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 Princess Ariel, mulan and Pocahontas fondo de pantalla
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Please, do not re-upload this one in somewhere else, I'm seriously. However, I made this one for ARIEL-RAPUNZEL as a birthday gift. ;)
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This princesas de disney fondo de pantalla might contain ramo, ramillete, ramillete de flores, and ramo de flores.

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One día at work, Tiana was working at her new restaurant that was built at the end of the Princess and the Frog movie. Then suddenly Louis my favorito! character comes up and plays jazz with the big boys. Naveen and I were at the mesa, tabla waiting for some fresh good food. Tiana the princess that was married to Naveen comes up and give us what I want and he wants and I waited. Then Tiana's children were playing around with the tables and going nuts. Then Charolette comes crazy in the restaurant and she was hugging me saying "Nice to tu and what is your name?" I dicho "My name is Meaghan Davis I'm...
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So awhile ago, Cromulanfav wrote an articulo of who she thought would be link So now Me, PpgBelle4, Cromulanfav, and JonnaSe, came up with a lista for Belle.

First of all, Belle is too grounded to care about the colores of the wind lyrics o the spirits of the wind o the voices of the moutain. Belle would think Pocahontas is sort of foolish and dumb. Belle would hate most of all Pocahontas' indecisiveness, and would get frustrated when she's lectura the compass in front of Grandmother Willow. They're just two totally different worlds, and Belle wouldn't like Pocahontas' personality...
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 The maid and the prince
The maid and the prince

9.Cinderella & Prince Charming
So, we start out lista off with cenicienta and Prince Charming. They are the epitome of amor at first sight- the prince her and thought damn, i gotta have me some of that! Basically the community thought this couple was the most shallow, as the cenicienta and Prince Charming never even talked before falling in love, and he only seemed to fall in amor with her beauty.
 The princess and the prince
The princess and the prince

8.Princess Snow White & The Prince
Not trailing far behind we have the Prince and Snow White. The Prince, who fell in amor before...
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♥ Please note: I did not just think of looks, I only chose actors/actresses who have impressed me with their screen-presence and charisma. Some of them are choices that don't necessarily look the part as much as alternative choices, but these casting decisions would be the most successful and intriguing to me personally. My choices were based on a blend of actuación skills, appearance, voice, and current age in 2011. ♥

Gabriella Wilde as AURORA

Tom Welling as ERIC

Avan Jogia as ALADDIN

Shay Mitchell as POCAHONTAS

Nina Dobrev as BELLE

Lainie Kazan as URSULA

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