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posted by GreatLance_30
Hi! Here is another articulo for Belle, I wrote this because I want to be clear in my opinion for her! Belle is my favorito! disney Princess and I really amor her! tu wanna know why? Read the following qualities that made her my favorite...

1. Looks
I always put looks for the princesses, because I believe that a person's outside look affects much on impressions. So, not being biased but she is my prettiest disney Princess. Some people dicho she is plain, that she is only pretty in few shots, well I disagree. Belle is gorgeous! Her hazel eyes are so tantalizing, her hair is brilliant, her nose is great, her body is so sexy and her lips are so glossy! Is that plain? They say that what's inside that counts, but face reality, looks also matters. Belle is really gorgeous!

2. Traits
Character also really matters! Some say Belle is too perfect, and it is not true, she is just a person who makes mistakes like us. Belle's character really is inspiring! She is a good role model not only for kids but for all ages! My favorito! trait of hers is that she looks deeply before she judges! People, Belle is one good person! Her traits are so amazing! I also consider her flaws positive! Belle is a princess with good traits!

last one...

3. en general, general Impact
This is the most important! tu know, Belle obviously has humongous impact on us especially on little girls! And she really is a girl with an X-Factor! Some princesses don't have this like Tiana, but Belle owns it! Her impact to me really changed my life, I became the number one in class and I became más human! Oh Belle! I amor you!

Hope you'd liked it!
 Belle with the other disney Princesses
Belle with the other Disney Princesses
We all know what the disney girls did in their movies. This is what I think the princesses would do if they were in the real world all working for the same company. I wanted to make something different so here it is! I think I might make this into a fanfic so comentario please!

10. Aurora
Aurora would probably be the least helpful in a business. She would probably be the secretary that all the guys gawked at.

9. Ariel
Like Aurora, Ariel would probably end up as a secretary. Both are pretty but would probably be eye dulces for the male employees.

8. Pocahontas
She would work hard for sure, but...
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 “I can’t leave you.” She whispered. “You never will,” he said. “No matter what happens, I’ll always be with you, forever.” “Forever?” she asked. “Yes,” he answered. “Even through death.”
“I can’t leave you.” She whispered. “You never will,” he said. “No matter what happens, I’ll always be with you, forever.” “Forever?” she asked. “Yes,” he answered. “Even through death.”
anterior PART


“I can’t leave you.” She whispered.
    “You never will,” he said. “No matter what happens, I’ll always be with you, forever.”
    “Forever?” she asked.
    “Yes,” he answered. “Even through death.”
    “Death,” she cried. “No! John, tu can’t leave me, tu just can’t!”
    The darkness overcame her and his whisper disappeared.
    “John!” She called for him, but there was no reply. “John! Where are you?! Please...
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posted by SarahCorine
I thought it would be fun to do this. This is my lista of who I think is the least prettiest to the prettiest. For each princess, I used a picture of my favorito! beauty shot. Hope tu enjoy lectura it.

She’s pretty. In fact, she’s very pretty but she’s just not as pretty as the others. She has a big long nose and big eyes. Her hair is really long and luscious which I like, but I don’t like the shape of it around her head. If she had another hair style than I think she would be prettier.

Another beauty, but not as much as the others. Since she’s only 14,...
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posted by LavenderLily
So first of all thank tu for start lectura my article. I really wanted to share my opinion with DP fanpoppers.I don`t know about your opinion about enredados but in my opinion i like it. It shows the real magic of talent etc. I am so happy that disney brought one of my most favourite fairytales to alive.
Some people thinks Rapunzel is childish young short selfish but in my opinion she is strong, and talented.
Back to my opinion it is absolutely amazing!!! The música which was done por the talented Alan Menken and it was so beautiful. The movie is so cute. Nothing short of the best disney princess...
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Top 10

#10 Sleeping Beauty: First up is Sleeping Beauty don’t get me wrong the animación is beautiful but the story is so crap I just hate it so much No chemistry at ALL between Auroua and Philip it was just plain stupid.

#9 Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs: I must say this film is so overrated it’s a kind of movie to watch if tu want to watch an old fashioned flick. The charcthers are ok not lovable like in The Little Mermaid o enredados they were just plain janes in Snow White & the Seven Dwarves.

#8 Cinderella: Ok I admit I never saw this as a child only on YouTube a few years ago...
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posted by cromulanfav
It's been one año since I'm on the fanpop and boy, it was great. I've read many great articles, answered many good picks, seen some awesome pictures and enjoyed in team games. But the best thing on here are fans. So I decide to dedicate this articulo to the people I amor o appreciatte.

My favorito! fans
And pretty much the only I ever chat with constantly.

Duh, as she's the smartest, the funniest and most amazing person on this spot. I don't remember I ever thought something bad about her, although I disagreed often with her opinions. Talking with her is so easy because she...
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A/N#1: So here's Chapter 5, I really don't know where this chapter will
go, I'm just gonna write it and see what comes from it.

Chapter 5:

I could tell my legs were bleeding, they had been dragging me for
atleast 15 minutos and the rocks and twigs had somehow found
their way into my boots scratching against the side and cutting the
I stopped trying to escape awhile ago, after they had released my feet
I tried to kick and scream for help but it didn't exactly work.
Adam never tried to escape he let them drag him through the forest
without a word. He was being so calm about this that I couldn't...
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posted by cromulanfav
I wanted to do something creative for mulan month, and here it is. I though of making countdown for this, but I realized I would be very unhappy if the results don't turn out the way I want. If you, however, are interested in countdown, leave a comment.

I had really had time deciding which princess would be Mulan's favorito! so thank tu princeslullaby billion times for helping me sort things up. I tried to think the way mulan would, and to rank the princesses based on her values, I hope I did it good, if not, well, I'm sorry.

Aurora and mulan are almost exact opposites. Aurora...
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posted by Straggy
 Who will come out on top? Well, you'll just have to read it. >:I
Who will come out on top? Well, you'll just have to read it. >:I
Everyone else was doing it, so why not?
Some people even say that they like my comentarios on things because they find it funny. Meh, whatever, I just say it how it is.
I think I'm going to start in the customary way, por working from the bottom to the top.
Yes, I swear. Because I'm not 5. If tu have a problem with that, then tu really need to get off the Internet.

9) Belle
 Her looks have más than one parallel.
Her looks have más than one parallel.

Yes, Belle. I really hate her, in case tu didn't get that yet. I hate her voice, I hate her songs, I hate her personality and I hate her clothes. She's plain and boring and I just dislike...
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posted by DreamyGal
Well, what can I say. I'm bored at work, and thought about escritura a little bit about my favorito! princesses, so here they are...

9. Mulan
I don’t hate Mulan; I just like the others better. I admire her for her bravery and strength. She sacrificed herself to save her Father; that’s amor people. My favorito! line from her movie is “The greatest gift and honor... is having tu for a daughter”. It is such a loving and powerful line.
 Who is that girl I see?
Who is that girl I see?

8. Snow White
Snow White is so innocent and sweet, how can tu not adore her? I amor her sweet spirit and the fact that she keeps on...
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Princess guisante was not your ordinary princess. She was not sweet. She was not all that graceful. In fact, her own royal subjects really couldn't stand her. tu see, the thing tu have to understand about guisante was that she didn't know she was obnoxious. She considered it helpful on her part to ask her royal advisor if he's ever considered going on a diet. She thought she was being considerate to imply that the visiting duchess smelled like a sweaty armpit in July. Quite truthfully, Princess guisante had never known a world where people told her she couldn't do something. Everyone always seemed to sit...
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Even though navidad is over, like WAY over, in fact we're already in Valentines día (BA HUMBUG) and Black History mes (which is a holiday), let's talk about Christmas. We all amor Christmas! Who doesn't? Even people who don't celebrate it seem to amor the joy it brings and some are even guilty of watching a navidad movie. We watch cine like inicial Alone 1 and 2, The Santa Claus movies, How The Grinch estola navidad (both animated and live-action), Rudolph, Frosty The Snowman, The Nightmare Before Christmas, A navidad Carol, and even a movie that completely misses the true meaning of...
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