like her way of escritura and can always appreciate her optimism so far. I’m looking adelante, hacia adelante to getting to know tu better!

2. Cinderella

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I finally worked out how to do this. My mistake was mixing too many languages together which made it impossible to translate it back into full English. That's why Snow White's paragraph came back with only one sentence. I've done a remake of it with funny results including cenicienta and Aurora's stories.

Disclaimer: Character Profiles (copy and pasted) from link

Snow White's Background

"Snow White was born into the royal family. Her mother died shortly after her birth. After some time, Snow White's father remarried a vain and cold-hearted queen. Not long after their marriage, the King, Snow White's...
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11. Charlotte's wedding dress
This dress is very....interesting. Like there's some parts of it that's pretty but it's kinda over the parte superior, arriba and so so so pink Obviously this is a dress for charlotte because almost every formal dress we see her wear is rosado, rosa and over the parte superior, arriba because that's her style. I'm always for people wearing what they want, whether it be cosplay (don't judge me, I'm a geek and proud :P ) o just wearing a different colored dress. This, however, doesn't exactly scream "wedding dress" to me. It actually reminds me of one of those cakes that has the doll in the middle of it....
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Okay we've officially finished the countdown so as promised here's the articulo featuring the results! This articulo will not only mostrar the results, each scene will include my thoughts, the thoughts of the participants, and there will be comparisons to the last time I did this countdown!

Here we go!

10. Merida crying and saying sorry to her mom
Original placement: none (it wasn't in the last countdown)
I've had mixed comentarios about this scene. There were people who dicho they thought this scene was sad because Merida thought she lost her mom forever but then other people dicho that Merida should...
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 Princesslullaby's favorito! disney Dudes
Princesslullaby's favorite Disney Dudes
Hello, Everyone! Today, it is my great pleasure to introduce --- Princesslullaby, fan of The mes for April 2018!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, Princesslullaby, on winning fan of the mes for April 2018!!!

It’s good to catch up with you, today, my friend. I’m proud tu were selected. Do tell me some más of the unique things (we should all learn) about you!

1. How does it feel to be fan of the Month? Surprising? Heart-warming? It’s certainly impressive.

Humbling, to be honest. I haven't been on fanpop actively in years and this is my "revival" will never be as good as the renaissance...
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So Anna was a little más interesting to write because as I started escritura Anna's, I thought about how I used Elsa the end of the movie as a basis for making her princess lista so I tried to focus on end of the movie Anna. However, I realized that, although I felt like Anna had changed-- she actually hadn't. I became conscious of the fact that the narrative was making Anna go through all the motions and dramatic arcs of someone going through a change, but she was still the same person at the end of the movie. Also, like Snow White, I think Anna would absolutely adore all of the disney Princesses....
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So this had been hilariously enjoyable and challenging for me! Doing a silly articulo can be totally fun, but be sure to respect my opinion, okay? Admit it o not, we all have some guilty pleasures. What if disney princesses lived in the MODERN día world and had some guilty pleasure? It would be hella awesome to know about it! P.S. = Those memes are JUST FOR FUN

Snow White – Sneaking into comida and being a comfort lover

Yup! Ah, taking a tid bit out of refrigerator is something pretty naughty and silly and mischievous! I think Snow would hate being on a diet, just a wild guess lol! She...
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